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  1. That's the best I can give you there buddy. From my 79 Corolla.
  2. Got these Konig Rewind the other day. Size 14's
  3. Hey guys just want to know what you guys recommend for coilovers? I really want to lower it a bit. I have a 79 Corolla TE31. Hoping some of you can point me in the right direction! Thanks!
  4. Nice ride you got there! You ever get any info on lowering her? I'm in the same boat lol. Need some advice.
  5. Looks great! Love the color. You have it on coilovers?
  6. Yup that's right Konig Rewind. Thanks man! Came up. Just need a good cleaning and polish done. Might paint them bronze. Depends how the polish goes.
  7. Thanks parrot! Hope to get some tires for them soon!
  8. Just picked up these new to me 14 inch Konigs yesterday. $100 for the set. That's a come up if you ask me. They need some good cleaning and polishing. It's probably best to just repaint them at this point but not bad.
  9. Oh well that would be helpful, right? Haha! 79 TE31 Corolla Deluxe coupe.
  10. What kind of wheel specs are you guys running? Curious to see what everyone's sitting on!
  11. Yeah it was sitting in a garage for awhile. Hadn't been used at all really. Last maintenance it had was back in 2016, according to the sticker on the inner driver's door. I just put fresh oil and new filter yesterday actually. I cleaned out the spark plug well and put new plugs and a new set of wires. I discovered a fuel hose leak while doing the oil change. The fuel hose that goes from the fuel filter to the bottom of the carburetor wasn't pushed in all the way and was leaking. Repositioned the clamp and pushed the hose back in. No more drip. Going to try and find some time to do the compression test today. Do I need to unplug the ignition or fuses before doing the compression test? Thanks for the info!
  12. Got my vacuum and sucked it all out. Much better now!
  13. Spark plug wells looking really bad too
  14. I know makes me wonder too! It runs pretty good though. Hopefully I can find some time to do an oil change this weekend and flush my coolant.
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