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  1. I went over all the obvious connections last night and didn't find anything that stood out. It is a bit hard to diagnose when the fault has gone. It will be one of those things that hangs over my head until it happens again. So I m hoping its not a Friday midnight failure. I have hinted that the Princess consider a later model car, that suggestion was met with threats of physical violence against my person. I am sure glad she loves me. Thanks for your help. I will keep you posted.
  2. So it turns out the Princess got in it yesterday and turned the key and got nothing. She thought the battery was dead and that I had something to do with it. When I got home I walked up stuck the key in the ignition turned it over and she fired up straight away and idled quietly. i didn't even have to give it any pedal. I drove it to her work and picked her up, the Princess drove it home and she never missed a beat. Stop start traffic and open road. Its baffling. I checked battery terminals when I got home and anything else that I may have disturbed. Nothing stood out. I hope it was 'just one of those things'. It does have a ballast resistor standard. I checked all the values and they were within the tolerances required so that is why I went ahead with it. So I am hoping this will the be the last I hear of this.
  3. It appears that I spoke too soon. The Princess went to go to work this morning and the rolla wouldn't start so I'm in double trouble as the missus had to get up and take her to work. I have no idea what is going on as the message I got was it just didn't start. So looking forward to getting home this arvo....not! Fingers crossed it's something simple.
  4. So i bit the bullet at the end of last year and got in touch with rob roy classic road and track and got an Accuspark unit for the Princess' hardtop. However it has been running really well and I have been super busy so it has sat on the bench since it arrived early January. Cue the fury from a nearly broken down teen and so it was all hands to the pumps on the weekend to get her rollin again. It was a pretty simple install I did have to grind a bit here and there off the base plate to make it fit perfectly. Probably an hour all up. Kicked her over and the timing was way out so she wouldn't start. Out came the timing light and 12mm and we were away. Took her for a spin around the block and all good. I don't know if there is any performance improvement but time will tell I guess. So fingers crossed I wont have to deal with an angry broken down teen again.
  5. Ke55- 12a Conversion

    I doubt he really cares as the thread is 13 years old.
  6. Oil pump failure

    Hey Banjo Great job. What was the total outlay from go to whoa?
  7. BLZBUB has another 4AGE.

    Time for a garage sale to pay for that LSD.
  8. KE55 Dashmat

    It is made of the modern dash mat fabric smooth underneath and that fuzzy fabric stuff on top. It is heat moulded so it takes up the difference between the dash pad and the metal dash. I don't know if they come in different colours. Found the invoice today $59.99. It's preventative in the Princess' rolla as her dash is perfect.
  9. KE55 Dashmat

    Just a bit of info for members with cracked and crappy dash pads in their KE 30/55 rides SCA sell moulded dash mats to suit. Santa brought one for the Princess and I have just installed it ( I know it's been 2 months since Christmas but I'm pacing myself). To my astonishment it actually fits perfectly and looks pretty darn good. I think it was $60. Cheaper than a hard to find dash pad. Keep on Rollaing.
  10. It sounds like the symptoms of a blown head gasket between exhaust and water. With the cap on the water circuit gets pressurised with the exhaust gas entering it the only way it can escape is by forcing the water out of the system through the overflow tank. With the cap off the gas is able to escape through the open radiator. I have had this happen on 3 different engines over the years.
  11. Identification

    Hey J welcome to the Rollacllub. For people to be able to help some pics might be handy.
  12. Heater hose

    It is sorted for the moment. I got a hose at SCA that was basically a straight bit with a bend at the end. To fit a commodore I think. I chopped it down to fit and installed it. And away she went. I will now start looking for the correct one as it is astetically unpleasant to the Princess.
  13. Heater hose

    Thanks boys I will hit SCA on the way home worst case I will get a bit off the roll and bend it to suit until I can track the proper one down. Fingers crossed she hasnt popped a head gasket.
  14. Heater hose

    So the Princess split a heater hose on the way home tonight. Its the preformed one that comes out of the thermostat housing and attaches to the solid pipe that runs behind the dizzy. Does any one know the part number and or the best place to get one in a hurry. Local to Brissy for pick up if possible. Now her shiney white engine block is covered in green coolant.
  15. Electrical circuit issues

    Have you checked the volts at the pump terminal at idle to prove your theory. If you find the issue is bad volts at the pump why not increase your cable size to the pump or parallel up the existing cable.