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  1. Big G

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    That is some great economy. Do you think there is any more you can get from her? Thanks for converting it to litres/100.
  2. Big G

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    I was reading those fuel consumption values and thought...meehh...not so good until I realised it was klm per litre. Its a bit early in the day. So I converted it. Freakin awesome for something that has got a stack of poke. Impressive and so pretty.
  3. Big G

    Engine and electric issues.

    Firstly what car and what engine do you have? Sounds like the idle jet in the carby is blocked. You can give it a squirt with some carby cleaner but more often than not it will need to be pulled apart and cleaned thoroughly and if you are lucky the gaskets can be reused.
  4. Big G

    What Makes You Happy Thread

    Gotta be happy with that!!
  5. Big G

    I bought yet another ke1x...

    Not a barn find if you have known about her for years but clearly stored some where out of the elements. She is in good condition that interior looks great. Happy daze.
  6. I have installed AC in my daughters ke55 and the evaporator box is a very specific shape and size. It is the same contour as the firewall and there are fixing points that line up with tapped holes under the dash and firewall. If the ke 70 one isn't identical there is going to have to be a bunch of mods to make it fit.
  7. Big G

    What Makes You Happy Thread

    That's what makes me happy excellent news like this.
  8. Big G

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    She will pass with flying colours just on looks alone. Too pretty.
  9. Big G

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    You will barely notice it when it is painted. Very subtle yet functional as you will have air slip streaming into that slot at the rear of it. Less is more as they say.
  10. Big G

    KE55 Build Thread

    Condolences to you. It is such an awful feeling when you realise your pride and joy is in the hands of some low lifer. My Datsun Fairlady convertible got stolen and trashed. I fixed her up but she was never the same. I'm with Altezza lets round em up and string em up. A bit of vigilantism is what the world needs. Eeeeeeha.
  11. Big G

    What Grinds My Gears.

    Prayers and blessings headed your way for a speedy recovery.
  12. Big G

    BLZBUB has another 4AGE.

    An act of destruction, is in itself creative.
  13. Big G

    BLZBUB has another 4AGE.

    Jeeez those vandals started young. A quick escape on the Big Wheel when the cops come.
  14. Big G

    WTB- Programmable ignition

    I can vouch for the Accuspark unit. I put one in my daughters Bosch dissy for her 4k as it kept chewing points. Took $78 dollars 20 minutes to install and I havent looked at it for 12 months.
  15. Big G

    MZEA12 Corolla hatch

    FANGING. I haven't heard that word in forever. It flew me back to my misspent youth and the Springwood Hungry Jacks drags on a Friday night. Aaaah good times.