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  1. My seatbelt was the same , frayed and worn. Got generic one off eBay, fitted it . Total pile of Shit , only good to pass visual test . Material thin , buckle crap . Mounting thin metal etc.
  2. I got the head off I can tap it out from bottom maybe ?
  3. Guys sorry this is not about corolla but about 75 Corona with 18-R motor. Is it possible to remove piston number one with motor still in car? If anyone know please let me know. Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, do you recon 12 inch mags will clear front and rear rotors on a standard ke 55? Thanks,
  5. Just listen to valves bounce then immediately change to next gear
  6. I have a kelford 266 duration cam. It works good but only above 2600. I would recommend advancing standard cam by 5 degrees. And see how that goes
  7. I would recommend keeping the carb . I have a lumpy cam, ported head and ported manifolds and 2 inch zorst. I initially ran stok carb but later put Weber on. I recon stock aisan was making more power . The key is cutting off that stupid snorkel that restricts the flow. My advice , put a kit thru the carb. Tune the idle screw right. Then hacksaw the snorkel shorter or off or put the lid upside down on the air box
  8. Unless you're doing freeway driving 4 speed is the way to go. 4th gear is 1:1. My understanding is that 5 speed is not as strong because they crammed one more pair into same case so the cogs are made smaller. I could be wrong
  9. That's pretty interesting actually. That could explain why after about 5 minutes of going 150 km /hr one night the motor overheated . It was 2 am at night in winter so it was cold . Radiator was flushed etc etc. 4k has a cavity where push rods travel so it could be that the head is lifting up
  10. Nah motor pulls hard sounds like a fiat I recon , must be the Weber . I will make crankcase vent better flowing
  11. I was just looking at those hahaha
  12. Hey good job man. It's not that hard if you take your time. I also take braso and rag and polish everything above fuel venturi. Makes the carb flow a bit better ... Maybe .01% haha . Don't polish below as the mirror surface will form fuel into droplets sorta like water on waxed paint. But yeah top of venturi
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