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  1. Got it! My buddy is coming over next weekend to do the compression test for me. What's the stock compression on this? 8.5:1? What would you recommend to have it shaved to? Sorry I'm new to all this so I have a ton of questions lol!
  2. Thanks for the info guys! I've decided I want to keep the 2T-C in. What do you guys recommend to start replacing or changing to start reenforcing this thing? I have a sligh leak I discovered last weekend from the exhaust manifold. So I plan to change out the gasket this weekend. Going with a FEL-Pro set. Also, is the Weber Side Draft instillation pretty straightforward?
  3. What do you guys recommend to start replacing or changing to get some power into this thing? Is it worth it on the 2TC platform or would a swap be more recommend? What engine swap is relatively easy? Appreciate your guys input! Thanks in advance!
  4. Here's a shot of my interior. 83k original miles. 2TC. Unfortunately automatic.
  5. Hey guys! New to the forum and just purchased this beautiful example of a 1979 Toyota Corolla! I have so many questions on what to do with this platform. Here's some pictures. Hope you guys like it!
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