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Found 12 results

  1. Hey everyone this thread is gonna be about this ke26 getting finished off! I'm pretty excited about this car i got 2 months ago, few people have prob seen this car on rollaclub before, now its mine :D, should be a good cruiser once its all together. I have a few plans... not much tho lol, i was thinking a 5k with a 5 speed. I would love any ideas or input form everyone, to help me out
  2. Hey guys I'm having a problem with my steering rack its on a ke26, the stops seem to be too high to lock or the rack is too low to lock, either way its not hitting the stops on both sides, nothing seem to be bent or broken. If any one could shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hey all, I'm having some trouble identifying whats missing or what might not be missing from the boot of my ke26. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, info or pictures would be awesome!!! Pictures below show what I'm on about. Thanks.
  4. Hello guys, The reason I am here is that my car is in the garage and i have stripped my steering box and drag link and the front x member is off. Yes I am installing a rack and pinion. I have found an expert welder who is ready to fabricate. I know and we all know that we don't have a donor rack the size we want as the width is too small. But I am going to build a center pull rack and pinion with a wider rack like as follows. but to do so I need some exact measurements within the next 2 to 3 days. Measurements A = Distance between LCA inner pivot points = 492.4mm (Credit parrot) B = Distance between tie rod inner pivot points = 410mm (Credit parrot) C = LCA length = 320mm (Credit parrot) D = Perpendicular distance between LCA inner pivot center and tie rod pivot -------- ?? E = Vertical difference in height between inner LCA pivot and inner tie rod pivot = 6mm (Inner tie rod pivot is higher) (Credit Rob KE25) Looking forward to input from all the experts here. Thanks Other info Front Track Width (Wheel Mounting Face to Wheel Mounting Face): 1270mm (Credit styler) Rear Track Width (Wheel Mounting Face to Wheel Mounting Face): 1295mm (Credit styler)
  5. Hi there, What are the options that we have to upgrade a KE20/25 front suspension. 1. Which crossmembers can we use, KE30 or KE70 or KP61?? 2. What are the shortest LCAs that can be used on a KE20?? Are there any shorter than KE70?? I am busy designing a rack & pinion setup for my car. I have installed a starlet rack in but as it is wider therefore bumpsteer issues Temporary fix - Drop the car as much as possible - Less movement less bumpsteer. Currently drives excellent on flat roads with small bumps. . Out of all the crossmembers I have seen, the ke30 looks the easiest swap. My current track width is R LCA + L LCA + Inter LCA distance = 320mm + 320mm + 493mm = 1133mm If I use a KE30 crossmember with KE70 LCAs 300+300+520 = 1120mm (1.3 cm Narrower) OR If I use a KE30 crossmember with KE30 LCAs 310+310+520 = 1140mm (0.7 cm wider) Would any of these be a better start in rack and pinion conversion??
  6. Hey Guys I currently have a 20v silvertop which i will use initially in my ke25 and was going to use a t50 box, but with an eye one the future (as I will put in a 7age 20v) wondered about a w55...... has anyone done this? How much does the tunnel need 'massaged'? Any way to retain original shifter position and centre console...ie remote shifter?? cheers
  7. Hey Guys, Considering the option of respraying the Rolla while the engine is out and engine bay is completely stripped. Looking for someone locally who can do a top job but of course on a budget! Anyone on here willing to do the job or know of someone who can? It was only resprayed a few years ago so very limited body work required. A little sink back in some areas, some very minor dents and slight bubbling of rust around filler cap. Aside from that the car is still in really good solid condition. Thinking of going a satin white finish, or maybe a different white. Most importantly is getting the body back to dead straight.
  8. Hey guys, I am in the middle of transplanting a TE27 hydraulic pedal box into my KE25 but need some assistance with replacement master cylinder options. I am not going for a booster as I prefer the natural feel. The setup in the rolla is as follows. KE25 71 model TE27 hydraulic pedal box 3TC (to be turbo'd at a later date Single webber so room is not an issue ADM AE86 struts and calipers Standard diff with drums Can someone who has had success with their setup please let me know what the simplest and best option for a replacement master cylinder. Yes there are a lot of options out there and info on the forum but a lot is heresay as opposed to sucessful conversions. Your help is appreciated. Cheers
  9. G'day guys, Wondering if the more experienced and frugal might be able to point me in the direction of some parts for the KE25. Obviously trying to do the build on a budget so every penny counts! I mainly need suspension bushes, ball joints, tie rod ends etc.. Repco are quoting ridiculous prices. $100 for a single ball joint!! Your advise would be appreciated. Cheers
  10. Dear Rollaclub I've got a T50 box from an ae71 in my ke25 and the original speedometer cable is stuffed. The car came to me with a k50 box. Is it possible to use a speedo cable from, say, an ae86 or ae71 with my original dash speedo? Looking for a readily available solution as I'd rather not go for one of the Thai ebay jobbies Cheers
  11. Hey guys, Just wanted to gather peoples thoughts on putting a 3TC into a KE25. It doesn't seem to be all that common here in Oz at all and that is ideally what I am looking for - something different. They seem to have a lot of success with getting good horsepower figures from them in the US & Puerto Rico. Is there a reason why people don't use them over here? Parts seem to be readily available and cheap in the US. Has anyone on the forum actually built one these engines and had success with them. The conversion itself looks quite simple to fit into the 25. The engines and boxes seem to be quite cheap to pickup from a T18. They seem to respond extremely well to forced induction by way of a blow through setup. Anybody who has luck with a good hp n/a setup I would love to hear from. There is a guy on 3TCgarage.com from QLD who is getting 270rwhp from his and running 12's in a Celica. Does anyone know him? Cheers for any help you can give me!
  12. G'day guys, Can someone please check over my knowledge and sums for the largest capacity engine that can be fitted to a KE25 Corolla. As I understand the following - Original Tare weight of KE25 Corolla - 760kg Vehicles up to 800kg - 3 x 760kg = 2280cc capacity for n/a engine Vehicles up to 800kg - 2.5 x 760kg = 1900cc capacity for turbo or supercharged Is VSB14 v2 the latest released version for NCOP and are these relevant for QLD? Has anyone fitted engines equivalent to the above and successfully gone through engineering? If so, are the only upgrade requirements essentially brakes and suspension? Thanks for the help.
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