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  1. I tried to keep up with him once. Ended like this....
  2. Oh and the Caldina is such a trooper, I love it. Dirt jumper on the roof (didn't feature in video) and I was able to get 3 kids, 3 race bikes and me inside!
  3. Parrot to put Byron's riding into context, this was immediately after Sunday's club racing (why the other 2 are in their Yess gear)... and after a full day at Blue Derby on Saturday. The dirt jumps are over 30 years old, community build on high school land. The high had now just paid to have that added.
  4. Mentioned my son's channel last week. Thought I'd throw it up here instead of spamming in someone's tech thread. 😝
  5. Where are you? I have a set of ke55 brackets.
  6. North of the state got dumped on a few nights ago. Didn't come quite as low down this way. No snow on the trails but this is my current view of Kunanyi...
  7. Ooh I didn't know you were a mountain biker Stu! Byron and I are off to Derby tomorrow. We normally spend most weekends these days doing dirty jumps somewhere. You've probably never seen his YouTube channel....I don't exactly plug out here.
  8. Haha you're starting to get it. I stated with the polished tappet cover as everyone does.... then the timing cover... thermostat housing.... the 7ke manifold (which must have been about 100 hours all up!).... alternator, dizzy housing, oil cooler plate.... intercooler, cooler piping... my ls1 coil brackets. Then I start making new bits like the thermo fan brackets.... it just never stops! 😉 Just like paint, a really good polished finish is all in the prep. Get it as smooth as possible. The actual polish bit should only be the last 5 minutes of work. Fyi, I prefer cream polish. I actually like to apply and rub it in with my bare hands. Just keep rubbing until your hands are nice and black. Wipe off the excess then rub as fast as you can with an old towel or the like.... or a buffer if you have one. I used the do a bit of casual work years ago at a place called 'The Car Artist' who was really busy doing all kinds of body kits back in the late 00's when fat and furious was popular. Most of my days were spent wet rubbing primed panels. I seriously did end up with bleeding finger tips, and yes... rarely had finger prints.
  9. Haha nice work. The real shine come out with some 2000 wet until your finger tips bleed 🤣
  10. Careful!!.... it's a slippery slope when you start polishing alloy 🙄😂
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