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  1. rke_011

    My White Ke 11

    where did you end up getting the head studs? and how much they end up costing you?
  2. rke_011

    7k Into Ke10

    Very old thread and car... but just wondering if anyone happened to save the pictures of the engine bay? Really wish the pictures still worked.. wanna see how that turbo fit in..
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows what injectors will fit the 7k efi manifold.. looking for something around 440-500cc for boosted 5k.. want to start wiring ecu but need decent injectors so I can get the right plugs. Been looking for 7mgte injectors, but was wondering if there were others to broaden my search.. Cheers
  4. rke_011

    Need Head Studs For 5K / 4K Combo

    Awesome.. thanks.. would that be OK for 5k/4K combo? Just need to find somewhere to order them now
  5. rke_011

    Head Bolts For 5K

    Cheers.. seems there is no bolts in Australia.. well there are 2.. so I'll be looking into studs.. if anyone can point me in the right direction
  6. Someone must have some studs theyre not using and willing to sell? need some to suit 5k block / 4k head.. Have no head bolts and have been told there are only 2 left in Australia.. No point ordering bolts from Japan if I can find studs... Alternatively does anyone know where I can find studs or know part numbers (and can confirm theyre correct) for what ill need.
  7. rke_011

    Head Bolts For 5K

    Hey, About to start building my 5k with 4k head.. but need head bolts seeing I can't get my hands on studs.. any one got an idea if I would have to buy 5k or 4k bolts? Or are they the same length?
  8. rke_011

    T50 Advice In Ke10

    Cool.. so probably best to stick with the ta box.. I bought both so I can have a look.. really don't want to beat the tunnel.. so after all this I'll probably end up putting a k50 in, and needing to sell the boxes... Cheers
  9. rke_011

    T50 Advice In Ke10

    I have the option of 2 boxes... Would one box fit better than the other? They have different shifter spots? Guess one is ae and the other must be Celica or something? Is one better than the other? All advice would help.. Going on k series in ke10 and prefer not to bash tunnel
  10. rke_011

    Upright K Series In Ke10?

    Build is going slow... Don't h3 a heap of cash to throw at it at once so it's bits and pieces every now and then.. trying to sort fuel system out now... Going to put a new hard line in for feed but not sure what size? I have read to use 8mm but the standard line seems to be 8mm... So I'm guessing I'll go next size up...
  11. Don't know if anyone can help, but I'm sure I read somewhere that by using an engine mount from a different ke will upright the k in a ke10 a little... Wondering if anyone knows if this is true.. or the combination to do so? Just looking for a little more room for turbo... And don't want it too upright or else shifter will be on too much of an angle.. cheers
  12. Hi.. Just wondering if there are any k-t boxs or bellhousings out there? If you got something let me know how much your after and hopefully I have money around that time.. cheers.
  13. rke_011

    Another 5K Piston Question

    Cheers.. I am leaning towards the o , but have not heard of anyone running them with boost.... Have always heard good things about hypatec d dish though..
  14. Just wondering if anyone has experience with both hypatec pistons "d and O" dish.. would one be any stronger than the other? Was planning on using d dish in my boosted build... But now considering using o because the c/r may be too low to start off with even for a boosted motor. Basically just wondering if the o dish would be as strong as the d dish??? 5k block 4k head combo...
  15. rke_011

    Steel/copper 5K Headgasket?

    Keep me in mind for head studs.. could be interested