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  1. hahah so it could be anywhere between the front and rear of the car :P
  2. Your selling your shoes in order to eat?? Mate from across the pond, that sucks. Like banjo said, inspect everywhere near the exhaust, it does show similar symptoms like a swinging wire or something heat related near the exhaust. I have personally experienced it, and it was a bit intermittent so didn't always cause a problem. Mine didn't have any such fuse so it would just bog down then cause the negative battery terminal to become insulated and unconductive till i wiggled it again, leading me to think the source of the problem was the negative battery terminal haha. This went on for a month before I found the intermittently melting field wire on the bottom of the exhaust flange. Electrical circuitry faults are a difficult thing to diagnose. If u can get one experienced person with a multimeter to just look at it, that may be the difference between throwing money at it, and actually coming to a conclusion. But check that exhaust area first.
  3. the other big culprit of this sort of thing is water. I know the issue well unfortunately. Water getting into a connector usually sits there and conducts enough between suply and earth to blow a fuse. I don't know the KE20 at all, but "HEAT GEN" soudns to me like, heater blower motor, and Generator, meaning the alternator field exciter. perhasp just check the alternator connector isnt full of water, or melted up against the exhaust.
  4. rebuilder86

    ae 92 fuel pump pressure

    It seems there is a little confusion over the FPR's role. In a non turbo it keeps the pressure constant all the time. In The AGZE, it does this, up until boost where then increases pressure. So u shouldnt realy see an increase untill ur actually driving, or on a dyno, or really really stabbing the throttle.
  5. rebuilder86

    Manual conversion 5k Carina?!

    So u have a 5k yeh? Carinas came with the 5kj at some point, and had a T50 transmission connected with a K-T bell housing. Very rare according to our wiki, and 8 confirm that by searching the part number on the official parts database. 31111-12060available on 5KJ (J for Japan) engines only and about 1983 - 1988 corona, carina and corola.
  6. rebuilder86

    ae 92 fuel pump pressure

    the fuel pressure gets lower when vacuum drops?? vacuum drops when load is applied or throttle is opened. u sure of that, or am i thinking something wrong?
  7. rebuilder86

    ae 92 fuel pump pressure

    33-40 psi at idle 38-40psi pump on, engine off.
  8. For anyone who got too frustrated, and just asked the parts store to look at each piston, sorry that this was too late. This should probably go on the wiki page. Ask me for the xl file with the data. Not totally finished yet, but what i have done is confirmed correct. Sources: (some incorrect data verified by other sources) Precision intl (pictures) Alibaba (good source of cheap Chinese exporters with product photos) rollaclub (images) ebay (people selling new products in boxes with part numbers) JCC Pistons (Dimensions)
  9. rebuilder86

    4k timing chain broke, great fun replacing.

    hahaah. of course he is, hes here in this country, haha
  10. rebuilder86

    4k timing chain broke, great fun replacing.

    hmmmmmm. thats for sale here in the philippines. i should just go get it and be done with this POS in my jeep. Would it be rude to get that and put it in a bunky old jeepney?
  11. rebuilder86

    4k timing chain broke, great fun replacing.

    Jesus.i started reading that with interest But i got to the oil pump shimming bit and lost interest because all that does is make the startup oil presaure higher and increase wear, which makes the entire post seem sus. Ive also had a realy fukn bad day with my car, carby rebuild has sent me backwards, now with a stumbling hesitating intermittent idling car which randomly fills up the throats with fuel, plus completely cracked spark plug insulators and just a bad amell everywhere.
  12. rebuilder86

    4k timing chain broke, great fun replacing.

    Perhaps it would be nice to see 4x oversize 5k pistons sitting upside down on an inverted cylinder head in their rough positions, to see just how small the gaps between them are.
  13. rebuilder86

    4k timing chain broke, great fun replacing.

    But theres only so much distance between the far side of cylinder one and the far side of cylinder 4. Obviously it works, or we wouldnt be having this discussion haha, but my concerns are about the ability to fit 4 x 83 mm bores inside the dimensions of the 4k head and block. I think its just all incredibly tight on a 5k, based on all the pics on the net.
  14. rebuilder86

    4k timing chain broke, great fun replacing.

    Not only that, but the part number for the 5kj head is the same part number for the 4ku/j head, confirming it is the same size.
  15. rebuilder86

    4k timing chain broke, great fun replacing.

    Nah mine has std liners, theres heaps of meat. I think for a std 4k liner the bore is extended form 75 mm out to 77mm, no where near a 5k after 4 succesive rebores at 81.5mm. (80.5 std + 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1). So look its not actually the water jackets that concern me, I can't understand how the 5k can be bored out at all and still have enough meat between the cylinders. Just look at a std 5k headgasket, there is litteraly no rubber between each cylinder. I recon itd be like a piece of sheetmetal seperating the cylinders haha