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Found 12 results

  1. G'day guys I'm looking at changing the current drum brakes on my KE55 to a disc brake setup front and rear. any ideas on the best options. DW about price just want a safer and better car for myself on the daily.
  2. Hi All, I am having trouble finding an Australian production master cylinder for my KE30, it would seem only the Japanese production cyl's are readily available, same said for the brake booster that seems to be few and far between. Any information on replacements that will bolt up / any information on where I can find a direct replacement is very much appreciated, this is my last step for a rwc. Thanks in advance - Luke
  3. Does anyone know what these struts are from? I tried fitting them into my AE71 a while ago and the top bolts had a larger pattern and stud to the AE71. The bottom fit to the steering knuckle however it has that little extra space underneath, i don't know whether that would be an issue? Anyway i believe these may have come from a RA60 celica or some model Corona. The Strut says: TOYOTA JAPAN, JY-30S The caliper says: B, 4XF, 2204 This is all from the R side strut
  4. Hi all, This is my first post and I'm kinda new around here but I thought I'd start documenting my 1981 Toyota Corolla Ke70 build and everything else that comes along with it :wasted: So i bought my little poo brown corolla about a month or two down in Gosford (I live in Sydney) with around 69XXX genuine kms on it off some dude looking like dis, high in the air, but on stock steelies: It was in pretty good condition bar a few dings, had close to no rust, deep dish steering wheel, new alloy radiator and started and ran! Had a pretty dodgy drive back home as the thing pretty much didnt have brakes :wave: I wish I took photos of them but it was metal on metal and looked like it had been that way for a long while... Anyway got her home and did a few things like changed the sludge (oil) in the old 4K motor, did all new pads, shoes, drums etc, the rear shocks were blown so I put some cheap shit ones in to get me through, cut 2 coils out of each of the springs for dope appeal, a AJPS adjustable panhard rod and put some 13x7" shoes on her and thats how she sits up until today: Lovin the roof racks and the granny spec louvre :lovin: After installing the Ae71 Tacho Dash, I cut the dash and centre console to fit 3 52mm gauges (which I haven't gotten around to buying yet... no real point) a double din touch screen Head deck. Also installed some 4inch speakers in the front and 6x9inch speakers in the rear. Purple Haze (Y) I decided i would focus on the suspension and brake work first while i find, buy and build an engine. so i started buying and saving a fairly long list of parts so i could put everything in in one go as it is my daily driver so..... (HOPEFULLY NEXT WEEK!) Anyway, heres what I've bought suspension wise so far: Suspension Parts List Weld on Coilover Sleve Kit (AJPS I believe) Cusco Camber Tops 8kg coils Bilstien dampers Ae86 Hubs and Vented and slotted rotors JDM Ae86 Callipers rebuild with all new seals and pots Braided lines XT130 LCA rebuilt with superpro bushes and new balljoints Ae86 P/S knuckles AJPS RCA's Hardrace Castor Arms TRD Ae86 18mm Rear Swaybar SRI front Strut Brace AJPS tie rod ends, rack rends, rack boots, lock spacer Every front end Superpro bush 6kg Rear coils BC racing rear spring seats (Eventually) Bilstien dampers in the rear All this shit is waiting ready to go and i can't wait to post again with some actual build photos and progress! :thumbsup: :rocknroll:
  5. Hi fellas, I have just purchased a new master cylinder which I have made an adapter plate to bolt it to the standard booster in my 79 ke55. The question I have is how do you remove the brake master pushrod so I can make up a longer one?? I pull it out as far as I can and it stops. Do I need to remove the seal at the front of the booster? Cheers for your help
  6. Hi Guys me again Got my ke70 riding perfect, now it can't stop :oops: (little to well if you ask me). So i figured i should check and replace my brakes. ;) now after replacing all round brake shoes and linings, Master Cylinder(as it was leaking by the connection to the booster), and new brake fluid, bleeding the brakes ect. I found that my handbrake works 100% :thumbsup: but my brake pedal is not? :down: now after bleeding about 1 liter of brake fluid through the system until the fluid that comes out of the system is as clean as it when in at all four bleeder screws, the brake pedal is halfway up and does not hit the brake switch not a problem but there is no brakes on the car when i drive i have to pump the pedal and use the e-brake to get the car to stop. if it stands an ideals and i pump the brakes it dies. :bash: could this mean i have to replace my brake booster :rant: , or do i need to bleed the brakes while the car is running. :hmm: please help with this.
  7. I understand drum brake master cylinders have a "residual pressure valve" to keep say 10psi of pressure in the brake lines, as drum brakes require this to compensate for spring return tension. However, when you convert drums to discs, you need to remove this valve, or your new disc brakes stay on when you let go of the pedal. How does this work when you go the other way - putting a disc brake master cylinder on a drum brake car? I see Wilwood sell aftermarket residual pressure valves, is this the only way, or can you install a valve in the new master cylinder? JB1762 (15/16") bolts to KE30 booster. It comes from NE Pajero which had factory discs on the back. I'm also looking at Nissan master cylinders from S13 which had discs. JB1608 (7/8") also bolts to KE30, but comes from from NA Pajero has drums on the back, so no issue there I guess.
