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  1. Hey guys, Chasing some bonnet trim off a ke55 as pictured in good condition, i'm located in southern Tas but willing to pay post. Cheers
  2. pozza123

    My Ke55

    Long time between updates, not much has been done. I managed to weld up the seat mount on the floor and remount my drivers seat properly. All my suspension is installed and sort of working, I have a bad knock from the passengers side strut area. I will investigate this when I get a chance. Other from that I have finally taken this beast for a drive! Still has the stock 4k in it but after driving it today it reminded me why I love driving this car. I can't wait to finish this now! Once I have figured out what this knock is I'll get a wheel alignment done then it's 5k time.
  3. pozza123

    My Ke55

    Finally got around to test fitting my new gauges pretty happy with how they came out! Still need to finish wiring them up. This is the mess behind the dash that powers the tacho and fuel gauge. All the lights work so that's a good start.
  4. pozza123

    My Ke55

    These came today Means I can finish off my front suspension before putting the motor back. I have some xt130 struts converted to coilovers. Unsure how well these will go as I bought them already done. May change them later down the line.
  5. pozza123

    My Ke55

    So I've been working on a couple of things. First off we have the dash I've been modifying. I have a couple of others to go into where the radio normally is. Secondly I mounted up my ebay alloy radiator just to make sure it fits and has no leaks. I'll run it for a quick bit with this 4k untill I finish my suspension so I can still drive for a wheel alignment. I also made up a fan shroud at work with some scrap ally sheet.
  6. pozza123

    My Ke55

    Very much so! Still have a few things that need doing to the car before this bad boy gets lowered in.
  7. pozza123

    My Ke55

    Well after sometime I have my motor all back and refreshed again. Some progress will start happening again soon! the only changes in this build are a different cam, slightly more port work, an adjustable cam gear and a re-graphed dizzy
  8. pozza123

    My Ke55

    Most recent picture I have of the big girl. Been sitting there for over 12 months now. Its waiting for a birthday
  9. Looking good man! Bet you can't wait to have it back on the road, will have to catch up soon
  10. That sucks! Hopefully it gets through soon. Shoot us a message one day I've got a new phone and lost most of my numbers
  11. How's this going man? Been a while since an update
  12. pozza123

    My Ke55

    Had a good day out today in the rolla!
  13. so I thought I would start a thread for my Celica, safe to say its the expensive one out of my cars lol Anyway here's a quick run down 1984 SA63 Celica 1GGTE W58 MA61 rear subframe with disc brakes Weldy ( LSD's are expensive ) MA61 digital dash conversion ( only half of it works ) 3" exhaust Future plans involve Single turbo conversion ( have a manifold ) Rebuild my spare motor Aftermarket ecu Wind the boost up!
  14. This sucks big time!! :down:
  15. pozza123

    My Ke55

    Sounds interesting! I'm working but message me I'll still reply
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