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  1. Taz_Rx

    Si's 5kte Ke55

    So about time I did an update.... The Tuesday dyno session didn't go quite as planned. Andy was chasing an ignition breakdown on #4. Just intermittent spark. It was running on 3 a bit when I drove it down to him but I thought it was just the bad tune. I popped into the workshop at about 430pm (expected to have it back by then) and he seemed a little frustrated. We quickly deduced it wasn't a coil issue, but wiring. Then I realised what the problem would be... I crappy Jaycar electrical connector. Had it swapped out by Thursday night with a new Narva one and all was good. Took it back to him on Friday morning (he said I could just leave it there for a week while in Burnie for work) via town for a meeting and realised he had knocked the overall fuel cut up to 50%. When I realised this I went in and offered to him that I would manually drop all the values by half to save him time... and me money. Week went by, and I hadn't got around to doing anything but I did realise it could be a simple process. When I converted to sequentially injection/CAS and quad coils I had to manually double all of the fuel map values as it went from dual bank injection to sequential. IE I had a fuel map on file that would be close enough for a starting point. So reinstated the old map (Andy's last tune with a couple of little tweaks by me) and changed the appropriate settings back over to dual pulse/sequential. Started with no throttle and idled (I don't have an idle solenoid) and drove rather well! So then took it back to him straight after. In the week it took me to sort it, he'd taken lots of dyno bookings and the next opportunity he'll have to do it will be Friday 1st of March. Meh oh well, another 2 weeks to wait. So that's where I'm at.
  2. Taz_Rx

    Ke70Daves New Euro Toy

    LS1 could are so easy to mount anywhere when you flip them up on their sides hey!
  3. Taz_Rx

    Si's 5kte Ke55

    Maybe Off to the dyno in an hour! Whoa
  4. Taz_Rx

    Si's 5kte Ke55

    Same place as my desire not to be doing another rebuild anytime soon lol
  5. Taz_Rx

    Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe

    T3 gtx2?
  6. Taz_Rx

    Si's 5kte Ke55

    Clutch feel alright in the couple of trips in and out of the driveway, and a little drive up the street. I don't know why people winge so much about buttons. Initial tune will just be on gate pressure so nothing crazy. 9 days.... Not that I'm counting or anything lol
  7. Taz_Rx

    Si's 5kte Ke55

    I'm in Hobart now mate so getting Kutsie at Pro automotive to do it.
  8. Taz_Rx

    Si's 5kte Ke55

    Dyno booked for 5th of Feb. Guess that gives me a couple of weeks to try and do something about the gear box leak 🙄
  9. Taz_Rx

    My Ke55

    Whoa! Convenient timing
  10. Taz_Rx

    Si's 5kte Ke55

    ... Until I realised I didn't actually put the throw out bearing and carrier in! Lol that could have been an epic failure, but luckily I realised now. Easy fix at this point.
  11. Taz_Rx

    Si's 5kte Ke55

    And with injectors/rail in, and top half of manifold on it's ready to drop in the car. Whoa!
  12. Taz_Rx

    Si's 5kte Ke55

    All new rubbers etc and into their new home. Luckily enough the RX7 550s use the same plug as the 7mge 315s, so I don't even have to change the wiring! Winning! Which isn't much of a suprise really considering both injectors use the exactly the same injector repair kit.
  13. Taz_Rx

    Si's 5kte Ke55

    Car is still at my parents so that's unfortunately not my shed. Dad's Ural in the background.
  14. Taz_Rx

    Si's 5kte Ke55

    For sure mate. I'll have some tuning to do, then run in and more tuning but hopefully going strong by Feb... Probably dreaming lol Tonight's progress: Removing spiggot bearings suck... So make a child do it! Lol Also a pic of new clutch plate. With any luck this one won't slip.
  15. Taz_Rx

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    What is the actual problem with the bonnet? And how is it any worse the a big scoop, a carby or even a supercharger?