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  1. I'll put dibs on the 25/30 if you end up using something else! ;)
  2. https://www.rollaclub.com/wiki/index.php?title=Tech:Engine/K_Series/Valve_Clearances
  3. You just need to use a 4k 180mm flywheel and clutch btw
  4. Have you considered what that will do to the function of the head light?
  5. Upgrade? ....for what car/engine?
  6. Yeah it's the bigger bosch housing dizzy. There's some pics of when I built it in my projects thread here.....
  7. My current setup uses 'single pulse' trigger from an electronic dizzy. So the ecu knows when a spark event is happening, it just doesn't know on what cylinder. Hence why I still need to use the top half of the dizzy to distribute spark. Additionally the injectors need to be fired in a bank. With the custom cas I built, it has a 'dual pulse' on cylinder 1 and singles on the other 3 so the ecu will now know which cylinder is actually firing. Doing this you can run quad coils like this as well as sequential injection.... firing the injectors individually as the fuel is required essentially.
  8. I've just been working on my setup this morning. Have had a little bit of a redesign from what I originally intended. I'll go into a bit more detail in my projects thread. This is where I've got up to. Obviously mdf will get swapped out for alloy sheet, i'm just using it as a template at the moment....
  9. I did look into it briefly, but the problem was the top of the spark plug is flush with the head where pretty much all cops have some sort of stem to come in between the dohc's. Between that mounting issue, price and the fact that ls1 coils have built in ignitors that's the way I went. I finally started some work on making mounting brackets for them last night after having them for years. Will hopefully have something knocked up in the next couple of weeks. What are you planning on doing about a trigger? Obviously needs to be dual pulse if you want to do sequential.
  10. Hey Mark, you got a straight 55 front valance by any chance?
  11. I couldn't even remember writing one. ... had to have a look to see what you were on about lol. Glad it helped.
  12. Shocksworks are the shit! Have you sorted top hats/camber plates? I had to dick around a bit to get the t3 ones on mine.
  13. 55 will fit. ... fyi they have a little downwards facing lip and look a bit better imo
  14. I was more do getting at that it's a 55 not 30 going by the bumper. Yours has obviously been swapped out for the better looking full chrome but original had the wrap arounds.
  15. And it has rubber end caps on the bumper not full chrome