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  1. Hi, wondering if anyone could tell me the length of ke20 and ke30 LCA lengths? (Centre of ball joint to centre of bushing) also want to know if a ke20 ball joint will fit into ke30 LCA? And if ke20 caster arms and sway bar link bolt in to the ke30 lower arms? basically wanna use the aftermarket T3 ke30 LCA’s in my ke20 https://technotoytuning.com/toyota/ke30/front-lower-control-arms-ae71ke70ke30-corolla cheers.
  2. Hey everyone this thread is gonna be about this ke26 getting finished off! I'm pretty excited about this car i got 2 months ago, few people have prob seen this car on rollaclub before, now its mine :D, should be a good cruiser once its all together. I have a few plans... not much tho lol, i was thinking a 5k with a 5 speed. I would love any ideas or input form everyone, to help me out
  3. Hi all, i am looking for lock and striker key lock, right hand driver side door. I hope i wrote that correctly. can't seem to find any at all. thank you
  4. Well I've found something else and am looking to sell off my ke20 project (log here ). What was left to do was sort out the rust, give the motor and box a once over with new gaskets, oils, plugs etc. install interior and she was good to go. I was just ambitious and didn't realise how little time I have. What comes included Ke20 1973 from south australia (still have original rego plates), The car All new black interior, everything but headlining and carpet, from Grant Donaldson (THE Grant Donaldson). Made the rear door cards like the ke25s with armrests and drop boxes. Standard 3k motor and k40 box with new gaskets for motor New weather seals (came with car, don't know where from) Full set of original hub caps in average condition Perfect dash pad and radio blanking plate in place Under dash shelf Venetians and visor!! Full set of locks and ignition and two keys (currently has separate keys for driver's door and ignition) Spare grill Spare seats for front and back Spare tail lights. Price is say $3,500 (neg) for the lot. see photos here http://hl546.imgur.com Now the car i'm getting is a 73 ke25 so am intending to keep the spare corner garnishes, front and rear glass and guards etc. but may be sold/included for the right price. Car is in Fern Bay NSW (Newcastle region)
  5. LOOKING FOR BONNET AND RH DOOR Hi guys, just starting a build and I'm on the hunt for some ke 20 pieces. Really hopeful to find someone wreaking one in Perth but willing to pay postage if I find them interstate. Looking for: Bonnet. RH door (LH also if it's in Perth ). Bottom door sill cuts (both sides). Lower tie rail. Lock barrels all round with key. Cheers for any help offered. James
  6. rapapapa
  7. Hello! This is the first time I am selling something here. Hope this doesn't go against the rules. So I have a 1970 KE-25, with the older taillights. I'd like to sell an extra set of taillights I have for 1973-74 KE25/TE27. This is a refurbished set, with aftermarket frames. The lens are OEM and have recently been serviced/refurbished. Has zero cracks or any signs of aging. Genuine Toyota OEM Tail light lens (Stanley) (Made in Japan) with aftermarket frame. Can be used for both KE25 and TE27 Levin, 1973-1974 Properly Restored to this clean and excellent condition Please check the high-resolution pics in the listing Shipping globally via DHL tracked. Seller not responsible for any customs duties etc. I accept Paypal. Asking $300 including tracked shipping. Item is located in Pakistan.
