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  1. Yep sure is fair few teeth missing
  2. Well after pulling engine and gearbox out, i didnt have much luck. The 5 speed, just before i whacked it on i checked the shaft. Rotated it a few times then it jammed at that point. It can rotate the other way for around 6 rotations and then jams again! Anyone know what or why this is happening? Ifr. Can fix it i will, so any ideas on where to look first would be great. I did manage to put a full gasket kit, seals, clutch etc on the engine while it was out so wasn a complete waste of time. 4 speeds back on now. Also has anyone ever had a new waterpump leak out the weep hole? Seems odd but could of been a manufacture fault. I got sold a dud.
  3. sweet cheers guys, I might just bight the bullet and hack a bit outta my tunnel. Its going to be too hard sourcing a box in Kal.
  4. No worries, I'm in Kalgoorlie, unfortunately haha, will be a bit hard to source a gearbox. Otherwise might just have to get the hacksaw out. Driving across the Nullabor in a 4 speed doesn't really appeal to me much!
  5. I'm about to do the 5 speed conversion on the ke20. Ive got the K50 gearbox sitting in the shed, it has the shifter to the rear. Is their any sort of mod I can do to the gearbox so i don't need to cut out the tunnel for the shifter?
  6. Hi all can anyone tell me what the valve clearance is for a 3K i hot a new cam in it and the clearances ive been given still tick like a bugga. Just chasing the standard clerances, so can get her running overrated
  7. Its a big ass nut. Ive bought a 27mm for it. Not big enough. Back to the store
  8. Can anyone please tell me size if the crankshaft nut. Cheers
  9. sweet cheers man, Ill start stripping the front end off this week I guess. Why can't it just be a bolt on part!
  10. Have just purchased new lower radiator support. Is their any tricks in doing this job? It looks pretty straight forward, bit of grinding and a few welds. Also will I need to take any of the panels off to do it or can it all be done from underneath the car? Cherrs
  11. Well, it was right in front of me the whole time. The bleed valve was at 6 o clock on the right front. Cheers for all your help.
  12. Any help? Have adjusted the drums. Checked caliper seals etc no fluid has been lost over two days.
  13. Yes I have bled the brakes, 3 seperate times. I have a feeling it must be the rear drums needing adjusting, will give it a try tonight. No leaks on the mater cylinder, doesnt use any fluid.
  14. Have put ke55 discs into front of my 1971 ke20. Have got no pedal pressure, has to be pumped a few times to firm them up. Its older master cylinder type. Has anyone else done this conversion and had trouble? Ive read it could be my master cylinder being too small for the front calipers. They are girlocks. Any help much appreciated. Cheers.
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