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  1. Hello guys, I am going nuts as to what type of cup holders I should get and where to mount them. I drive around a lot and take my fluids on the run. Am really tired of spilling my drinks all over the place. Need a permanent solution. Please give your suggestions and post some pics. Cheers!
  2. Great work with the 3D badges. If they turn out to be durable then the possibilities are endless. Keep us informed.
  3. What is the distance between the inner LCA pivot points on a KE30?? I think 520mm is incorrect??
  4. Hi there, What are the options that we have to upgrade a KE20/25 front suspension. 1. Which crossmembers can we use, KE30 or KE70 or KP61?? 2. What are the shortest LCAs that can be used on a KE20?? Are there any shorter than KE70?? I am busy designing a rack & pinion setup for my car. I have installed a starlet rack in but as it is wider therefore bumpsteer issues Temporary fix - Drop the car as much as possible - Less movement less bumpsteer. Currently drives excellent on flat roads with small bumps. . Out of all the crossmembers I have seen, the ke30 looks the easiest swap. My current track width is R LCA + L LCA + Inter LCA distance = 320mm + 320mm + 493mm = 1133mm If I use a KE30 crossmember with KE70 LCAs 300+300+520 = 1120mm (1.3 cm Narrower) OR If I use a KE30 crossmember with KE30 LCAs 310+310+520 = 1140mm (0.7 cm wider) Would any of these be a better start in rack and pinion conversion??
  5. E = Vertical difference in height between inner LCA pivot and inner tie rod pivot = 6mm (Inner tie rod pivot is higher) (Credit Rob KE25) 1st post updated
  6. D = Perpendicular distance between LCA inner pivot center and tire rod pivot -------- ?? 110mm (If this distance is equal to eye to eye distance on the KE20 steering arm) ?? D = 110mm ( Is this Correct?? )
  7. Yup have gone through that but its not the original KE20 geometry, its heavily modified. My aim is to maintain the measurements as close or even exact to the original as possible. So that's why I need confirmed measurements off of the original setup.
  8. NOTE: I am adding confirmed measurements to the 1st post.
  9. EPIC Stuff. Great job dude!! 3 down and ONLY 2 MORE TO GO!!! Come on guys!!
  10. Sorry that there are not much updates. I am currently busy installing a rack and pinion. Everybody can check my KE20/25 Steering geometry thread for updates on that.
  11. Great! I will really appreciate that! will wait for your reply.
  12. Yeah that's quite a detailed note but it involves a lot of donor parts and not just the rack, and most of the measurements he mentioned are not of the original ke20 steering geometry. With the current idea that I have the only thing needed to be done is the rack fabrication (Not difficult at all), welding it on the x member and getting the steering linked to the rack and presto!! all geometry intact with rack and pinion accuracy! No changes what so ever to the X member mount/location, LCA inner pivots, no camber issues and using same tie rods/steering arms.
  13. Hello guys, The reason I am here is that my car is in the garage and i have stripped my steering box and drag link and the front x member is off. Yes I am installing a rack and pinion. I have found an expert welder who is ready to fabricate. I know and we all know that we don't have a donor rack the size we want as the width is too small. But I am going to build a center pull rack and pinion with a wider rack like as follows. but to do so I need some exact measurements within the next 2 to 3 days. Measurements A = Distance between LCA inner pivot points = 492.4mm (Credit parrot) B = Distance between tie rod inner pivot points = 410mm (Credit parrot) C = LCA length = 320mm (Credit parrot) D = Perpendicular distance between LCA inner pivot center and tie rod pivot -------- ?? E = Vertical difference in height between inner LCA pivot and inner tie rod pivot = 6mm (Inner tie rod pivot is higher) (Credit Rob KE25) Looking forward to input from all the experts here. Thanks Other info Front Track Width (Wheel Mounting Face to Wheel Mounting Face): 1270mm (Credit styler) Rear Track Width (Wheel Mounting Face to Wheel Mounting Face): 1295mm (Credit styler)
  14. Swapped my 3k and K40 gearbox with a 4K and K50. Put in a new head gasket while we were at it. Out In Not a very big change in power but reving is smoother and engine vibrations are down to minimum, and less problems with cold starts.
  15. Upgraded my brakes to KE30. So now have 4x114.3 PCD all round. Changed the brake booster to KE70. Huge improvement in brakes from stock. This is one mod that I highly recommend to all stock KE20 owners. Brake needs a day or two to get used to, after that it's all fun. Cost of upgrades: $115
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