  8. Hi, Would anyone happen to have measurments for a KE20 front cross member available? I am after the distance between the holes where it bolts to the chassis. I have found this info for the KE30 whilst googleing but cannot seem to find much for the KE20. http://winterpalace.customer.netspace.net.au/carmenu_files/xmemberspecs.jpg Thankyou
  9. Want to buy ke30 corolla 2 door sedan, must be in reasonable condition. Would consider ke20 also. Located in melbourne
  10. Hi All, So... about a year and a half ago I stripped my Ke20 back to the shell for a complete home-job restoration. At the time I took what I thought was plenty of pics of the engine bay prior to yanking everything out. Now I’m almost finished putting the car back together and have got to reinstalling the wiring loom to the engine bay. I’ve done what I can from the pics but it seems I’m short on detail to be 100% happy that I’m not creating a potential wiring meltdown. What I really need is an experienced eye cast over what I have done and some guidance on where the “spare” wires go.... I'm happy to pay someone skilled for their time. The car is located in Cranbourne North, Victoria. Thanks in advance and Merry Xmas! Stephen
  11. Well it's been a long time since I've had a project, but picked up this ke20 from a mate's dad looking to get rid of some vehicles. It's had a respray at some stage, as well as new springs and discs just before he took it off the road 7 years ago and it has just sat there. Plan is just to tidy up the body, get it running and then registered. Few things need to happen though Rust repairs driver's side fender Driver's door fouls on fender (opened when I went to look at it the other day so don't know if it's moved during transport) Grill and bumper wonky (doesn't look like from impact damage, just poorly reset) Brakes have no fluid in the reservoir Hasn't started for awhile so need to get it running, maybe even a 4k (someone nearby has one, what are they worth these days?) I'm sure there will be more, but really just want to get a blue slip and get it registered to enjoy it. Afterwards Twin sidies Cam? Exhaust? Lower it by 2-3" Flares and superlites or something Not looking for something to win shows, just something to enjoy driving.
  12. Hi, Just bought a KE25 project and got a few extra bits that I have for sale: ENGINE 3K engine cylinder heads – 1 available. , $50 ea 3x Flywheels, tappets, pushrods etc Stromberg carburettor $20 Aisan carburettor in bits $5 Distributor cap with leads Alternators $20 ea Starter motor $20 Water pump $15 INTERIOR Rear Door card pocket inserts, left and right. Dark brown colour $20 Handbrake $20 Interior Gearbox surround (trim between seats) $30 Sun-visor - $5 Window winders - $5 ea After market Steering wheel boss $10 EXTERIOR KE20 rear stop lamps with surrounds $40 pair Flower petal style hub caps, good condition - $sold Bonnet scoops - $20 pair Headlights - $10 each (1 only) KE20 grill - $20 WILL SWAP FOR/ LOOKING FOR: I need a KE20 indicator stalk, under dash tray, air-con unit, boot lock barrel, door key barrel, 2TG head, clutch for 3k, exhaust for 3k, cable for clutch,long duration 3k camshaft, K50 gearbox Location is in Hallam 3803 VIC, will send anywhere you would like to pay postage for. Cheers, Matt
  13. Hi All, Restoring a KE25, need the following parts if anyone can help out in the Melbourne region: K50 5 speed gearbox clutch cable, clutch housing 3K intake for single or twin webers exhaust manifold/ extractors 3K hot road camshaft indicator stalk Appreciate the help if you have anything!
  14. Hey there, I've recently got my first KE20. This forum seems like it'd be a great source of knowledge, but it seems kinda dead? Probably due to social media and the fact you can't upload photos?!? Anyone still here???? I already have a lot of questions, so I hope someone still hangs around here! - Can you buy the inner wheel arch plate that bolts in at the rear of the front wheel well (if that makes sense)? Or is it easier to fabricate a new one? - My rollla has a replacement dash which is too narrow and doesn't fit correctly? Shitty aftermarket part and they're all like that or should I find a new one? - Any good links to how to tune WEBBER 40's? - Anyone added a remote (servo) brake booster? The stock anchors are pretty average - WHERE TO BUY REAR SPOILER? Anyone found a nice TOM's Performance one or anything? I have one which has been very poorly installed by previous owner - Any good screw/bolt kits to buy? - Places to check for rust? Window sills, foot wells, and spare tyre hole are all pretty clean? Any other spot that rollas rust out I should check? - Are they too early for VIN numbers? Can only find engine/model/chassis numbers. Thanks in advance! James
  15. It's running a 3kc motor with a stage 4 Auckland cam, twin dual barrel dcoe40 webber Carbies, shimmed oil pump, heat wrapped extractors ,exhaust, lightened flywheel , new rear leaf suspension, new front springs, t50 five speed gearbox 15x7+10 performance super lights with bridge stone RE003 tyres. revs to 8000rpm and it's loud! Really fun car. quiet on idle but loud when you put your foot down! new baby is the reason for selling. sad to see it go. But I know you guys will give her a good home. 13000
  16. Howsit Rollaclub . I'm new to this so go easy , just wondering what kind of tyres to run on my ke20 sedan. I have 14x7 rims and want to give a slight stretched look but be hassle free when It comes to chuckin lowering blocks n cobras in . Cheers
  17. Hello guys, I am going nuts as to what type of cup holders I should get and where to mount them. I drive around a lot and take my fluids on the run. Am really tired of spilling my drinks all over the place. Need a permanent solution. Please give your suggestions and post some pics. Cheers!
