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  1. For sale is my KE55 Sedan, S13 SR20DE with sr20/rb20 5 speed gearbox. Xtreme heavy duty stage 1 clutch. Sr20det flywheel. Full stainless 2" Exhaust has a nice note without being obnoxious. Custom pod airbox assembly. Walbro in tank pump. All original interior in very good condition. Dash sprayed. New carpets throughout. Engine bay sprayed. Original Brakes, suspension and diff. Body straight but has some surface rust which needs rubbing back and spraying. All chrome in great condition. MadDat brake master. TA22 Celica clutch master and S13 clutch slave. Drives nice and has a lot of power for such a small car. Easily turbo'd. Registered with custom plates. $$$ spent. Ultimate sleeper car. I also have the air compressor and power steering pump for the engine if someone would like to install those. SKE055. $4800 Ono. For more info message me on 0432 922 1 one seven
  2. As stated I can't put pics up. It is an EOI that's why I have asked what people will pay because I have no idea what this would be worth. As for details ask away!
  3. Just seeing what interest there is in my Ke55 sr20. I can't put pictures up yet but details are as follows. 1979 Ke55 Corolla sedan S13 sr20de with sr/rb 5 speed. All original interior in Vgc. Dash all painted, new carpets. White Body is straight but has surface rust. All chrome is there and in Vgc. Just wondering what people would pay
  4. Hey fellas, sussed it out today. All Wiring and stem fine. Decided to strip the motor and found that one of the brushes wasn't springing towards the rotor because the little brass slide was slightly crushed. Sorted that out and set load on gear and all sweet. Cheers for all your help!!
  5. Alright. So I've just done some more tests. I'm confident the fuse is fine as indicator lights etc work, I also swapped it out with another fuse and no change. I then checked voltage at wiper stalk and found 12v at switch ok. I then checked voltage in engine bay and I'm only getting 1.5v at the most. Earth is clean and tight.??????
  6. I checked the plug at the column for 12v and that's all good. I'll check the earth too cheers clapped out. If that's all good might be a stalk replacement. Feels fine though :(
  7. Yes banjo that's correct. Sorry mate. Washers, indicators lights etc are working. I wasn't sure if there was a relay. I'll take the column surround off and see if I've got 12v at the stalk. Cheers
  8. I can't add images yet but are any of the relays in the kick panel near the accelerator pedal the wiper relays. This link is where the photo is: http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/29149-issues-with-the-55/. There is 1x indicator flasher, 3x whihc look the same any 1 other. I can't find any information anywhere to tell me what these relays do? Cheers
  9. Hey Banjo, yes everything else is working as normal. The wipers were working while raining. Stopped them for about 5 mins and then on again and no bingo
  10. Hey fellas, my wipers have just stopped working. We're working fine and then stopped. I can't hear the motor even trying. Not sure where the fuse is. I have the visible fuses right under the steering wheel and then the ones behind the drivers side kick panel. Which one is the wipers?
  11. Hi fellas, I'm trying to improve the safety in the beast but to do that I'll need to replace my heavily worn Seatbelts. The fronts are retractable but are heavily frayed and twisted and the rears have all perished. Just wondering what options are out there for replacements. I've seen the generic ones on eBay and wonder if anybody's had any luck with them. Cheers
  12. no worries, ill do a few little checks and figure it out. Cheers
  13. I'm going to unbolt the slave from the box and just see if the noise goes away. if it does ill have to try and adjust the rod length. I did run the box dry for a little while when i was testing the engine with no tailshaft. do you reckon that could have cooked the bearings??
  14. yeah mate, new thrust bearing was installed when i installed the clutch. I'm having to put my clutch pedal on a huge up angle to get full release off the master cylinder .It shifts fine and doesn't slip but that noise is a tad annoying. Could it also be the angle of the whole trans/engine setup not letting oil up to the front of the box??
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