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  1. Ode to the Traffic Jamb the great equaliser of motor vehicles. I was headed home south from Brisbane one arvo last week in my lolux ute and a wanker in a F40 Ferrari was beside me for 10 kms of stop start traffic now that was a loud pointless tin can. He was going nowhere fast and losing his shit and I was cruisin to my tunes. ForevaRollaing G
  2. Place the 2T engine mounts next to the ones installed in the car and compare their height. If they are lower than the existing ones swap them out. Clean them up and paint them first before you install them. Cheers G
  3. I have a 3RZ in my 2 wheel drive Hilux ute and I can attest they are a mighty engine. I roll with about 500 kg of tools and materials in the back and it pulls hard all the way through the rev range from go to whoa. I get about 10 litres per 100 Ks but it is mostly highway driving.
  4. So now you know the issue was your carby get yourself a carby kit and rebuild it then you will have the original on and that should make all your idle adjustments easier to perform. A kit costs about $80. You need a clean workspace and a couple of hours and it will be done. I rebuilt the carby on my daughters 4k with zero experience I learned as I went along. It was very satisfying when i reinstalled it on the engine and it fired up first go and idled perfectly. Its been going ever since. Cheers G
  5. Have you checked that the fuel cut off solenoid is operating properly? It blocks off the idle circuit so if you apply enough pedal it will run but as soon as you release the pedal back to idle it will stall.
  6. The dizzy on my daughters 4k was a bosch one but I am sure that accuspark make the modules for both types. I can't remember the company that I bought it from. if you google Accuspark I'm sure it will come up. They were based in NSW. I had to send the guy photos to confirm the correct unit.
  7. Or you could keep your old dizzy and install an Accuspark module into it. I installed one in my daughters KE55 Hardtop 4K. It took about an hour to install and set up and I haven't had to touch it since and that was a bunch of years ago. I think the kit was about $80 best investment for reliability. Cheers G
  8. I thought you would be overdosing on JDM stuff as NZ is full of it. Maybe think about being an exporter of all things JDM back to OZ. I am sure people would pay for your pick and pack services.
  9. You don't need a FB account the Rollaclub FB page has a public section that you can view through Google
  10. That was a good find. I want old ones so I will keep perusing the for sale adds.
  11. Loving the car and those church styled doors. Where did you get them? I am looking for a set for the house I am building.
  12. There are a few complete K40 gearboxes on the Face Book Rollaclub going cheap.
  13. Hey Banjo With all these new bright shiney lights your rolla will look like a mobile Christmas tree. Cheers G
  14. Hey Banjo It would be handy to know if the new LED headlight lamps draw more current than the old ones. I was thinking of going the same path for my hilux and the Princess' rolla when it comes out of moth balls. It will be interesting to see how long the lamps last. I have read plenty of reviews with people complaining that they fail in a short time some a matter of months. Keep us updated. Cheers G
  15. Thanks for your words of wisdom guys. Sooo many things to consider. I want it to be a one time thing so I will do my research and in the mean time try and talk the Princess into getting her manual license it will give me more options for sure. Cheers G
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