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  1. Taz_Rx

    Ae71 distributor o'ring

    Nothing special. Just go to your local nuts and bolts store and it'll likely be a 10c fix!
  2. Taz_Rx

    WTB ae86 coilovers and brake setup.

    I'm contemplating upgrading my brakes... What would you pay for good condition calipers, rotors and brackets? No hubs.
  3. Taz_Rx

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Can't say it's not consistent! Make a good dial in racer
  4. Taz_Rx

    EVA foam toolbox inserts

    Just go to foamland Murray St
  5. Taz_Rx

    does anyone have a 4k-c turbo manifold

    It's not like they're an off the shelf item. Maybe look into making up a j-pipe
  6. Taz_Rx

    R31 Diff Into Ke70

    It would just need 2 leaf spring perches welded on in the right spot
  7. Taz_Rx

    Tas members

    Yes there is a couple of lurkers haha
  8. Taz_Rx

    3k engine, 5k engine, 4age 16v

    Moved. Prices or lock lock
  9. Taz_Rx

    1978 Toyota Corolla Coupe Sedan

    Maybe also a location as well. As going by the phone number and the fact is LHD one would guess the USA?
  10. Taz_Rx

    My White Ke 11

    I'll just aim for fastest manual K! Haha
  11. Taz_Rx

    Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Good work mate. Looking forward to seeing out on the roads soon. We might have to rouse up a few Rollas for an inauguration cruise for you haha
  12. Taz_Rx

    Lower Temperature Thermostat

    Yes it might fit. But if the radiator isn't up to the task all that is going to happen is the thermostat will fully open a little earlier and still overheat.
  13. Taz_Rx

    Lower Temperature Thermostat

    I don't you're getting Dave's point. Factory thermostats were designed to run within the optimal temperature range of the engine. If you want to 'push' said engine past what you deem normal operation and create more heat, this isn't a problem for the thermostat, it's a problem for the radiator. Think about in terms of a thermostat is a heat pump. You want your room at a comfortable 20°. What's going to get there quicker more effectively? The heat pump in the big lounge room or the one in the closet!?
  14. Taz_Rx

    Youtube Video's

    I like engine masters... Even if it is all V8 based. Starting watching them after I worked my way through every roadkill episode lol
  15. Taz_Rx

    Happy New Year

    Well I'm about to start pulling an engine and box again for the second time in 2 months.