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  1. bruce

    Cheapest k engine parts you will ever see

    OK, yeah liteaces with 5k engines here seem pretty rare now. I think those boxes are around 600mm across. Might be worthwhile to get a shipping container full, but the import fees would add up.
  2. bruce

    Cheapest k engine parts you will ever see

    Seen many Tamaraw vans around over there Jeremy? They used to be quite common; used as taxis. They've got a 5K engine.
  3. The price of 4k engines have gone up a bit. Bought one a while ago for $50. Lately I got one for $100, negotiated down from $150. Have seen them advertised for much more. 5k engines are the hardest to find, probably easier to find a 7k.
  4. bruce

    Find my KE10

    I checked the rego status here with HIP51: but it's not coming up. Maybe the plate number has changed. There is a vin search, but only for cars made after 1989.
  5. bruce

    1980 Ke55 sedan (SOLD)

    I saw it last night in Hobart as well. Was thinking I never seen it around before.
  6. bruce

    Ke55-S Xx Coupe

    The 115 main jet seems small for a 2tg. Check out here for some examples: They are for Solex and Dellorto but would give a good starting point. 140 would be a better start. Trying out different sets of jets can cost a bit. I order from eurocarb in the UK, or UK ebay. Would be handy to have a wideband O2 sensor for tuning.
  7. bruce

    K Series Engine Test Bed

    Good idea for easier access to the manifolds and starter motor. What's the piece cut out of the bellhousing for? Can see the ring gear.
  8. Found a KE70 air filter box today. Installed it and all good. The KE70 one has more of a protrusion where it sits on top of the carby. Also takes a flatter air filter compared with the KE3X one
  9. I've put a KE70 4k into my KE35 but it didn't come with the air filter. I tried to put a 3K air filter on and the heat riser duct was getting in the way so I cut it off, but the accelerator bracket and throttle position diaphragm on the carby gets in the way. Anyone know of any alternatives, or cheap after market replacement filters off the shelf that would fit?
  10. bruce

    5K Build Engine Specs

    How far did you take the intake and exhaust valve throat diameter out to? Looks like the exhaust valve throat has been taken out a bit. What were the angles on the valve seat cuts? Does the engine go pretty hard?
  11. bruce

    Go big or go home

    Looks like there won't be much room with the brake booster: You might have to go bike carbs, e.g. keihin fcr. And maybe remove the brake booster. Here's an example in a KP30: Or another option would be to upright the engine then you can keep Webers: Then ITB:
  12. bruce

    Farm find KE20

    Too far gone. The rear bumper still looks though. What engine has it got? Can get a reasonably intact KE20 for under a grand:
  13. bruce

    Home made Sheet metal welding clamps

    How much gap (mm) do they give between sheets? What project you going to use them for?
  14. bruce

    Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Did you spray in 2pack? What brand paint did you go with at Spectrum paints? I went there the other day and they suggested to go with De Beer.
  15. bruce

    KE35 Hardtop

    What are the specs of the cam you used in the 4K? And is that with a 32/36 Weber?