  18. Hey all. Just wanting to introduce myself and say hi. I'm new to the club having never had a rolla before now. Hoping to get some future advice on anything Toyota related and hope I can share some if my limited knowledge as well! Here's my 74 KE20 two door. It's running a 3kc motor with a stage 4 Auckland cam, trd pistons, twin dual barrel webber Carbies, shimmed oil pump, extractors exhaust and all that crap. There's some other stuff too that I forget but my god it's fun to drive! Anyway hello and hopefully can join one of your meets in the future. Cheers
  19. Hey guys, I want to convert ke20 stock 1200cc engine to 5k liteace 1500cc engine. Can you list things that I supposed to retrieve and do to my ride. Well I already found the 5k 1500cc engine but its not a halfcut... Just an engine with sort of wire with it... Is this a perfect engine to do convertion on my KE20? Or do I need to add some more to make it perfect? I want to make my KE20 more silence and reliable car with efficient fuel consume... BTW, I found this engine but I haven't buy it yet because I want to learn about it and preventing from overusing my money on something that doesn't really necessary to buy... Help me to do the "list to do" guys... Need your help so much... TQ rollaclub.com
  20. Hey guys I'm having a problem with my steering rack its on a ke26, the stops seem to be too high to lock or the rack is too low to lock, either way its not hitting the stops on both sides, nothing seem to be bent or broken. If any one could shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  21. Hi guys, I'm continuing to further modify my ke10 and have reached the stage of rim fitment. I'm after an aggressive stance and refuse to believe that 14x6 is the biggest I can go. I'm currently looking at a few options...a 15x8 +0 rear and a 15x7 +10 front. Or 14x7.5 -7 Is there anybody out there who's seen or done something similar.... Any help is appreciated☺
  22. Hi. Is it possible to remove the oil pan on a KE20 3K whitout lifting the engine or lower the front end? Any tips?
  23. Ok guys my friend is chasing a complete rear seat for a ke35 coupe, a shifter plate that bolts the shifter down to suit a ke20 4 speed manual and a clutch cable to suit manual ke20 4 speed. Preferrably around warwick/toowoomba qld but may consider postage for the right items :)
  24. Hello guys! I bring you a 1974 KE20 2 door sedan all the way from Pakistan. My dad bought one of these (a four door) when I was in school but we had to sell it after a few years. Then my school buddy's dad also got one of these 2 door ones. Well at some point during that time I knew I had to get one of these. So here I was a few months back getting my daily ride checked by a mechanic and I saw this car standing a few garages away. I stopped and asked whose it was, and found out it belonged to a mechanic working there. I immediately asked if he wanted to sell, and he agreed if the the price would be right. So after bargaining for a little while we agreed upon Rs 180,000 ($1800). Here are a few pics of it when I handed it over to the bodyshop to work on the dings, dents and rust. Let me know what you think. Rust. You can see the ground through the passenger footwell!! 13 inch wheels
  25. Hey all, I'm having some trouble identifying whats missing or what might not be missing from the boot of my ke26. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, info or pictures would be awesome!!! Pictures below show what I'm on about. Thanks.
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