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  1. I'm New Here - KE20 2 Door

  2. Liteace 200mm flywheel

    Has anybody got a 200mm flywheel laying around? Maybe you purchased a 5k or km20 4k and had to swap out the flywheel for a corolla item?
  3. Intake/Exhaust Manifold Torque Settings?

    Isn't that just up the road from Omaru? (Spelling)..... Ie home of blown5k
  4. The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Yeah that's fuck all timing. I run like 28° on top of 15 odd psi!
  5. 3K Engine in KE55E

    Checked transmission fluid level?
  6. 4k engine

    I think 3k pistons in a 4ku would give you too high of a C/r
  7. 4AGE BT into K40 Tranny possible?

    Short answer is no. And even if you could you wouldn't want to.
  8. 1980 Ke55 sedan (SOLD)

    I saw it in Hobart last night. Must have been new owner?
  9. Anyone installed an Oil Cooler

    I've put one on my 5k. Before hand it would climb up to about 120 degrees when having a bit of a dip, now I haven't seen it go past about 85 which is also where the water temp sits.
  10. Youtube Video's

  11. COPs on K Series Engine

    The advantage of the ls1 coils Dave is the fact they have inbuilt ignitors. Banjo will still need ignitors to drive those. My brackets and wiring is all done now, just need to install.... Yours look good btw
  12. Si's 5kte Ke55

    Just a little sneak peak pic.....
  13. Gilmer Drive Belt

    ....and given the fact the above link to there site still works I guess they're still available.