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  1. Hey guys, I'm wanting to buy a 16v 4age with a gear box to put in the ke70 wagz. closer to Brisbane/ipswich areas if possible but don't mind travelling or paying for shipping. cheers, Taylor.
  2. So guys I solved the engine issue hahha.. was looking at all the lines and realised that the green plug from the carby wasnt mesnt to plugged into a black plug. Switched to the white and it doesnt miss or stall.
  3. Also it seems to be now "missing" on 1 and 4 and not just 4 anymore. Kinda doing my head in now haha. Still will not run without the choke on at all. Mechanic mate is bringing a multi meter and spark test tool tomorrow so hopefully it brings out some results.
  4. Okay guys did 2 compression tests Results are : Cylinder 1: roughly 120/120 Cylinder 2: roughly 110/115 Cylinder 3: roughly 115/110 Cylinder 4: roughly 120/120
  5. Altezzaclub she ain't in any condition to drive as she just stalls out within a min. After work I should look at the timing and see if I can get her running long enough to do that test ( have been real lazy lately). Would rather a headgasket over a burnt valve or potential rebuild. If she is rooted it's gonna be my fault for buying an engine without seeing it run first and taking the fellas word haha.
  6. Little update. Was testing to see if it had spark in all 4 cylinders. 4th is missing but the lead and spark plug is getting spark so a mate is gonna bring home a compression tester from work.
  7. Hey guys thanks for all the replies. The car has been sitting for like 4 months with half an engine ( took it to a mechanic because I couldnt get it running properly and he took the head off and didnt put it back together and told me it was gonna cost 3g to rebuild. Couldnt afford it so I got it towed back to mine) and I ended up buying another engine. Still using the same carby since it was pulled apart and told there was nothing wrong with it from said mechanic. I changed the fuel filter today and it was a bit old and real gross. But so far no luck with it running any better I'm planning on looking at the timing during the week with a mate and taking apart the dash to look for the electric issue. Have no experience with taking carbies apart but I do have a workshop repair manual.
  8. Hey guys. Have recently put in another engine and running into a few issues It starts but begins to play up and stalls. Only runs with choke on and ends up dying still within like a min . Could this be something to do with a blocked jet, timing, bad fuel, dirty fuel filter or air fuel mixture ?? Second issue I have is that my radio and clock are running as soon as you put the negative cable on the battery. Have checked the earths in the engine bay but they are bolted in. Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers. Engine is a 4kc and the model is an 83 ke70 wagon which has had egr deleted before I bought it 2 years ago. Will reply on smoko
  9. Hello. I've recently replaced my Pcv valve and wondering which way to goes. I bought a fuelmister branded one and there is a short side and a longer side.
  10. Hey guys, I used the choke this morning and it started straight away but I think I should do what you guys said and double check everything. Thanks for all the advice.
  11. Hey Ke70dave thanks for replying . I found and checked the choke and it seems to be operating fine. I'm really hoping it just needs a bit of a choke in the morning. I am planning on checking for vacuum leaks on the weekend though just incase.
  12. Hey guys I need some advice on what to do because I've been having problems starting my ke70 wagon recently. It struggles to start and when it does the engine shakes , car dies and the idle is rough as hell for like a min. Also the carby has apparently been replaced along with spark plugs by the previous owner so I don't think they could be the issue.
  13. Name: Taylor Car: 1983 Toyota Corolla KE70 Wagon Motor: 4k Suspension & Brakes: stock Wheels: MA61 ( buying new rims recently bought this beauty and I'm quite happy with the condition because its quite clean especially the paint, and interior apart from a few nicks, also the air con works haha..
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