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  1. I just used the v belt variant. Pretty primitive adapter bracket that took about half an hour to make. It's just 2 standard bottom bolts with tube over them to take up the difference. Not at home at the moment, but I'll try and remember to take you some pics in the next few days. 100a would probably be more than enough if you're not running all the electronic shit I have. Just my coils could (but probably never would) pull 40a.
  2. I'm running a 140a unit from a 308. Aeroflow jobbie
  3. 11 years and a single post OP... I doubt you're getting a reply mate
  4. need some help for 1979 KE30 with 3K stock setup

  5. Then you should know you need a front mount like what's in the vid above. 12a's and rx4/5 13b's only have front mounts. Mazda moved to side mounting the motors from s4 rx7 onwards.
  6. Maybe you need to do a little more research on older n.a. motors vs s4 rx7 onwards 😉
  7. And if that doesn't work, use a tea towel. Yes, a tea towel 😉
  8. Yes that's a t50. Likely came behind a 3tc in a t18 judging by shifter position. Yes you could just slap on an A series bell housing and throw it behind a 4age
  9. Familiar with Rob Dahm Banjo? They were the kind used on the 4 rotor when it raced the Hoonicorn. 🤔
  10. Hey Toby, I've got a few spares in bits. Can probably do you just the extension housing.
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