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  1. Big G

    Is my engine worth selling on its own?

    What is wrong with the rest of the car? Is it a GTi ?Do u have pics? Where are u located?
  2. Big G

    BLZBUB has another 4AGE.

    That was a big hit of motivation. Looking good. How does she drive.
  3. Big G

    4K Twin Cam

    Well don't keep us in suspense who has it ????
  4. Big G


    Oh lordy. Its been a while since i price checked the escorts but they have jumped even more. My mates older brother bought a brand new black rs2000 turbo one of 200 i think. It was scary fast and he would drive it on the limit all the time. If it still exists it would be worth some bucks now.
  5. If she has a bent chassis I don't like your chances of them not writing her off. The difference between an non economical write off and a write off is if the car is too expensive to repair compared to its insured value. So 4k for repairs 3k for market value not economical to repair. A write off is when the car cannot be repaired to be safe. The insurance company don't care about classics or sentimental value. Its just business. I have my daughters KE55 insured with Shannons for 7k if it gets written off she gets the car and 7k. It costs me $60 a month and she is a first year green P plater. Fingers crossed for you.
  6. Big G


    I bet you wish you still had that escort now. The prices they are fetching these days is crazy. can't remember the last time I saw one on the road.
  7. Talk them into classifying it as a non economical write off and buy it back off them then go in search of a decent panel shop. Have you got any pics of the damage? Panel beaters are ridiculously dear for proper old fashioned work. If they can't unbolt it and chuck it in the bin and slap a new one on they arent interested. I got shunted by a distracted soccer mum in a mini van packed with feral kids. It damaged the tub on my ute and coz they can't get a replacement one they wanted to write her off. I kicked up and the insurance paid me out. I'm still driving it with the damage checking every day on gumtree for a tub. don't get bossed around by the insurance company. Believe it or not they are not on your side.
  8. Ok so the Princess' ke55 has had some intermittent starting problems over the last short while. It takes very little to jump start it. I have looked high and low for something draining the system to no avail. Today I went to start her up so the Princess could go to work and she would barely turn over. So I jumped started her no problem. When I was connecting the leads to the battery I noticed that the positive terminal clamp was cracked and not as tight as it could be. My question is if it is slightly lose will that impair the charge ability of the alternater and then because it's lose it will make for hard starting. I need to get a new terminal clamp but the Princess likes original where possible. Is there a retailer out there that makes the original cable and clamps complete.
  9. Big G


    Nearly the same thing happened to the Princess' ke55 in as much as the temp said normal but she had blown a heater hose and dumped most of the water out. My theory was there was no water around the temp sensor so the gauge couldn't read the true water temp. I have found in the past that all temp sensors are not calibrated the same. I have changed same for same and the gauge reads differently. The best way is to install a proper temp gauge and use a thermometer to check its accuracy.
  10. Big G

    Supercharged rolla

    I was just looking under the performance and economy tab on that link 215 BHP. Up to 35 mpg on the open road. What box would u put behind it to jamb into a KE55.
  11. Big G

    How to upgrade car radio?

    Go to google or you tube. There are tutorials for all sorts of automotive repairs and installations. You may not find exactly what you are looking for but you can get the basic idea and go from there.
  12. Big G

    If I Only Knew Then...

    Thanks for that Banjo but I was looking for one that had Air conditioning. Hahaha
  13. Big G

    Boingk's KE20

    Not a bad effort 7 weeks from go to show. Happy Rollaing.
  14. Big G

    If I Only Knew Then...

    I can hardly believe the parts I have given away and the cars that I have let slip through my fingers. The Princess regularly berates me for my lack of forsight when I tell her about the good old days of now classic cars in their prime.
  15. I was cruising the gumtree adds late Saturday night when I came across a new listing for a one owner 1984 AE86 Levin Apex Trueno with 76ooo kms on the clock for $37k. She is totally stock and a thing of beauty. Now I am kicking myself for an opportunity I squandered in the late 80s when I was working at the import shop and the owner offered his smokin hot wife's AE86 to me for 4k he wanted to get rid of it quick coz she hated it coz it was too much of a chicks car for her. I only knew chicks that drove them in the day. I passed as I didn't have the cash and couldn't get past the chick car stigma. Oh the shame of it all. If I only knew then.....