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Found 65 results

  1. Planning some work on my KE55, time for a build thread. Here goes: I bought this stock as a rock KE55 a few months ago, and have been pouring time into learning how everything works and repairing whatever issues spring up. So far, I've changed the stock carby to a 32/32 weber off a fiat 500 (or similar), given it a thorough tuneup, done a couple of suspension bushings, etc. and changed the clutch after it exploded when I was interstate. It's developed a decent misfire, and I've diagnosed this as a piston ring issue. The motor also has just on 200k kms on it. I figure if I'm going to take the motor out to fix it, I may as well change it for a 5k! I picked up a 5k (not sure what vehicle it was from) that has had a full rebuild and never been run: cylinders have been honed, oversized pistons, all new bearings, head tested and cleaned up, new double row timing chain and a clive cams 265 duration cam grind. It didn't come with anything attached, so dizzy, manifolds, carby, alternator, fuel pump, flywheel clutch, oil filter, engine plate, etc. are all going to come off the old motor. It's also missing the pushrods, so I am planning on getting these this week and putting the motor back together with a new head gasket, doing the welch plugs, gaskets and seals, and generally getting it ready for the other motor to come out so the old parts can be transplanted. This is my first time doing anything this involved, so there has been a lot of reading the yellow book, gregory's manual and the how to build a tough 4k thread. All things going to plan I will find a hoist to borrow and try and drop the new motor in in the next fortnight. I think I'll need to take it to an exhaust shop and get a full exhaust (including extractors), before the swap, since the cammed 5k in unlikely to run too well on the stock exhaust. Here are some photos of the engine bay as is, and the 5k parts: I'll update as it comes along, and will probably need advice on this or that! Thanks for reading Jasper
  2. Hello All. Am chasing some good condition ke30/55 tan/ ivory front seats I will organise shipping and what not. Message 04398 five three five 5 2 Regards David
  3. Hi all, I have this nice beauty of a car, good old ke55 4 door sedan. Nice Toyota yellow with a mint condition interior. 4k-c engine with k40 gearbox. Been doing my own bits and pieces here and they're. Plus some added mods to give me classic extra grunt that is so much needed. So far I have - converted the the front grille from square to round plus added in some 7" Halo's wired up to my parkers. I'd bought the grille 2nd hand and gave it a good clean and paint. Plus remove/ fix dents and polish the chrome. - Added a set of 15" pos 8+ rims for style and over killed the tyres by getting bridgestones re003. Oh well. - next went with 4-1 extractors to 1" 3/4 straight through exhaust system. Sounds mint and not over powering in noise. Little crackle, and nice hum. - purchased 32/ 36 bolt on Spanish Webber carby + plytronics stage 2 electric dizzy and firebreather coil ignition. - bought to do, timing chain plus gears, crank pulley, re-ground camshaft ( not overkill on the cam) rear main seal, altinator, fuel pump and some other minor touches. Few in betweens in this process was Converting 5k thermostat lower and upper housing back to 4k housings plus new thermostat and temp sensor. ( Issue still tho, is I am getting a temp gauge reading of hot) guessing it's to do with the resistor in the dash. Haven't fixed yet. Using my infrared thermometer every run I do. Complete service, fuel filter, oil filter, plugs, leads etc etc Heres a couple photos of what I have so far looks wise. will add more of everything soon (engine bay, exhaust system etc) plus whatever is to come. Will need a bit of insight on a few others things I'm in the process of doing at the moment. But will post photos with questions when it comes round.
  4. Hi all, i am up to the point were i want to start wiring my Sr20 engine harness to my ke55 body loom, for those of you who have done it or know whats required able to fill me in with what wires i need to connect to get the motor running, also have an external fuel pump which needs to be connected too, thanks and hope to here from someone soon
  5. Hi everyone! I've got myself a 1980 ke55. When I bought it it had all the usual corolla rust (rear wheel arches, boot, etc.) But when I started rust repairs, i found previous rust repairs. And bog. Lots. Of. Bog. Anyway to cut a long story short, I've decided to keep her and turn her into an absolute beast. It's a bit sacrilegious, I know but I was thinking of putting a 4.0 barra engine in it.. Any ideas/advice on the whole idea? Cheers, Kye. Ps. I have plenty of photos of youd like to see!
