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  1. Your first post sounded rather spammy.... So I didn't have much hesitation in deleting your second post with the unknown link. Thanks but no thanks 👍
  2. Lol yup. Good luck finding an rx3 for less than about $100k these days!
  3. This is where the numbers around the outside of the cam gear come in. You don't just move to a new hole and that's it, you've gotta re index the chain using the corresponding number as the new 'tdc' mark. I've never done it with mine, but I'm sure that will somehow give far more incremental changes 👍
  4. Yeah cool, let me know as I've never moved mine off 0. More so got it as I just wanted a quality timing chain system. 55kw... So would that be wheel or flywheel? More than tripled that at the wheels hehe
  5. 👍 Also note the numbers around the outside of the sprocket. That's the new TDC "dot" (lining up with the dot on the crank sprocket and for under the can sprocket)that corresponds to whatever new hole (for Cam dowel pin) you choose.
  6. That's a Roll master adjustable timing kit. I've got one in my motor. From memory each hole you advance or retard the timing gives 6° of timing change and will move max power 100rpm up or down the rec range.
  7. Ok cool, was checking you weren't international. Send me a PM 👍
  8. I've seen a few of these reports come from guests asking for their old account posts (can't remember password etc) to be deleted or edited.
  9. Where you at? I've got both genuine brackets I could sell.
  10. I broke a 55 axle once "just driving around". Weldies put so much strain on the whole drive train, not just the axles. If the axles were somehow super strength, you'll just end up blowing out spider gears.... or maybe a gearbox instead. Yep, I've done both of those too. Haven't run a weldy since. And you know what... I now put 180rwkw through a stock ke55 diff and life is peachy. Just my 2c.
  11. You're all good mate. All that really matters is bore size.
  12. Pull up on the reservoir. It's not bolted in, it just slides/clips onto the bracket you're trying to remove 😉
  13. Both of my 55s have been the square headlight variant and can confirm the 'E' on the end of the chassis number banjo. Yes searching for it won't really turn up the results you want. The phrase "square headlight ke55" would probably give more success. Does your car have the long bumpers too?
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