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  1. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/143628407269?epid=1169802033&hash=item2170eb91e5:g:Kr8AAOSw5FFgxXpg
  2. Interesting re the gearbox! So was it like a 'normal' cable operated k-t50?
  3. St246 Everything you want... with a Toyota badge! 😉 I love my 215.
  4. Got screwed around for 7 weeks with am Ozzy tyres order. Cancelled that Monday, bought these today... same as what I ordered through Ozzy but different colour. Bridgestone 4 for 3 sale starts on Thursday so just lined up a set of RE003s 😁... tyres on wheels are un-square.
  5. Oh and one not so little thing. That ain't no mini Bic!
  6. More little things. Before... After.... New straight full chrome bar, polished the Smokey headlights and new indicator/park lens'....
  7. Pics from recent camping trips also. It's becoming a weird mix of sports meets practical. Also swapped out all interior lights for led. Boot is a 4x6 panel. Pics don't do justice of just how bright they are.
  8. I guess wagons have essentially been re branded into SUV's in the last 20 years. There is still some about though. Yeah headlights are stock....
  9. Friggen love this thing... probably why the Rolla still isn't back on the road 😏 Old roof racks served me well for a year. Getting little more serious with what I was putting on them so upgraded to some rhinos. Can now fit the awning, a kayak, and 2 bikes! New shoes ordered for her also. Should be here soon.
  10. I tried to keep up with him once. Ended like this....
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