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Found 16 results

  1. I know a lot of people aren't interested in playing around with the stock K series Aisan carburettor. I reckon they're tops and if it wasn't for the ridiculous cost of a rebuild kit and a dip in the acid bath, i'd spend my days rebuilding these little gems. I've handled a quite a few 3k and 4k variants but i'm looking for any information on jet sizing in regards to the 5k version. I know there are variations between each and every carb but sizing on the idle, mains and power jet would be great. Below are my ke70 4k and ke30 3k carbs.
  2. rapapapa
  3. Well i'm considering just pulling the old 3k apart and replacing all the gaskets, maybe a new weber, and chucking it back in. Thinking of getting something like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-Corolla-KE20-KE25-KE26-KE30-KE35-KE50-Full-Gasket-Set-3K-H-3K-C/272365504264?hash=item3f6a3fc708:g:31YAAOSwj9dZwxGf anyone had experience with these kits?
  4. Hey guys, so I'm currently driving my ke30 up to Dubbo for mysterybox rally. Had a bit of trouble yesterday with overheating. Managed to encourage her through a 500km trip, 35 degree heat. Most of the time she ran fine, but she over heated twice. It seems there is excessive purging out the overflow bottle, then coolant gets too low and it overheats. Has a new water pump and new thermostat, plus good coolant. I'm hoping maybe it's just the radiator cap is a bit faulty? Don't want to think about a head.. cheers for some advice!!
  5. Hey guys, Working on my 79' Corolla. Previous owner has replaced the 4K-C engine with a 3K engine. Everything is connected correctly and have checked everything 100 times. Now, everytime i start her up, she runs well but as soon i put her in drive it stalls. Been trying to adjust the idle screw, but don't get much of a response from the motor. Has anyone got an idea of how the vacuum setup differs between the 4K-C engine and the 3K engine. If so can you suggest a diagram to follow to make sure it is all connected in the right spot. Or could this just be a completely different issue all together? And has anyone got a clue how to decode the engine number, so i can figure out a manufacturing year? Cheers fellas.
  6. What's the quickest 1/4 mile time with a 3k
  7. Hi. Is it possible to remove the oil pan on a KE20 3K whitout lifting the engine or lower the front end? Any tips?
  8. So i'm very new to the car scene and thought that an old corolla is both cool and a good car to start with due to the simplistic engine, i'm learning as i go. Anyway I bought a 1976 ke30 a few weeks ago in very rough condition but it was running when i bought it however i cannot get it starting now, it will cranks but no ignition. I figured it had to do with the distributor and ended up replacing it but the engine still does not start. So following the rule of "all you need to start the engine is a spark, compression and air/fuel mixture" i think it may be something to do with the fuel side of things as when it cranks you can here the compression of the pistons (and I've already replaced the dizzy), any idea what could be wrong? It's a 3k 1.2L engine, as far as i can tell its all stock other than the dizzy and coil Thanks in advance!
  9. I've owned my KE30 for some time now and I've noticed it burns a whole lot of oil, I've been filling it with some 10w-30 Maybe that is too thin? I'm thinking of doing a oilchange on it soon and I would like your opinion on what oil to use. Thanks :)
  10. Hey all, thought I'd share a few pictures and details of my ke35. I bought the car last year in 2015. I traveled about 3 hours south of Sydney to pick it up! It has a 4sp manual powered by a 3k. I've been toying with the idea of building this car and swapping the engine but I'm still undecided. Torn between the idea of power and keeping things original. This is the not long after I bought it. It was sitting on 15x6.5 inch Lenso wheels at stock height. The car had no center console so I rigged up a ke70 handbrake surround and installed the gear stick surround also. I installed a head unit in the centre console and carpeted the rear parcel tray. I put two 6 1/2 inch speakers in the tray, they still look sleek and don't take away from the car. At this point I decided to begin cleaning up a 5k from a ke30 that I had. The motor was filthy, I took it apart, replaced all seals, welch plugs and cleaned the valves up. Here's a few pics of the progress. After taking everything apart, the internals seemed to be in decent condition after a good clean. At this point I lowered the front and rear to get it sitting a little nicer. I used 2 inch lowering blocks to raise the diff. I then welded up a full 2 inch stainless steel exhaust and bought extractors also. I put a hotdog muffler in the middle and a normal oval shaped resonator/muffler in the rear. It doesn't drone at all and has a nice tone to it. I don't wake the neighbors up late at night either. I then put on some black chaser wheels. They are 15x5.5 inch. The offset is suited for FWD but I have wheel spacers to make up for this. I was happy with the look of the new wheels but I decided to add chrome dress rings and white walls. I also purchased original rear venetians. Within the next month or so I'll be putting the 5k motor in and installing a 5 speed manual (I've already picked this up). I hope you enjoyed reading some of the changes and stay tuned for any updates!
