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  1. Lower Temperature Thermostat

    Yes it might fit. But if the radiator isn't up to the task all that is going to happen is the thermostat will fully open a little earlier and still overheat.
  2. Lower Temperature Thermostat

    I don't you're getting Dave's point. Factory thermostats were designed to run within the optimal temperature range of the engine. If you want to 'push' said engine past what you deem normal operation and create more heat, this isn't a problem for the thermostat, it's a problem for the radiator. Think about in terms of a thermostat is a heat pump. You want your room at a comfortable 20°. What's going to get there quicker more effectively? The heat pump in the big lounge room or the one in the closet!?
  3. Youtube Video's

    I like engine masters... Even if it is all V8 based. Starting watching them after I worked my way through every roadkill episode lol
  4. Happy New Year

    Well I'm about to start pulling an engine and box again for the second time in 2 months.
  5. Ke55 clutch problem

    Sometimes the cable will stretch over time and you don't notice so much with a worn old clutch. You might need some extra spacing where the cable comes through the fire wall. You need the cable relatively tort when the pedal isn't depressed.
  6. Ke55 clutch problem

    ∆ on a flywheel that has had a slipping clutch it can get glazed up and not give the best surface for a new clutch plate. With an aggressive clutch ie button you will also get wear similar to a brake rotor so machining becomes essential.
  7. Ke55 clutch problem

    You shouldn't really be putting a new clutch in without getting the flywheel refaced
  8. K50 into KE38

    No you need a ke30/55 one unless you want to cut the tunnel back
  9. Si's 5kte Ke55

    As per text already 0.5 over. Very much hoping bores are all good
  10. Si's 5kte Ke55

    No. Still runs on 3. Guessing maybe a melted/cracked piston. Is my own stupid fault.
  11. Si's 5kte Ke55

    .... And now the slipping clutch is the least of my worries.... As I've just blown the motor. Note to self, don't go hard on an inadequate tune maybe.
  12. Si's 5kte Ke55

    Yeah mate all full. Still got some tuning to do, but due a rough double of the old fuel map is running pretty good. .... Brand new bluesteel clutch kit that's slipping on first drive... Not so good.
  13. Si's 5kte Ke55

    Slight update....
  14. I bolted one on my 55 today. Will let you know what it's like in due course.
  15. I'm New Here - KE20 2 Door