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  1. I have my daughters KE55 hardtop with Shannons and when I said 10k for the policy they didnt even miss a beat and said no worries. She gets the wreck if it is written off and its $35 a month. I don't know of anyone making a claim which is where you really test them as an insurer. Yours would easily be worth 15k in the current market. Cheers G
  2. Could it be the dizzy. The original has been replaced for an electronic version. You often hear that they are not graphed properly to suite the 3 and 4k engines but more for the 5 and 7k engines. It might explain why there is plenty low down but not much up the top. Just an idea Cheers G
  3. Hey Banjo Its funny you should mention that. As I working on getting the starter motor out of the KE70 I was thinking to myself I don't remember it being this easy when I was working on my wife's KE55. But that was probably 30 years ago. So that is my excuse. Regards G
  4. It is very easy to remove the starter motor. I removed the one in my sons KE70 recently for a gearbox swap. It took about 10 minutes. Remember to disconnect the battery first so you don't accidentally short anythng out. There are only 2 bolts holding it in position access 1 from under the car and the other from above in the engine bay. You will need a socket and ring spanner and a bit of elbow grease as they are usually very tight. Give it a crack. G
  5. Hey Banjo I lost my one and only key to my work ute when I was doing night shift a few months ago. I back tracked for an hour to try and find it. No Luck. I was just about to start calling for a tilt tray as I was parked in a public space with 10 k worth of tools and materials easily accessible so I wasnt leaving her alone. Luckily security found my key and I dodged a bullet. My key is a genuine Toyota one but really worn and I can't see the number on it so I was going to the wreckers to get a new ignition barrel and matching door locks so I could have more than one key. I havent made it there yet. But I might pull my ignition barrel on the weekend to see if it is numbered and make a trip to your locksmith and and get some keys cut. Whereabouts is he located? Cheers G
  6. Big G


    As they say in the classics if it sounds too good to be true..it usually is....it comes with no bolt ons....so no turbo no manifold no alternator no starter no injection system no this no that.... probably a good starting point....but I am gonna pass...the 4k will last a little longer
  7. Big G


    Mother of God thats cheap. I might buy that just coz and stuff it in the Princess' hardtop...
  8. An article came up on my news feed the other night saying that Gazoo Racing were considering rebirthing the Celica to join their ranks. This theory was supported by the fact that Toyota have reregistered the Celica name in North America. There were artists renderings of a tough modernised TA22 body shell. Fingers crossed people. Cheers G
  9. Hey Moe I have to agree with Banjo, my daughters rolla used to regularly destroy points. I installed the accuspark and have never looked at it since, no points replacing no timing adjustments and no breakdown calls in the middle of the night. Best $80 eva. Cheers G
  10. Pay the mechanic to do it. He will be responsible parts and warranty associated with it. It will be drive in drive out. Well worth the hundred you might save IF everything goes to plan. Or buy the parts and have a crack at it yourself. Plenty of how to"s online. Check them out before to see if you feel you are capable.
  11. So I have run about 6 tanks of 91 octane through my ute since I last posted and I can report that there was no noticeable difference in performance and almost no difference in consumption compared to the 98 octane. So for me it is a no brainer 91 octane all the way. I may treat her to the occasional injector treatment to keep her innards clean. Cheers again for all your input. G
  12. Hey Banjo You gotta do the timing chain cover you can't have one without the other.
  13. My expectations were fuelled (no pun intended) by petrol company hype and advertising. I will go back to 91 and monitor performance and consumption to see if there is a difference. Thanks for your input guys as always it is good to get opinions of the rolla gurus. Cheers G
  14. So during the lock downs fuel became really cheap, so I thought I would treat my hilux ute to a bit of 98 octaine as it was just over a dollar a litre. It has a 3RZ in it and goes pretty well on 91 octane getting about 10 litres/100. I was disappointed to say the least when my economy didn't improve and I felt no real increase in power. I was also running it in the Princess' 4k powered rolla she was not impressed either. I did a quick calculation using the normal cost of the 98 and over a year I would be looking at about $600 more than if I was using 91. My question is are these higher octane fuels of any real benefit?
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