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  1. When i rebuit my daughter's carby i soaked all the parts in carby cleaner then on the idle jet i used a small syringe and forced caby cleaner into the jet and at the same time used a single stiff nylon bristle from a broom and worked the build up lose. It worked a treat. That was 3 years ago and i haven't touched it since.
  2. I had the same issue with my daughters KE55 auto. It was a blocked idle jet. Best thing to do is rebuild the carby. I think I paid $45 for the gasket kit. It took me about 2 hours to remove strip clean and rebuild it. Heaps cheaper than a Weber and a whole lot less hassle.
  3. Engine swaps.....Hmmmm....I would be praying for a Christmas miracle. Good luck.
  4. don't like your chances.That advert is nearly 4 years old.
  5. Use a vacuum cleaner and a deflated party balloon tied to survey string as the first draw wire. It works for miles.
  6. Hey Dave I am located at Buccan which is on the way to Logan Village from Waterford. I have a very nice midnight blue with light highlights through it. It is high end commercial. There is also a multi toned brown as well as red green yellow and blue solid colours. I can send u some pics if u are interested
  7. I just realised....its a 2 door. You must really like that car. Good luck. Show us your progress as you go.
  8. So...you bought a shed...and it comes with a house?
  9. Hey man cave dwellers and shed shut ins have I got a deal for you. I have a recently acquired a quantity of brand new still in the boxes commercial carpet squares. Ideal for the man cave, kids play room or to make your rolla a cozy space in the shed.The squares are 500mm x 500mm so 4 per square metre. I have a number of bright colours red, green, yellow, blue but in various amounts. These tiles wholesale at $8.00 each and I'm looking to get $2.00 each. I was going to use them in my garage when I move into my as yet unconstructed house but space is limited and I don't want them to get damaged while in storage. I can't upload pics from my phone for some reason but if you are interested send me a PM and i can send pics as required. Thanks Big G
  10. It would be better if you posted as your build progresses that way others can see how you go about it. You may approach your build diffently to others that have done it before. Looking forward to see how she turns out.
  11. Nice and neat non attention seeking. Get that transplant organised and she will be a wolf in sheeps clothing. Great job. Happy Rolla ing.
  12. Looks like hillbilly horsepower. It would be cool if it did run you could head down to Bunnings for a turbo kit.
  13. So here is another gadget that popped up in the Aldi catalog a plastic welder. don't know how effective it will be but for the price its probably worth a crack. No pun intended. On sale Saturday 6 july.
  14. You can blow a head gasket between water and exhaust and this pressurises the cooling system and forces the water out. It wont overheat until all the water is gone. Check at the radiator filler point for bubbles of air when the radiator cap is off and the engine is running.
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