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  1. If you like the ae9* series then maybe just look out for a good condition twincam version such as the gti or seca, they are seemingly just getting bought by a certain wrecker at the moment and parted out, seems a huge waste and only seems to happen because they get more money for the car than selling whole. Pisses me off no-end, especially when they part out rarer jdm Levin's like the gt-z and brz.
  2. Hi all, It's probably been a year or more since I've been on here but I always point newbies to the forum and tell them to read and google shit first before asking covered questions and topics on the Facebook pages. Anyway rant over, just wondering if anyone with a beams ae71/ke70/ae86 has run the Flo,s compact brake booster and also what is everyones opinion on their quick rack for street and the odd hilclimb and track day? Is the rack worth it or does it make it harder to drive on street, is it better? I know it's less turn lock to lock, but seeing as I'm going beams (now) I've got a power steering pump and thought ae86 p/s rack might be nice to have. Let me know your thoughts and experience 👍
  3. Do you normally drive a front wheel drive car? Mine felt like that but only a little bit when I bought my 71 after driving my ae82 for many years.
  4. Chasing a small port 7 rib 4age block with the oil squirters, must be either a complete running engine or block with rods, pistons, main bearing caps, minus the head. Preferred location is Adelaide. Thanks jason
  5. Have pulled motor and automatic gear box out ready for 4agte build so need to move the lot on to a new home. Prefer to sell as a package. Engine was run last year some time and ran well, trans shifted well with good down shift/kick back when foot required it to. Motor comes with all accessories as seen in pictures but no engine mounts, trans comes with tailshaft and cross member. Also have full standard exhaust system. Want $350 for it all, or Engine - sold Auto and tailshaft - $150 Exhaust - $80 Will have front suspension, brakes, rear suspension and 4.11:1 diff coming out soon as well if anyone's interested. Only have a couple of pics and will send them if you are interested. My phone won't up load them at the moment. Located in Lonsdale SA Contact me on here, or zerofour33374763 Cheers Jason
  6. If it's an ae71 it should already be rack and pinion, as far as I'm aware ke70's had steering box.
  7. Nice, I was thinking about this just the other day, thought it may have been finished! it gives me motivation, keep it up for my sake!
  8. Just curious as to why you would want to upgrade the callipers and not the disc as well? You would be better off finding an xt130 corona with the twin piston sumitomo callipers and do a complete strut, brake, and lower control arm swap. I did this on the cheap for my first upgrade, but needed to cut 1 coil out of the standard ae71 spring and used the corolla top hat. Here's before and after I rebuilt them with new slotted discs and calliper seal kit. The brake pedal felt a bit softer but it could lock the front quite easily. Upgrading just the callipers would probably cook the disc a lot quicker considering how small and thin they are to start with. That's my food for thought.
  9. Hmm if I wasn't so deep into my corolla build this would be so nice to get hold of, love the coupe way more than the lift back. Hope it goes to a good home!
  10. Yeah well the plate should be riveted into the firewall not screwed in, so it has probably been removed for painting and or redone so it's readable and done wrong.
  11. Try this site, I just found another members colour for him by googling and the site came up. Worth a shot. http://www.uniquecarsandparts.com.au/colour_codes_toyota_H-Z.php
  12. Thanks, nice be back on here and to be useful! All the crap that keeps being asked on fb corolla pages shits me as its all on here already! Things like "how do I put a 4age in my corolla?"
  13. It looks like silver to me, so i did a quick google search and found this site which has all the Toyota paint codes, i used it for my ae71 as it was a few different shades. The colour I found that matches the BH code is called silver cloud from 1979. http://www.uniquecarsandparts.com.au/colour_codes_toyota_H-Z.php
  14. I'm a late comer to this one too and I have been on here for a number of years! I wanted to do a 1j vvti in my ae71 but don't want to cut anything. Looks like the 1G is a bit smaller, so I'm really keen to know how it goes!
  15. Sounds like a lot of power in it, will be good to follow
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