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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys! New to the forum and just purchased this beautiful example of a 1979 Toyota Corolla! I have so many questions on what to do with this platform. Here's some pictures. Hope you guys like it!https://youtu.be/Rotu6dRFY8M
  2. Hi Guys, After almost a year, I finally have my brakes and suspension where I want it. Now it's time for more power! I am contemplating purchasing an SC14 supercharger unit for my 2TC. I have seen a couple pictures of other people doing this but have not been able to find a proper write up. Do you all have any advice and direction to lend me before I embark on this? I am new to superchargers and could use all the help I can get! Thank you all! Chase H
  3. Hello Everyone! I have owned my TE31 for a couple years now and I have embarked in a recent overhaul (Full suspension, interior and soon brakes) but one of the things I have been wanting to do is get the Twin S.U.s I have in my garage mounted. I currently have a 32/36 on my car which performs fine but I love the look of the S.U.s and I heard that the sound you get from them is pretty cool. However, I can't for the life of me find an intake manifold or anyone that has done it (perhaps for good reason?). Do any of you know if there is an intake manifold available to mount these to a 2TC? If not, are is there another way? Finally, is it a bad idea? I really appreciate any feedback! Thanks, Chase H
  4. Going to replace my clutch, so while I'm at it I was thinking of taking the flywheel off and resurface and balance it. Then I might as well get it lightened, but by how much? From here http://www.1stgencel...php?f=11&t=9444 stock 2T flywheel weights are: 2T-B 12.5 Kg 2TG 9.0 Kg There's the Aluminum flywheels from Fidanza and Spec in the USA: Fidanza 4.3 Kg (9.5 lb) Spec 4.3 Kg (9.5 lb), another source said 14.0 lb Then the high end flywheels by Kameari and Toda: Kameari 4.4 Kg (Street) 3.7 Kg (Race) Toda 3.5 Kg It's for a road car, so probably don't need to go as light as a Fidanza. Though the 3TC has plenty of torque and I can cruise around in 5th gear at 60 Km/hr easily. Maybe machine a stock flywheel to a weight in the middle somewhere, which doesn't compromise the structure. Has anybody had an aluminum flywheel in their 3TC/2TG, or a lighten stock one? Worthwhile investment?
  5. Has anybody modified a timing cover so that the camshaft timing can be adjusted (advance/retard) without taking the whole timing cover off? Here are some photos that I found on the net: K engine: T engine: The face of the timing cover is slightly curved, so bolting a plate of aluminium might have issues with oil leaks. From the photos there is a raised edge between the timing cover and the plate. Not sure if it is welded or bolted from the inside of the cover. The raised bit can have a groove so that an o-ring can fit in. Probably the raised edge is so the plate bolts don't stick though to the inside of the timing cover, and hitting the timing gear.
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