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  1. I love it!!! I am going to miss the building updates when you start the rally car again, I think this journey has been much more rewarding.
  2. hahaha I think this thread needs to be renamed back to the old name of how NOT to build a rally car!! Everything going on but rally car building! lol
  3. I see, What sort of time are you expecting to run?
  4. are you saying that you have to go with a buddy to race against now? you can't just go yourself?
  5. Hey! Where is my invitation to watch the rally from a chopper?! hahaha. I am a chippy by trade, it is such a shame how many disgusting carpet and vinyl floors are laid over solid tongue and groove floors and they just rot away underneath! :(
  6. Now read the "how not to build a rally car" thread, it is just as entertaining! haha
  7. haha I love this sort of stuff, as I make more money running my business our plan is to keep buying bigger and further out of town until we have something like this to play with full time and not have to worry about money anymore. Very envious of this sort of stuff, its all an adventure :)
  8. HAHAHA, I think you enjoy this more than the rally car half the time anyway!!
  9. LOL this sounds like an ongoing argument!! 22 cars is ridiculous and MCA gear is awesome, I run custom MCA gold shocks in the rear of my patrol ute and have his s13 gear in the front of my corolla. Good to see things happening again!!
  10. Thanks mate, not sure if you read the whole thing, I ended up importing a 2 door from the states and getting it registered after the one I was building went swimming in the Ipswich floods. If you are organised and good with paperwork and dealing with ʞ©$ɟwith Americans it's probably easier and more cost effective, if you're good with metal, by all means convert your own. I still cannot thank elvin enough for all the hard yards he did for me getting for a car without a title out of the state's by getting the title reissued by state not county police. I could not have done it without him on my side!
  11. I have a guy who seems VERY good, and is quoting it up and will work almost exclusively on the car until it done including panel and paint. Cannot complain about that hey
  12. It is the same on toymods, I wonder if it is a software issue, definitely would be reducing your traffic, I tried to change my email and the validation emails never come through.
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