  8. Hey guys, I am in the middle of transplanting a TE27 hydraulic pedal box into my KE25 but need some assistance with replacement master cylinder options. I am not going for a booster as I prefer the natural feel. The setup in the rolla is as follows. KE25 71 model TE27 hydraulic pedal box 3TC (to be turbo'd at a later date Single webber so room is not an issue ADM AE86 struts and calipers Standard diff with drums Can someone who has had success with their setup please let me know what the simplest and best option for a replacement master cylinder. Yes there are a lot of options out there and info on the forum but a lot is heresay as opposed to sucessful conversions. Your help is appreciated. Cheers
  9. Have put ke55 discs into front of my 1971 ke20. Have got no pedal pressure, has to be pumped a few times to firm them up. Its older master cylinder type. Has anyone else done this conversion and had trouble? Ive read it could be my master cylinder being too small for the front calipers. They are girlocks. Any help much appreciated. Cheers.
  10. can anyone confirm if all ke series front brake hoses are the same? need some new hose for some ke20 brakes on my ke10, but wondering iff all KE's use the same or interchangeable parts. Cheers
  11. Well, this little T18... I bought her from this guy and his daughter who had gotten a bit of a run around from their rebuilder/painter, who did the most orange-peely job I have ever seen... Twice apparently! She was sitting on King Springs and matched short stroke shocks, and running a rebuilt, albiet stock 3T-C. Very tidy car, other than the terrible paint. She became affectionately known as Allie. Used as a daily driver for quite a while, with nothing more than couple of rims changes... Then, things went a little crazy... I sourced a 3TGTE from KYP, backed by a W55, some custom coilovers and RA65 brakes for the front, and lower than low kings for the rear. Bolted it all together, got bored and sold her... With it's new owner, I helped set it up a bit more, and she was taken down the Motorplex in 14.3 with a need for better tires. She got rained out the last day of the season, so the semi slicks we'd sourced never got to put her into the 13's, but with her MPH, we were sure she could have. The new owner decided drift was the way to go, and other commitments broke our contact... I went away for a while, and often wondered what happened to that lovely red T18. A young guy on the forums contacted me, asking what I knew about T18s, having read a few of the earlier posts, and seeing I'd owned a few in my time... Turns out the guy I sold the car to abandoned it in South Perth, and the council decided to send it to Pickles Auctions... Where it was bought by this young guy... A deal was made for my assistance in swapping the running gear into another T18 he had (which, as fate would have it, was another one I owned previously) and in return for my services, Allie would be mine again. Now Allie is sitting back in the shed, engine removed, interior worse for wear, and needing some loving. But... She's not going to get it... Allie is going to be used, abused, butchered and chopped up and then thrown around like a rag doll... And she's going to love every minute of it! the sadistic bitch. Plans... 1MZ-FE RWD Converted, and slotted between the struts. W55 bolted to the back 282mm custom front vented brakes 260mm custom disk brake rear HSD Coilovers Rack and Pinion conversion Working Aircon Custom interior JGTC style Aero 4.3 LSD And all Street legal So far... 1MZ test fitted and engine mounts cut out. Requiring welding. W55 fit using modified 2S bellhousing Front brakes fit using custom adaptors and machined hubs Rear brakes sourced, still need work on adaptors HSD suspension waiting installation Oil pickup relocation kit designed, waiting fabrication Suitable tailshaft sorted, waiting final installation. Soon to come... 1MZ final fitment. Custom intake manifold, and modified exhaust manifolds Manual conversion of engine using custom flywheel and clutch Wiring loom set up to patch into T18 loom Rear brake fitment, ready for testing. Rack and Pinion conversion. Serious hacking of rear body for rear diffuser Sectional under tray designed and cut for semi flat bottom. Interior swapped over from donor car. In the future: The aim is to create a car that is easy to drive, while being powerful, precise and a pleasure to drive, even at speed. I'd like to develop the engine further in the future, and include a couple of turbos hanging off the sides, making for a sub 4:1 weight to power ratio, and move back to a 3.9 diff, giving her a preference for high speeds, and up the ante for the aero to make that work. I'm aiming for the car to feel comfortable on the street, capable on the track and competitive against some of the lower end exotica... Ferrari 456, BMW M3 E46 model, Lamborghini Diablo etc (Until it runs out of aero at high speed of course... It is shaped like a house brick after all.) Aiming for 200rwhp in N/A tune, and 350rwhp in turbo tune Low 12 second standing quarter mile in N/A tune Mid 10 second in turbo tune Sub 1:10 around Barbagallo Raceway in grip setup Damn sexy drift in drift setup. :P Pics will come when I get back home.
  12. Ok so I get RA65 struts/ Brakes for my KE70 and one the Brake Seals has a couple of holes and I was just wondering where I could get them from? I tried Supershit and they can't get them. Would Toyota still make them? Cheers
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