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  1. Big G

    BLZBUB has another 4AGE.

    Jeeez those vandals started young. A quick escape on the Big Wheel when the cops come.
  2. Big G

    WTB- Programmable ignition

    I can vouch for the Accuspark unit. I put one in my daughters Bosch dissy for her 4k as it kept chewing points. Took $78 dollars 20 minutes to install and I havent looked at it for 12 months.
  3. Big G

    MZEA12 Corolla hatch

    FANGING. I haven't heard that word in forever. It flew me back to my misspent youth and the Springwood Hungry Jacks drags on a Friday night. Aaaah good times.
  4. Big G

    MZEA12 Corolla hatch

    She is so pretty. Your a braver man than me taking a big arse drill bit to her like that. Great colour.
  5. Big G

    Ke20 new old stock - where?

    I just looked at one of his adds and it is not under his name. He does have tons of celica stuff. Is he a bit dodge?
  6. Big G

    Ke20 new old stock - where?

    There is a guy at Ferny Hills that has tons of Toyota stuff for sale. He is on Gumtree with about a hundred adds. Just type in KE corolla in parts and Brisbane region and that should get you there.
  7. Big G

    BODY WORK Question.

    The short answer is it is unlikely you will get the old and new to blend invisibly. In the olden days there were guys called panel beaters, now they were called panel beaters for a reason. They had the skills and the tools to beat and stretch and straighten sheet metal panels and make them look like new. If you can find one of these mysterious hammer swinging mystics be prepared to sell your first born to pay for the privilege of setting foot in magical cave of creativity. They can be found in the enchanted forest, ask the unicorns for directions.
  8. Big G

    ke35 4age conversion

    Have you seen the prices of AE86's these days? You would be lucky to get change from 20k for one. That is if you can find one.
  9. Big G

    ke30/35 meter cluster light

    I was thinking the exact same thing. I wonder how many members will get the reference. Classic.
  10. Hey mate you may struggle for a response, that post is from 2010. So 8 years old.
  11. Big G

    KE30 Quarter Window Seals

    Try Rare Spares they have most rubbers for the older rollas. They have 3 stores from Brissy to the GC.
  12. Big G

    KE38 Master Cylinder help

    The best way to learn how something works is to pull it apart. But always take note of the order and direction of components sometimes its critical.Even use witness marks I find them helpful. I got my resleaving done on the Southside of Brisbane so no help to you. Go the Google and make some calls it is a pretty standard price that they can quote you over the phone. Good luck.
  13. Big G

    KE38 Master Cylinder help

    I had the same unit from my daughters KE55 rebuilt with a stainless sleeve installed and new everything else for $195. It was a 6 hour turn around from when I dropped it off to when I picked it up. Just like a newy and the sleeve will never wear out or so they say.
  14. Big G

    First start for a while

    If you don't to waste fuel by putting it in the tank just get a jerry can and put fuel in it then disconnect the incoming fuel line at the filter get a small length of fuel line attach it to the filter and put the other end in your container of fuel and start cranking. Any spray shop can colour match and mix paint for you they also do it at super cheap auto. I had some made up for my daughters rolla at my local paint place and put in a spray can for $25 a go. It was a pretty good match but it was a standard colour.
  15. Big G


    Is it just me or has the forum been offline for what seems to be an eternity?
  16. Big G

    Gotta Brag

    Talk about degrees of seperation the house on Sovereign Island was buit by a guy I used to subbie to. I helped wire half of that place. No expense spared. The funny thing was he only had one old series 7 BMW at the time. He built it to sell it.
  17. Big G

    Gotta Brag

    Well I don't like to brag but this time I can't help myself. The Garagmahal is finally complete. Just a bit of a shack to store the Princess' rolla and all the family cars with a bit of room for a long overdue work space. No more laying in a gravel driveway swapping a gearbox for me. I am currently in the process of linning it with a bathroom and kitchen as well as living and sleeping quarters. You see fellas this time I got smart, I bought the land, I got the shed before the house so if I run out cash ooops sorry no fancy kitchen instead of too bad not enough coin for a decent shed. We will be living in it until the house is built then its mine to do with as I please. I was even thinking of getting my own project rolla as well as looking after the Princess' KE55 but we will see. #Rollahouse
  18. Big G

    Gotta Brag

    Thanks Banjo it is a bit exciting any shed I have ever had ends up getting filled with stuff and I find myself out on the driveway again. There is fixed wireless NBN available and I will be putting my order in next week for it. Hopefully moving in on the weekend.
  19. Big G


    Hey Iroken you need to get a hard drive sitter the next time you go on holidays.
  20. Big G


    I was panicing as i looked up the Facebook pages. Thats half an hour of my life i wont get back!
  21. Big G


    You should start a thread on here as a lot of members don't use modern media systems.
  22. Big G

    Is my engine worth selling on its own?

    What is wrong with the rest of the car? Is it a GTi ?Do u have pics? Where are u located?
  23. Big G

    BLZBUB has another 4AGE.

    That was a big hit of motivation. Looking good. How does she drive.
  24. Big G

    4K Twin Cam

    Well don't keep us in suspense who has it ????
  25. Big G


    Oh lordy. Its been a while since i price checked the escorts but they have jumped even more. My mates older brother bought a brand new black rs2000 turbo one of 200 i think. It was scary fast and he would drive it on the limit all the time. If it still exists it would be worth some bucks now.