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  1. Link to Wade Camshafts catalogue (Cam-Cat) on OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj2zbFfaIELNhFrF9FN3s9VHmFuJ?e=Hrc1mU Catalogue program contained in setup.zip. Open the zip file and run the SETUP application to install. Run the Cam-cat application. Type in corolla or 4k in the Make and Model box and all the 3k-4k camshaft profiles are listed with their detailed specs. Can do for 4age and 2tg etc. as well. There's heaps of profiles. Can click on the View List button to view all the camshaft profile specs in pages. Can also print out the Time Card. Clivecams can grind these profiles: https://www.clivecams.com.au/
  2. Something like a brake booster eliminator to get more space: https://technotoytuning.com/toyota/ae86/brake-booster-eliminator-ae86-corolla With the Weber DCOE it's a bit crammed with the bent inlet runners and not much space for filters. The IDA/IDF suits the slant K engine and would flow nicer. Alternatively there's bike carbs e.g. Keihin FCR, or twin SU carbs https://www.lynxauto.com.au/toyota-corolla-3k-4k-5k-2-x-su-1-1-4-manifold.html
  3. Did you end up finding one? I saw one on ebay from Greece, expensive though: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-Corolla-SR-starlet-Corona-twin-IDF-Weber-dellorto-DRLA-3K-4K-5K-manifold/273789253913?hash=item3fbf1c7919:g:pIkAAOSwrfRcU~qF
  4. Easiest way would be to find a 2TGEU EFI manifold: https://www.toymods.org.au/forums/threads/50708-3tc-conversion-to-efi-turbo-rebuild http://www.3tcgarage.com/viewtopic.php?t=1266 https://www.dorikaze.net/showthread.php?20623-The-Mung-Blue!-Revisited https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uV7_Izbq7Vk If your refreshing the engine I reckon it's worth finding a 3TC block for the extra displacement.
  5. Nice work, must of been hard getting in at different angles with the tig. What amps did you have it set at?
  6. What seat belt brand did you guys get? Any comments on fitment and quality?
  7. Yeah I've replaced most of the bushes, installed idler arm, tide rod ends, kings springs, camber tops, and new tyres and rims with wheel balance and alignment and still got the shimmy at 60-70Km/hr. What's next is new shocks, bearings, front swaybar bushes and lower ball joints. Hopefully it will go away. Are you going to improve on the McPherson stru´╗┐t design, or tackle a double wishbone suspension conversion?
  8. I got some T3 KE30 adjustable camber tops as well. Did you end up lowering the suspension at the front with lower springs or coilovers?
  9. Yeah, the rx4 calipers have been good for a while now. I did take some photos of the setup, have to find them. Just needed new brake hoses to the calipers going from Toyota to Mazda, and drill out the caliper mounting holes on the strut (same bolt spacing). I had to file a bit of material from the calipers to clear the hub.
  10. OK, I'm looking into widening the bolt spacing on the KE30 steering knuckles out to 90mm to bolt them to the RA60 struts. Thinking of either welding and re-drilling them, or add inserts and put the locating dowels in. What camber did you end up with? Did you use the Pajero master cylinder with a 1" bore? At the moment I'm running a 0.75" 75-series Tildon master cylinder without a vacuum booster, along with RX4 calipers/slotted KE30 rotors. Needed space with the 3TC with twin carbs.
  11. Hi Banjo, did everything work out for you in the end?
  12. I think this guy make some mounts for a 3rz into a ke30: I think I saw it on rollaclub facebook a while back. The 3rz engine seems long for a 4 cylinder. Looks like there's not much room for the radiator/fan when I compared the Hiliux and Corolla.
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