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  1. Hey guys, so I'm currently driving my ke30 up to Dubbo for mysterybox rally. Had a bit of trouble yesterday with overheating. Managed to encourage her through a 500km trip, 35 degree heat. Most of the time she ran fine, but she over heated twice. It seems there is excessive purging out the overflow bottle, then coolant gets too low and it overheats. Has a new water pump and new thermostat, plus good coolant. I'm hoping maybe it's just the radiator cap is a bit faulty? Don't want to think about a head.. cheers for some advice!!
  2. Hey, so I'm doing up this ke30. It came to me in poor condition, and the charcoal canister was just hanging in the engine bay. So, the line from the fuel tank I've got, then the little vac line I've plugged in, but what is the outlet on the bottom for? Where is that meant to attach to?
  3. Ok so this KE30 has been sitting for 10 years. Ive managed to get her started and running. But she only starts if you put fuel in the carby first. I havent dealt much with carby engines, is a rebuild kit something I should be looking at?
  4. So it looks like the starter shit itself. When I went to have a play around with it again, she wouldn't even crank over anymore. Pulled it out and tested it on the bench, doesn't work. So I've got a new starter order and we'll go from there!
  5. Yeah I've already done a service on it, put some oil in the pots, cranked it by hand, filled the car by with fuel and got it going briefly. (She sounded alright considering how longs she's been there, and the custard that was her engine oil) So managed to have it run for 30 second bursts at most. Fuel pump is sucking through fuel. But it seems like there might be a power drain or something on the starting system? I get about 3 goes at trying to start it, and then there's just not enough power to get a fast crank. (This was even while we were jumping it with the patrol while it was running) I tried putting an extra earth from the engine to the battery (it only had one to the body). Thinking maybe I need to redo the wiring to the starter? Havnt had it running long enough to check the alternator and what not.
  6. Hey guys, so I've got a KE30 that I'm getting going, it's been sitting for 10years. Having trouble starting, I have managed to get it running briefly. However cranking it over it seems to drain the battery really fast. I've had the battery charged full, and then also jumped it with the running Patrol. That gets about 30 seconds of crank out of it and then it's not enough power and will barely turn over the engine. Any suggestions would be lovely. cheers, Maddie!
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