  11. Hi Everyone, I've got a 4k head that's having issues and it's coming on time to replace it (believed to be cracked). I'll be going to a wreckers where you do all the parts pulling yourself simply because it's so cheap ($40-50) and my question is, how can I tell if the head is a 4k head? The 3k/4k/5k are apparently interchangeable with varying degrees of performance but I just want another 4k head as I don't want to change anything else other than the head. If you had to walk up to a k engine and pick which head it had, what would you be looking for? Or would you just be going on the make/model of the car and trusting it hasn't had the engine or head swapped? Thanks
  12. Hi everyone! I need help with the timing for my 1973 Toyota Corolla State. It has the 3K engine with about 60.000km (I overhauled it about 8 years ago), the carburator is the stock item for this Corollas and everything is mostry OEM. About 2 months ago, I installed a Pertronix electronic module in the distributor, because points are hard to get in this times (and I'm getting tired of buying this part). According to the Pertronix site, I keep the resistance in the coil. Also, set the timing (with a timing light gun) to about 8° BTDC and put the octane selector in the zero setting (according to the Toyota manual), and set the iddle to about 800-850 rpm. However, under load and above 3.000rpm I can hear the engine pinging, the car has not power in the upper band and the economy is not the better. I try to solve this putting the initial ignition setting in 5° and keep playing with the octane selector, but the results are not the best (keeps pinging under load). When it had points, this problem didn't existed. I also have a 1959 VW Beetle with a 1600cc dual carb engine and mechanical electronic distributor. For setting the ignition, many VW web sites advises to set the ignition to 30-32° BTDC at 3000rpm, and ignore the iddle setting (it falls were it must). Thinking in this line, have any of you information about the maximun advance setting for the ignition (and rpm for this) in a 3K engine??? For your information, in my country (Costa Rica) we have 88 and 91 octane fuel...I generally use the 91 octane fuel for my car. Keep in mind my engine is mostly stock, only modifications are the electronic module in the dissy, and 4 into 1 exhaust header. The carb is in perfect condition, and also the distributor (everything is working as it should), the coil is almost new with the resistance working and there is no leaks or similar in the hoses. The car is used as a 40 years old car must be used, with care and respect (I know this is not a sport car or modern car), but this pinging sound, the lack of power in the upper rpm and the high consumption keeps me worried. Any help will be usefull...and thanks in advance for your time! Jose Garro Costa Rica
  13. hey guys I'm a 19 yo 3rd year apprentice mechanic, whose just bought a little 4 door KE30 with a 3k and a four speed behind it. the rings are shot in the fourth cylinder and its full of oil. blows a little bit of blue smoke, but the cylinder four plug is caked in oil. (hence why i think the rings are cactus) i have a 4KC Engine sitting here and wan't to throw it in but i was just wondering is there anything i should tweak out of the car? ( i thought i could play around with the higher compression of the 3k head on the 4k block ) but any suggestions would be super, cheers.
  14. so here i am, the fat beareded non santa that should be but not really... I'm 6'3" and 120kg with a ke35 and all i want is to do dirty mutherʞ©$ɟing burnouts and love this car. ive just had to put the neighhbours dog back in their yard and fucck..... so my story runs.... ke35 off a mate years ago, rust and injury free apart from a Tbone in a drivers door...... other than that and a ʞ©$ɟing mega stack of beers ive started. origninally i built this weapon to run a 5k i bought fro a ke70.. loved it.... minimal issues, got the car running and registered for a dick weed mate who drove it round. he finally got a work car and i took it off the road to put a 3t in it. ʞ©$ɟ!!!!!!! man what am i doing swapping gold out for pewter?>!?!?!?! that motherʞ©$ɟing 3t had more bark than alot of 4cyls and yet still I'm a ʞ©$ɟing retard to hold back...... sold the best engine i had for some garbage rebuild 5k and thats where I'm at.................. Now,........ Anyone whos half cluey with 40mmdcoe twins with my setup i need some love. ive just built a 40thou over 5k bottom end, crank, rods and slugs balanceds, the compression ratio I'm running is with 5k solid slugs which have been cut down to give me 11.6:1 compression ratio I have phill duggan making me a tropppo cam to suit the head flow and compression, but now my issues is what the ʞ©$ɟ do i do with with my 40mmdcoe webers................ Blown4k off clubk says run big venturies..... now my issue is well this is the last step before cam install in my engine.................... but i want to start with the right carb setup. anyone half cluey who can help me out would bew aw0esome because I'm about to set these carbs up to suit this engine. the cars a bucket of shit..... alll go no show but i can't wait to have some little k motor on the streets
  15. Are 4AGE flywheel bolts the same as a 3TC? I'm looking for ARP flywheel bolts for a 3TC. When I search on ebay, bolts are advertised with the part number 203-2802. When I look on the ARP website catalog the part number refers to 4AGE. http://beta.arp-bolt...p?RecordID=1138 I've compared 3k and 3T bolts. They are both M10 with the same thread. Just the 3T bolts are slightly longer (~0.7mm) and has a more beefy head on it. If 4AGE flywheel bolts could fit a K engine, then they should fit a T.
  16. hi guys, i have a 1977 ke35 with a little 3k (manual) ... I kind just finished the car and i don't really want to change the motor, cause if i do a can't drive it (P-Plate). Iv been driving it around and i want a little more power i guess. The engine is all stock. I'm not really experienced with toyota engines, what part fits what model, etc. So could i get some ideas on carbies, extractors, fuel pumps, cranks, exhaust, gear box, diff. Id like a 5 spd box. I don't want to spend more that 1500. 2000 if i have to. i don't really know whats the easiest way to get more power in these engines so all help is needed :bash: Thanks...
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