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  1. Thanks Banjo, So a Ke70 tailshaft will be the right length? My parts car has the manual pedal box, clutch cable should be easy to get. I'm guessing the centre console for the manual ke30 won't line up with the ke70 shifter, could a ke70 console be retro fitted? I'm not in a hurry to do the conversion but parts don't come up in wa too often so I want to snap them up when they're available. Cheers, Austin
  2. Just wondering if some one can tell me which gearboxes, tail shafts and diffs match up? Currently my ke30 has a 2speed auto with the Jap diff. Looking at swapping to manual, currently there is a 5 speed from a ke70 for sale. I also have a parts ke30 with a Borg Warner diff but no other running gear. What tail shaft/s will work for me? Can I use a ke70 tailshaft(also one of these for sale) or are they too long? Cheers, Austin
  3. Another good idea there Banjo. I'll have to be careful otherwise I could end up with a lot of side projects. My idea for the wall mounted one was to use a low output transformer/driver to make enough light to fill the lamps without getting in your face too much. Nice Jono, is that running straight off a battery?
  4. Haha awesome. Just do it!! I have a spare grill where the tabs to screw in up top have snapped off. Planning on putting headlights in and wiring it up to 240v as a bit of wall art.
  5. Update (probably the last one for a while) I work in the event industry which will be crazy busy real soon plus cricket season is starting up too. Figuring I was about to have less time for cars and it made harder by the cars being in separate locations I knew had to make more room to bring them together, preferably under cover and under lights. A third of my shed had been converted into a games room which I never really used and referred to as the dingy dungeon. So 36 hours later I had taken out the wall and realigned the lighting to sit above each car plus a massive clean out. It is now reborn as my Rolla room. FYI the red car is the one I'm focusing on as the white one has a lot of rust in the chassis and rear quarters, so it's donating it's doors, bonnet, boot, and interior.
  6. UPDATE I was told the tank was completely drained but thought I'd pull out the drain plug and double check. 5 buckets of fuel and a lot of mess later it was. So a bit of fresh fuel and splashed out on a new fuel filter. Went through all the tips you guys gave me and a minute later we had a running engine. Left the choke on to warm it up, choke back in and it idled perfectly. Can rev it up without missing and comes back to idle without a stumbe. Had a mechanic friend come have a look over both cars and he couldn't believe how well it ran. He also advised me which car was in better shape overall so I now know what to focus on
  7. https://memes.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/9a6bb697-eaf9-48c6-a611-8ff77d7641a0/text
  8. Will update. Yep that's my 18 month old, his favourite word is car and loves anything with moving parts that makes a noise.
  9. Cheers for the replies hopefully find a bit of time on the weekend to give it a go. A little about myself. I first found affinity with corollas 14 years ago(I was 16 at the time). Drifting was really taking off in Aus and I wanted an ae86. Could've picked one up back then for 1-2k. I ended getting a licensed and running ke70 for $300 which was pretty normal back then. I was moving away so stored it in a shed on my step dads farm. When I finally came home I was told he gave it away as he didn't think it was worth anything. Anyway a few years later here I am with my ke30's(much prefer this shape anyway) and not so interested in drift anymore. Plans for now is just to restore to original and have a weekend cruiser. In the future I may turn into a track car with a 2tg or 4ag. Lastly a few pics of the rollas :)
  10. Good read and great timing on this post as I'm just starting out with a ke30 project. Will definitely give this a go
  11. Hi, in the last couple of weeks I've bought two ke30 4 doors which I hope to turn into one complete car. I'm going to focus getting the body complete before I tackle the mechanical side of things but just want to get the motor running briefly and get a rough idea of where it's at. The one I have with a motor and gearbox, I was told was running fine a few months prior before he dismantled the dash and electrics. I have hooked the ignition back up but my question is how much fuel should I put in the tank considering it was completely drained and will it take long to get the fuel to the car by if all the lines and pump are good? I had a quick look over the motor and all fluids and hoses seem to be good. Don't want to change all the fluids, filters, gaskets til I'm a bit further along. Also while I've got you, one car has been repainted at some point and I quite like the colour. The paint doesn't look too old but looks like a colour from that period. Did any ke30s come in red? Could a panel beater colour match and supply me with paint to self apply? Cheers
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