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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! New to the forum! We just recently bought a KE30, the P.O swapped it with a 3TC, a 5 speed transmission (not sure if it is a T50 or K50 trans), and an all disc brake. Here is the pic of the car: Upon inspecting the car, I noticed that the front part of the engine (near the rad), is raised up a little bit, I read in some forums that you will be needing the 2TC mounts for it. My question would be is it only the rubber mounts that you need when swapping it with a 3TC? or do you also need the 2TC metal brackets that holds the block? or I can use the 3TC metal brackets but use the 2TC rubber mounts? Here is a pic of the engine bay before we bought it. (Yes, I know, it's dirty): I am concerned with the angle of the engine as it affects the angle of the transmission yoke, prematurely wearing the cross joint bearings, and currently needs replacing, so if fix the cross joint bearings, I also want to address the reason why is it wearing prematurely. Someone said that a 3TC mount is used in our car, the ones found in the KE70s or TE70s Also are these 2T brackets? And will I be needing these to correct the conversion?
  2. I was curious and internet research could only take me so far. What is the best engine I can get for my AE70 that bolts up to my T50 transmission? I like fuel economy bit I love power more. I was looking at the 4age but I am not sure if that's the best choice. I am also open to turbo kits if they are common on the engine. Also I am currently running a 3tc with 230xxx miles on it. Appears to run well, but for how long?
  3. This past week I purchased a cheap daily driver that would cost as little as possible to put on the road. Little did I know that I would end up deciding to keep this car long term. In my search for information to fix a few issues with the car I found this forum and discovered what potential I had purchased. I have an 1982 AE70 Corolla with a 3TC motor and a T50 transmission. It is a 2 door sedan, I believe that is different from the coupe but am unsure, with a bit of superficial body damage to the right side and no rust to speak of. as far as I can tell all parts are stock. I purchased it with a little over 213,000 miles on the vehicle. As it sits currently the only swaps I made were for the ignition coil and the wire set. This was actually still running the original 1982 wires which is a pretty amazing testament to the quality of Toyota. The cap and rotor appears to have been replaced recently as well. other than that I have not done any fixes to the car. The power train as a whole runs without a problem. My goal for the next month or two is to replace all of the components required to make it both legal for the road and a decent daily driver. after that I intend to spend two to three grand over the following six months to let the world see how beautiful this car can be. I normally don't ask much of others but my reason for this thread is to ask that those who know this vehicle better than I do to help guide me in my decision making and through the more difficult fixes and modifications. I am mechanically competent to say the least, but also new to top to bottom rebuilds on older cars. Anyone knowledgeable about Corollas, particularly an AE70, who has the patience to help "the new guy" would be a great aid in my effort and I thank anyone in advance for their assistance. As she sits I need to replace the front struts and the brake calipers/pads for the front. I also need to add seat belts as both of the front ones are gone or cut. That is all that need to be done to have her legal and become registered. My short term ideas after that are, in order, a high flow muffler, external paint job, heal the dash pad that currently has an ugly cover over the top, and finally to remove and replace the old carpet which is generally destroyed. I have an unorthodox idea for that last bit but I will cross that bridge when I get there. I conclusion this thread will be a top to bottom remodel of my 82 AE70 with a few personal touches and I am asking for all the advice I can receive from the Corolla veterans. Thank you for reading my short essay and I look forward to hearing a community response to my remodel. Pictures will be posted soon so you all can see where I am starting from.
  4. Hey guys, Just wanted to gather peoples thoughts on putting a 3TC into a KE25. It doesn't seem to be all that common here in Oz at all and that is ideally what I am looking for - something different. They seem to have a lot of success with getting good horsepower figures from them in the US & Puerto Rico. Is there a reason why people don't use them over here? Parts seem to be readily available and cheap in the US. Has anyone on the forum actually built one these engines and had success with them. The conversion itself looks quite simple to fit into the 25. The engines and boxes seem to be quite cheap to pickup from a T18. They seem to respond extremely well to forced induction by way of a blow through setup. Anybody who has luck with a good hp n/a setup I would love to hear from. There is a guy on 3TCgarage.com from QLD who is getting 270rwhp from his and running 12's in a Celica. Does anyone know him? Cheers for any help you can give me!
  5. Up loaded my photos cause I don't know much going to rage soon to learn
  6. Has anybody modified a timing cover so that the camshaft timing can be adjusted (advance/retard) without taking the whole timing cover off? Here are some photos that I found on the net: K engine: T engine: The face of the timing cover is slightly curved, so bolting a plate of aluminium might have issues with oil leaks. From the photos there is a raised edge between the timing cover and the plate. Not sure if it is welded or bolted from the inside of the cover. The raised bit can have a groove so that an o-ring can fit in. Probably the raised edge is so the plate bolts don't stick though to the inside of the timing cover, and hitting the timing gear.
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