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  1. Oil pump failure

    i guess that one u zoomed in on, at 16 january, is the only one of the lot that looks cold actually, and that probably would be because ur driving is very gentle in the city i guess?? ur cooling system is therefor probably approximately, twice as efficient as mine, as i constantly see the top hose and thermostat housing at about 75-80 degrees after only about 10 minutes of IDLING haha. thats just measured with a basic lazer thermometer, but id suspect its pretty close. perhaps its just the humidity and equator as u mentioned. oh and as u know, i have no thermostat.
  2. Oil pump failure

    ok i get yah, so this temp that it is reaching, is litteraly just being cooled from the water making it through the bleed valve or past the thermostat? i find that amazing, and it totaly debunks pretty much everything i thought i knew.
  3. Oil pump failure

    hah my mums car, whenever she would get home, turn off her car, i always wondered what the ticking noise was that came from the engine bay. both her cars did it. is it oil dripping onto the metal slosh plate in the sump, or metal creaking from heat soak.
  4. Oil pump failure

    but ur thetmostat mustve opened, it appears to be regulated at about 70 degrees for about half an hour. half an hour shoukd be enough to get to operating temp surely? if it didnt open at all, it wouldve just continued to rise, as theres nothing except the radiator to cool the coolant. the bypass hose bypasses the radiator so has no substantial cooling effect at all, short of its rubber getting a bit of a breeze from the fan. I just don't follow it, so maybe i am missing something or missinterpretting ur description of ur findings. i recon ur thermostats opening early. the springs probably worn out. or perhaps, ur measuring system is just that much more accuratr than any wax pellet and thats how they all are. i just wouldve thought it should get up to operating temp (tstat equilibrium) faster than that
  5. Oil pump failure

    these graphs are so damn awesome, thank u banjo for taking the time to post them. this is the kind of data i trawl the net looking for to learn about efficiencies and just how things realy work in practice. i don't quite follow ur point about the thermostat not even opening in the 2nd chart. is 88 degrees (as marked on tstat) the beginning opening temp? surely if the tstat didnt open at all over an hour of driving it would just get hotter and hotter??
  6. 5K Head Identification

    thats the damn picture i havent been able to see on here, until u posted it just now. it didnt appear on any device i used to view this website! Wings, earlier today, i studied this picture carfully and came up with 18 as my interpretation of the stamp on this 5k head. what yah think. I'm currently in the early stages of trying assign part numbers and models to individual head stamp codes and databasing it for this site.
  7. 5K Head Identification

    hmm. trying to find 5k heads without lugs. i find the only mention of a flat top atyle head (no lugs) is this but u think the selller was unaware its not a 5k head. i am now certain, there were absolutely no flat top 5k engines, only deep D dish, and shallow O dish. and i think the both had the same compression ratii.what exactly did the flat tops u saw in the 5k motor (that u got the 95 stamped head from) look like? were they O dish? like this..
  8. 5K Head Identification

    so hang on a minute werent u enquiring about the 95 stamped one before? ok sorry just reread ur posts i thought u were saying this 95 one WAS a 5 k head. I am off to cebu for my flight in 2 weeks. when I'm there i will visit the k engine holy grail spares yard in the old city and see if i can find any heads with either of these casting marks. ill take lots of photos. its a "shop" on the street with lots and lots of toyota motors ripe for the stripping. but the white skin makes the price about tripple what a local would pay so I'm just enquiring at this stage.
  9. 5K Head Identification

    also, my recent research suggests that all 5k heads have the little lugs under one and four spark holes. urs doesnt :/ and also they all appear to have longer cutouts where the 2 small water holes are near the pushrod hollows. urs just has the std 4k type.
  10. 5K Head Identification

    hmm. those water jackets look like theyd suffer the same problems u warned me about in the photos i shoeed u. which makes me wonder, surely toyoota would make the 5 k head have more clearance between the steel head gasket rings and the coolant holes??? makes me suspicious that maybe its not a 5k head.
  11. found machine shop, where to find pistons

    yep, next year I am going to try putting a 5k head on it. 5ks had dished pistons and u can still buy brand new 5k heads from china for about 300 bucks delivered thanks to aliexpress. banjo has informed me it may be a problem due to pushrod length, but I am hoping to resolve that with a bit of cuting, welding and lash adjustment haha.
  12. Cheapest k engine parts you will ever see

    this is how I'm thinking of doing it. quote from website reverse cargo services Sea Cargo – Port to Port $250 per BM Jumbo Balikbayan box Manila to Australian Port Only –The Receiver has the responsibility to release the boxes thru Australian Customs. *BM will provide the documents and instructions on how to release the boxes Min Volume – 3 Boxes (No Weight Limit) Delivery Timeframe – 4-5 weeks Reciever must pick up boxes from the agents warehouse in Australia Restricted Items – Dangerous goods, Perishable Items, Items of wooden material, Commercial and newly purchased items are subject to taxes and duties.
  13. Cheapest k engine parts you will ever see

    yes they are the source of all the 5ks i talk of. I'm grnhinely trying to work out a way to economically get a whole lot of them, just the blocks and pistons amd crankshaft and camshaft assemblies into boxes and shipped to Perth. the balikbayan service is actually designed to go the opposite, from aus to philippines, so I'm trying to work out if any of the smaller services can do the reveerae trip.
  14. Cheapest k engine parts you will ever see

    jeesus that is the best thing anyon3 has ever told me. thank u
  15. Hard starting and pinging

    all of them :p