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Found 10 results

  1. I know a lot of people aren't interested in playing around with the stock K series Aisan carburettor. I reckon they're tops and if it wasn't for the ridiculous cost of a rebuild kit and a dip in the acid bath, i'd spend my days rebuilding these little gems. I've handled a quite a few 3k and 4k variants but i'm looking for any information on jet sizing in regards to the 5k version. I know there are variations between each and every carb but sizing on the idle, mains and power jet would be great. Below are my ke70 4k and ke30 3k carbs.
  2. Hi all thought I would start a bit of a thread here with my rolla. I bought the rolla about 5 years ago now and had been driving as a daily until i had a work car so started to do some work on her. I pulled the motor out and did a rebuild myself (lots of learning). Tried various combinations of carbs from stock to weber also tried twin SU's worked great but my cam was to lumpy so did not work so well at idle. Anyway moved to Sydney and the car stayed here in QLD and unfortunately had to be stored outside and very quickly grew rust and was not quite the same. However I have now moved back to QLD and have decided to get it back on the road and make a project out of it. I am going to keep the k motor but make it a turbo blow through set up.
  3. Hey guys. Have recently put in another engine and running into a few issues It starts but begins to play up and stalls. Only runs with choke on and ends up dying still within like a min . Could this be something to do with a blocked jet, timing, bad fuel, dirty fuel filter or air fuel mixture ?? Second issue I have is that my radio and clock are running as soon as you put the negative cable on the battery. Have checked the earths in the engine bay but they are bolted in. Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers. Engine is a 4kc and the model is an 83 ke70 wagon which has had egr deleted before I bought it 2 years ago. Will reply on smoko
  4. Gday guys, Jay here. Complete noobie to this forum so bare with me lmao. I recently brought a dream car of mine, 1980 Kp60 Bugeye starlie. 4k motor with twin choke single carb and Gilmore pullies. pretty standard. But To cut a long story short.... I brought this planning to get it road worthy. It ran bloody well up until after I put a fresh wof/reg on her and did a full service. I changed the motor n filter, gearbox, diff oils, plus coolant and air filter. The fuel pump had a slight weep from the gasket so I took it out, cleaned it up and attempted to repair it with some rtv lol. Then later that night when I was out she started idling quite low and rough. Almost to the point where it wouldn't idle at all! What would of caused this? Is there anyway of mucking up refitting the fuel pump? Any input on this would be amazing, miss driving it already and it frustrates me that I can't just fix it.
  5. Ok so this KE30 has been sitting for 10 years. Ive managed to get her started and running. But she only starts if you put fuel in the carby first. I havent dealt much with carby engines, is a rebuild kit something I should be looking at?
  6. Hi all, Just after a little guidance/ assistance. Now I have used the search function and it has not helped, hence the questions. The KE70 I have has a standard 4K-C and carby on it. I'm about to put a carby kit through the carby and clean the damn thing, as the car will not idle and I suspect that the idle circuit in the carb is blocked or there is a restriction. Now I have checked the timing without vaccum assist and its at 8 degrees, cleaned the points, spark plugs and dizzy cap and rotor button. The valve clearance have been just adjusted, I have replaced the fuel filter and cleaned the fuel line between the tank and filter with compressed air. I have replaced the fuel line between the fuel pump and fuel filter and I have clean the fuel line between the carb and fuel pump. Now reading the Toyota engine manual, under tune up it talks about removing the vac line to the HIC valve and block the hose and remove the var line to the Air Injection check valve and plug the vac line. Now for the life of me or its my dyslexic day I am trouble finding both of these. I am assuming that HIC = High Idle Control, now the only check valve that seem to replicate this is a green valve that attaches to the air cleaner on the passenger side of the vehicle. Is this it ???? And I have no Idea where the Hell the AI check valve is ??.......... I can see the Exhaust Gas Re-circulation Valve but from my experience these are usually 2 different things. One channels exhaust gasses back into the engine the other usually pump air into the exhaust like what was found on the Holden VK commodore black 202 engines. I have upload the page I'm referring to in the manual below. Thanks in advance. Cheers Luke
  7. Been having fuel starvation issues with my ae71, which has a weber carb and aftermarket fuel pump. Would I be correct in assuming that it is better to have the fuel pump near the tank? Seems it doesnt suck very well as it is, damn dodgy job the previous owner did xD. It's a brand new pump, old one died due to running dry and rust particles, lol.
  8. Hi all, I'm in need of a carby tune on a dyno. The carburetors are Mikuni CV ITB's (off a GSX1100R I believe) and they're strapped to Phil's twin cam 4K. They're currently running very lean due to changing the air filtration system and it looks like it's gonna need a whole new set of jets/needles to be selected. I need to know two things: Is there someone around Brisbane who is capable of getting these just right, and what am I expecting to pay? I've been told it's not gonna be cheap, but I'd really like to know how much roughly it will cost. Thanks!
  9. I'm having issues with my idle, it's jumping around between 600 and 1000 rpm all new plugs, dizzy,leads, coil, points, rotor, reconditioned carby about 8000 kms ago. What would be causing it?? Would it be vacuum related? By the way it's a 1978 ke55 4kc with a 5 speed And after market air filter and I changed the oil/filter about an hour ago no difference
  10. Hey Guys, My GF's car has a nice little warm 3k in it, with a 3kb Head, a lumpy cam, and some commodore valve springs etc. I've got a set of the OE Twin Aisian (spelling) to suit the 3kb inc a manifold... which has had the water inlet/outlet damaged. Firstly i need to get the carby's re built, and i am looking for someone to help me either rebuild and tune them too. anyone's help here would be appreciated. I can do EFI... but carby's aren't my friends. Hit me up, if you can help. Andy.
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