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    As they say in the classics if it sounds too good to be true..it usually is....it comes with no bolt ons....so no turbo no manifold no alternator no starter no injection system no this no that.... probably a good starting point....but I am gonna pass...the 4k will last a little longer
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    Mother of God thats cheap. I might buy that just coz and stuff it in the Princess' hardtop...
  3. An article came up on my news feed the other night saying that Gazoo Racing were considering rebirthing the Celica to join their ranks. This theory was supported by the fact that Toyota have reregistered the Celica name in North America. There were artists renderings of a tough modernised TA22 body shell. Fingers crossed people. Cheers G
  4. Hey Moe I have to agree with Banjo, my daughters rolla used to regularly destroy points. I installed the accuspark and have never looked at it since, no points replacing no timing adjustments and no breakdown calls in the middle of the night. Best $80 eva. Cheers G
  5. Pay the mechanic to do it. He will be responsible parts and warranty associated with it. It will be drive in drive out. Well worth the hundred you might save IF everything goes to plan. Or buy the parts and have a crack at it yourself. Plenty of how to"s online. Check them out before to see if you feel you are capable.
  6. So I have run about 6 tanks of 91 octane through my ute since I last posted and I can report that there was no noticeable difference in performance and almost no difference in consumption compared to the 98 octane. So for me it is a no brainer 91 octane all the way. I may treat her to the occasional injector treatment to keep her innards clean. Cheers again for all your input. G
  7. Hey Banjo You gotta do the timing chain cover you can't have one without the other.
  8. My expectations were fuelled (no pun intended) by petrol company hype and advertising. I will go back to 91 and monitor performance and consumption to see if there is a difference. Thanks for your input guys as always it is good to get opinions of the rolla gurus. Cheers G
  9. So during the lock downs fuel became really cheap, so I thought I would treat my hilux ute to a bit of 98 octaine as it was just over a dollar a litre. It has a 3RZ in it and goes pretty well on 91 octane getting about 10 litres/100. I was disappointed to say the least when my economy didn't improve and I felt no real increase in power. I was also running it in the Princess' 4k powered rolla she was not impressed either. I did a quick calculation using the normal cost of the 98 and over a year I would be looking at about $600 more than if I was using 91. My question is are these higher octane fuels of any real benefit?
  10. They are in need of a good polish but you get the idea.
  11. My daughter is running 15 inch rims with 185/55 tyres on her ke55 hardtop with no protrusion or rubbing anywhere. She also runs an electronic points replacement module in the dizzy, best thing I ever did, I installed it, set it, and haven t touched it since, that was 2 and a half years ago.Cheap as chips $80. Great looking car well done.
  12. Nice one Mason that will keep her going for a bunch more years to come. Great to get something good out of a bad situation. Happy Rolla-ing G
  13. Hey Caleb It wont be the timing belt you can see it will be the fan belt that runs the water pump and alternator K series engines have a timing chain. There is a bolt at the alternator that you loosen and slide the alternator to the side to tighten the belt. The banging from the rear could be damaged gearbox mounts or a failing uni joint in your tailshaft. As far as the smoke in at cylinder 3 give it a degrease and see how you go.
  14. Is the circuit you are connected to the usual one you use? The circuit could be fully loaded and your unit is tipping it over or the breaker could be fatigued and be in need of replacement. If you have access to a non safety switch protected circuit plug it into that if it trips it is an over current issue. If it doesn't then it is an earth leakage fault.
  15. Put a multimeter on it and see if it is energised, if not then turn on your parkers and test, then head lights then hi beam. If it is related to the headlights you will soon see.
  16. Hey Rollaphiles bad news I am afraid I have been diagnosed with corollavirus and so has the Princess. Symptoms include wishing KE s were still being made, wondering what is the best polish to maintain that showroom gleam, being obsessed with what to do to power up your classic and make her handle better, getting a sore neck from nodding knowingly when people point and wave and tell you your car is sooo cool and the most painful one not recognising that an AE 86 was going to become the Holy Grail of all Corollas. Unfortunately there is no cure so we are all doomed to live happily ever after in our classic car world. Hopefully you are all safe and well. Keep on Rolla-ing.
  17. When i rebuit my daughter's carby i soaked all the parts in carby cleaner then on the idle jet i used a small syringe and forced caby cleaner into the jet and at the same time used a single stiff nylon bristle from a broom and worked the build up lose. It worked a treat. That was 3 years ago and i haven't touched it since.
  18. I had the same issue with my daughters KE55 auto. It was a blocked idle jet. Best thing to do is rebuild the carby. I think I paid $45 for the gasket kit. It took me about 2 hours to remove strip clean and rebuild it. Heaps cheaper than a Weber and a whole lot less hassle.
  19. Engine swaps.....Hmmmm....I would be praying for a Christmas miracle. Good luck.
  20. don't like your chances.That advert is nearly 4 years old.
  21. Use a vacuum cleaner and a deflated party balloon tied to survey string as the first draw wire. It works for miles.
  22. Hey Dave I am located at Buccan which is on the way to Logan Village from Waterford. I have a very nice midnight blue with light highlights through it. It is high end commercial. There is also a multi toned brown as well as red green yellow and blue solid colours. I can send u some pics if u are interested
  23. I just realised....its a 2 door. You must really like that car. Good luck. Show us your progress as you go.
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