  6. For sale 75 ke30 2 door 3k 4speed New 32-36 Webber New water pump V6 radiator Exterior Acrylic black with pin striping etc Period mags 13x6 front 14x7 rear new tyres Chrome headlight cover All lights/lenses in good condition No rust in shell other than on underside of bonnet. Interior -missing roof liner -carpet could use replace Starts-drives-stops Suit project car $2500 o.n.o Pickup echuca Victoria
  7. Hi all, I am looking to get my hands on a good set of ke30 taillights and full chrome short bumpers (front and rear) for my ke55, I am located in sydney, cheers
  8. Hey all, long shot, I'm looking to see if anyone had an engine conversion kit with everything i need to bolt it into my KE55 including gearbox, mounts, wiring ect,also if you had a tail shaft and diff too, i'm planning to go hoppers stoppers front brakes unless you have something in good condition preferably with 4x114.4 hubs, mainly looking for an sr20det ca18det or even a rotory, cheers all hope to here from soon, located Sydney
  9. A couple of years ago i picked up this KE35 here in the philippines. Pretty much it was just covered in rust and had just two passenger side seats and cheap carpet glued all over the place to cover up the rust. I figured It would be a good project for me to work on my body work and welding skills. turns out i was right, lots and lots of practice.
  10. Hey everyone. I've been a member here for almost 7 years, been using your wealth of information even longer. Thankyou to everyone who has contributed. The information on here makes everything so much easier. Yet at the same time so much harder due to deciding which way to go. So after buying my Rolla 8 years ago, I have been researching, planning and purchasing parts, and the time has now come to start putting things together. Thought I should probably document the process and give something back to the people who have given so much. A lot of what I am doing has been done before yet I think there will be a couple of surprises along the way. I have more things to get, yet hopefully can get the car running by the end of the year. I'd like to introduce you all to Katie. She is looking a little sad here and needs a good wash. Her bumper is also hanging due to having to remove the front quarter from a minor accident :( I first met Katie when a friend came over about 10 years ago. He had just got his license back and had borrowed a car from his in-laws. They bought the car brand new, converted her to gas, and she has travelled all of 212K Km's. Yet, happy ending, Katie is going to get a full makeover.
  11. V8rola

    Ke55 coupe

    Looking for the chrome strips that run along the top of the doors and tail lights if anyone can help?
  12. Hi All, Restoring a KE25, need the following parts if anyone can help out in the Melbourne region: K50 5 speed gearbox clutch cable, clutch housing 3K intake for single or twin webers exhaust manifold/ extractors 3K hot road camshaft indicator stalk Appreciate the help if you have anything!
  13. Hey guys, Working on my 79' Corolla. Previous owner has replaced the 4K-C engine with a 3K engine. Everything is connected correctly and have checked everything 100 times. Now, everytime i start her up, she runs well but as soon i put her in drive it stalls. Been trying to adjust the idle screw, but don't get much of a response from the motor. Has anyone got an idea of how the vacuum setup differs between the 4K-C engine and the 3K engine. If so can you suggest a diagram to follow to make sure it is all connected in the right spot. Or could this just be a completely different issue all together? And has anyone got a clue how to decode the engine number, so i can figure out a manufacturing year? Cheers fellas.
  14. Hope this is okay, sharing my gumtree add: Ke30 corolla sedan 1978 toyota, http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/springfield-lakes/cars-vans-utes/ke30-corolla-sedan-1978-toyota/1163798315?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttonsVIP&utm_content=app_android Price: $3,800 Springfield lakes qld
  15. going to purchase a ke30 or ke55 to begin playing around with engines and learning to work on a car. do you guys have any tips on starting off playing around with cars and k engines? (tools, basic needs, easy mods etc.) cars have alwasy been my passion and I'm finally going to start tinkering with one, and the old corolla has alwasy been one of my favourites cheers
  16. Hello all just chasing a full ke55 manual pedal box or one that will fit in a 55 Cheers
  17. Looking for a couple of sets of rear shackles for the rear leafs. Upgrading to nolatane bushes and need the 30 or above size shackles.
  18. Hello everyone, my first post here. Lots of good threads here, informative and entertaining. Thanks for having me! I have a bunch of cars, but i really want to talk about the ke35 hardtop ive recently purchased This car is a gorgeous little thing Running orig 3k drive train, with minor mods (extractors, side pipe) Car has been set up for comp with half cage, seats and harnesses, oil surge protect, electric fans, electric fuel pump, adjustable front suspension, rear stripped & floors stripped. No rust, no dings, never an accident. (not bragging i swear) Blank canvass Also incredibly its recently road registered and will be again Vsoon with just the side pipe to change (for about an hour for inspection till it goes straight back out the side again) sooooooo... For the collective brains trust out there i have a few questions as I'm new to the performance Toyota world. 1. What are people getting powerwise out of a 1.2L 3k? (streetable) 2. CONVERSION, 4-AGE or 2TG? (I know - age old question..) Car will be used for street and hiilclimb, club days, maybe some track stuff, maybe even a little rally work, i plan to keep it road registered so I'm a little unsure of how deep I'm planning to go but lets start with drivetrain. Maybe i stay standard and keep a relatively unmolested (slow) fun toy OR 4-AGE - 2TG conversion. Ok lets roll..
