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  1. Hi Banjo Ans to no.1= Yes, the camshaft pin and the Camshaft sprocket installed correctly but with a bit of effort to fit in, I was affraid at first when installing the sprocket because it won't fit in easily instead of the old single row one, after compare both of them and measurement found out both same size, so I use a rubber mallet slightly tap to fit in. After done install and correct the timing mark then turn the crank by hand 2 to 3 turn and set it to cylinder 1 compression stroke, recheck the timing and found all mark is align and done set valve clearance as spec. Ans to no.2= Yes, a Double row chain kit come with Camshaft/Crankshaft sprocket, Timing Chain, Chain Guide, Tensioner set, Gasket and Oil Seals. Ans to no.3= After install double row timing chain kit, the idle run smoother than before and stable, no more intermittent shaking at idle. About the ignition timing previously the timing was jumping at idle by using a timing light to adjust and approximately set it between 10 to 15 degree, after replace the dizzy from point type to electronic type problem still the same, But now i think i have slove the idling issue, compare to previous it indeed improve at pickup and midrange, but just higher rpm range from 4500 to 6000 not as quick as before with 2nd/3rd gear pull and felt heavy like just climbing up without power ( although it just have 40whp I assume). Currently not much modify, only installed 6AL msd, BPR5EGP spark plug gap to 1.2mm(MSD recommended to enlarge according to CR) to a stock 4k, done adjust ignition timing couple of time to increase every 2 degree advance timing up to 20 degree but found the optimal was 12 degree at idle, above 15 degree engine will hesitate while slight throttle, the vacuum advance was running fine, it will hold and move smoothly, dizzy was hooked to ported vacuum. Running a 4K stock carby. Just currious will the weight difference and rotational mass effect at higher rev range. Cheers
  2. Greetings, KE70 with stock 4k and stock carby in it, done conversion timing chain kit from single row to double row due to chain guide and tensioner wear out, drive smooth but felt when push to higher rev it doesn't as quick as before, chain timing mark and sprocket all in spec according to repair manual, done adjust ignition timing now running 12 degree(sweet spot for my little K's), I was currious is it related to rotational mass due to weight different of single row and double row. Thanks
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