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  1. It still ends up too low for turbo. 3k head on a 5k with D's will give you about 7.5:1 CR. Take 100 thou off it and you still won't get it above 8.5:1. If you're using the D's just use the 5k head. Get it surfaced and give it a freshen up.
  2. I wrote this up years ago... https://www.rollaclub.com/wiki/index.php?title=Tech:Engine/K_Series/Valve_Clearances
  3. What suspension is in it? Looks like you've got some lows happening. When I get some new wheels under mine I might need to correct the ride height a little. Had a quick look at kings website lady week and they didn't appear to do springs for these. Don't really know if I can justify BC's. If you're wrecking the while thing I might also be interested in the windscreen add mine has a crack in it. I'm in no great hurry so just keep me updated as things happen ๐Ÿ‘
  4. I can get triple j fine now so I'll happy. Between the sub 90mhz tuner and a 6 stack in dash that would skip if you drove over a grain of sand I didn't muck around on replacing it all. Wiring kit arrived today so I'm currently half way through installing the reverse camera. This is what I got... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Kenwood-DDX4019BT-Kenwood-CMOS-130-Reverse-camera-KENWOOD-WARR/123701247763?epid=18034415640&hash=item1ccd2b3f13:g:600AAOSwMs5drk8K Repco stock these. $462 for the head unit plus another $81 for the camera to that was a damn good price. I also got an eBay coupon that saved me another $30. Can you maybe pm me some pics of your interior? And are you just talking seats, or plastics too?
  5. Hmm could be interested in that! Keep me posted. I assume it's not the model with recaros? Installed a new stereo today... so I can now actually tune past 90mhz lol got a Kenwood double din touch screen with reverse cam, Bluetooth etc.
  6. Yep basically all of the drive train is gt4 Celica, including the 3sgte
  7. Can't wait to see this thing ripping up the strip Darren!! ๐Ÿ‘ Maybe you'll get that fastest k in Aus crown! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. With the need of something more practical (carting the kid's bikes around mainly) I decided to get myself a new daily. Always wanted one of these since I saw them in NZ about 12 years ago. Been keeping an eye out on Gumtree etc and one popped up recently close to me. 1998 ST215. Manual.... Yes it's actually a manual!! About 200k km but still in really good condition. Couple of mods - HKS exhaust, HKS turbo timer (pre import mods), auto metre boost guage, Turbosmart BOV (which sounds a bit loose and fluffy for my liking) and genuine TRD front bumper. Which to be honest I don't really like that much. There's one little part of it that makes me think it looks like the bastard child of a VT clubsport and an Evo 3 hahaha. You work out what that is. No great plans. Maybe some wheels - Same stud pattern and offset as a WRX so I'll keep my eyes peaked in those circles. Maybe some BC coilovers if new shoes don't look quite right. Then maybe just some practical mods like roof racks and a tow bar if I can source. It's quite nice to drive and has plenty of poke. I didn't know these things ran around 13-14psi out of the box!! And the good old $500 Camry that was bought to get me through when the corolla was defected (3.5 years later) will hopefully get moved on next week. Even though it looks like a piece of shit, it's been ever reliable and been very good to me. Basically haven't spend a cent on it since I've owned it.
  9. All k's take the same rear main I'm pretty sure. You should be able to tell if it's engine or gearbox oil from the smell of it. Gb oil is horrible stinky shit.
  10. Well it doesn't look like it would actually run very well... because there's nothing done to the fuel system.
  11. Is that really poly pipe and duct tape? ๐Ÿคจ
  12. Why not just buy a gasket to use as I template and have a ladder cutting place cut you one? I've done this before with other exhaust flanges and even the copper em30 group buy I once organised.
  13. Hot tip... get a freight quote through e-go.com ๐Ÿ˜‰ ... your welcome
  14. K-t slave is on the other side of the bell. You can use a liteace flywheel. I had some random 200mm k lightened flywheel that I got from Sheldon aka blown5k that had a different bolt pattern and had it re-drilled to suit. You could just do the same to any k flywheel and have the contact area re-machined to 200mm. It wouldn't cost much.
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