  19. hey guys, just curious how much work is involved in swapping my 1981 ke55 rectangle headlights for quad headlights like in the ke70 corollas. i know i need lights brackets and the grille. but wondering if it will all fit. thanks in advance
  20. hey guys, I'm from melbourne, so ive had my ke55 for about a year now, ive been doing a bit of research on converting my stock 4k to a 4age and making it manual, i have no idea where to start, its currently on club rego in VIC. i know ill have to get in engineered, can someone give me a few tips ? maybe like a check list of things ill have to do and in which order to do them ? i haven't purchased a motor or anything yet, i want to figure out how much i would need to spend and get all the details first,
  21. Hi guys, so I'm wanting to do the upgrade from this article http://www.rollaclub...rake_Conversion with KE55 / KE70 brakes I have trolled through the forums & read what ever tech articles here I could find & checked the wiki section. But I'm wanting info first hand from those KE55 & KE70 gurus here. Firstly, I'm in NZ & as far as I know the KE55 never came here. So I'm on the hunt for KE70 discs/calipers in nz atm - the wiki article says the KE55 &KE70 take the same brakes but have different backing plates & caliper mount brackets. So I'm trying to source rotors/hubs + calipers here in NZ (shipping from AU would be a killer with the weight) But after KE55 backing plates & caliper brackets, likely from Aussie - i have posted a WTB post. from research ive found, NZ listings say the KE70 has 3 size options on Brake Rotors. And someone has said that the KE55 can come with 2 options of brake set up, Girling or Sumitomo? can anyone clear this up for me or offer some info / advice? tbh I don't know a heap about these later model corollas..... I'm wanting to get all my ducks in a row before I buy any bits...
  22. Well, where do I start? The build I am currently doing is saving a completely molested and riced out ke30, full of bog, rust and mould. The first time I saw this car was when me and my mate drove down south of Adelaide so he could purchase it. Ive loved these cars for a bit over a year at the time and loved going out to see them. At the time, the car was rough as guts, full of rust and bog (which apparently the previous old fart owner did...yeah right) and countless more mechanical problems that would need fixing. It was bought from memory I reckon it was $750, not too bad of a deal but needed A LOT of work! Unfortunately, has a lot of rust and on top of that rust was the bog. :bash: Anyway, once my mate owned it, things just went downhill even further from there, no mechanical problems were fixed and the car was looking awful :down: Joel decided to straight pipe the exhaust to a milo tin fart box canon, held on by a coat hanger (sounded awful!), extremely dodgy vinyl wrap the bonnet, put a steering wheel on that he found in the boot which looked like a dogs chew toy, put some rota grid classic wheels on it (only good thing he did), bolt on flares which did not sit right and were held on with bunnings bolts and finally, build a front lip out of floor board with brackets welded onto the tow hooks. All of this other than the wheels made me want to curl up into a ball and cry :lolcry: and I knew if he had it any longer it would be defected because his neighbours hate him so much they reported it to get it defected but the cop couldnt because it was on his driveway but said he will defect it next time he sees it on the road. After all of that banter, the car just sat there for a month or two, the head unit got stolen, the carburetor was stolen (WTF) and one of the locks was munted out, the car was then just sitting and rotting. :( every single car Joel has owned has been tampered with while its parked out the front of his house, had one ke30 stolen :rant:and many more problems with people touching his cars. Anyway, parents were out for a week so I decided it would be a good time to buy a ke30, Joel offered it to me for $450, not too bad! Without a carbie, I had to pull the 4k carb off my ke70 paddock basher, put it on roughly in the pitch black and putter along to my house. I finally owned my dream project car! Here are a few pics of it when joel owned it, looked alright from 100 meters away, I guess....
  23. Hi there, I'm trying really hard to finish my ke55 hardtop auto to manual conversion ASAP. I'm stuck on wiring I think. putting the flywheel on yesterday I knocked the starter motor out and it sparked and I assumed it was dead. Ive got another incase, however I think my problem is that I have to bridge the wires off the centre console? at the moment whilst touching one of the red wires with either or both black wires the brake light on the dash goes on. unfortunately the red to red and black to black does nothing. When I turn the key all the electronics work, but the starter motor makes no noise. Please save me and blue beast. Gabriel.
  24. Hey fellas, i have finally got my ke55sr near complete but running. I took it for a drive and drives well but there is a constant whirring sound when i am idling with the clutch disengaged. I have removed the clutch rod from the pedal and noise is still there. When i depress the pedal the noise goes away. Not sure whether the thrust bearing is still touching the fingers or if it could be the gearbox input bearing. Anybody else had this issue?? Cheers
  25. Hey fellas, i have finally got my ke55sr near complete but running. I took it for a drive and drives well but there is a constant whirring sound when i am idling with the clutch disengaged. I have removed the clutch rod from the pedal and noise is still there. When i depress the pedal the noise goes away. Not sure whether the thrust bearing is still touching the fingers or if it could be the gearbox input bearing. Anybody else had this issue?? Cheers
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