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  1. exactly why i set the first price to "throw me an offer" :hmm: :hmm: idk what these are worth haha , and yeah i saw the copper thread, but there not still available are they ? ebay had the crap gaskets for around 25 so i made a stab … haha
  2. For sale is a brand new permaseal EM30 gasket, located in Sutherland, Sydney. Message me on 0433389172 $40 These one piece gaskets are way better than the normal 2 piece, took me ages to get my hands on this Fits all k engines I'm pretty sure
  3. hey guys i want to lower my ke35 by about one inch, but i don't want to cut the springs, or flip the leafs as i want a stiffer suspension, was wondering if anyone has bought new springs lowers that are a bit stiff and could give me the name of the spring and info and for the rear, i real don't know what to do , get new lear springs, or get these reset or use 1inch lowering blocks ? whats your view guys ?
  4. i did it, and i used some spacers on the front engine mounts, had to weald a plate on top of the current bracket on the chassis to lift the engine about 1cm... fits perfect. Hold the engine in place to its spaced up to whatever space you want [mines about 8mm] and then pack the front mounts with spacers [larger washers about 1cm thick] OR do what i did, weald a plate on top of the mound on the car to lift everything. no different parts needed
  5. just to add, the ignition barrel is not connected, the car is using a push button start, this works exceptional and its a really nice modern touch
  6. hey guys just thought id let you know what i ended up doing incase anyone else needs an idea… I'm in love with this setup… the feeling of the nardi is great... Nrg slim boss D1 quick release 14.3 inch nardi leather polished all up cost me close to 380 but its something ill take with me to any corolla
  7. sorry for this really late reply mate, but i would say the easiest would be a 5k, unless your ready for a lot of modifying go a different engine such as a 4age or 2tg... if you want a quick and reasonable power upgrade 5k for sure
  8. Car is now for sale :( as you can see all the work that has been put into this car the details and price is listed in the sales forum
  9. ok well sadly its time to start a new project, so my much loved ke35 is up for sale. here is a link to the built thread http://www.rollaclub...324#entry580324 This corolla is one of the cleanest and sporty looking coups out there, something different to the 4 doored corollas out there, these cars are becoming a rarity Paint / colour Its the original mustard yellow colour, repined about 2 years ago where the major rust holes were plated and the minors bogged. The paint looks stunning from distance but close up there are slight imperfections such as some little bubbles here and there and a small run under the drivers door Interior - very new black carpet (seen in build thread) - original seats, drivers bottom is ripped, the top of the back seats are dry and crusty - taco in replacement of the clock in cluster (clock can be provided) - All new weather strips all round - roof has tear about 7cm above passenger (is glued back together) - dash has astray cutout for iPhone screen - includes iPhone 4, used for storing music and playing Sound - clarion top of the range head deck with bluetooth and all the goods - 1 X pioneer 12" 1000W sub - Amp clarion 750W - 4 X Brand new Soundstream 6.5" speaker with a 4 channel 640W soundstream amp (all brand new) over $1200 just spent 2 speakers in normal spots, one under dash in original spot and one under passenger glovebox Engine - 7k-e converted to a carburettor setup using a 40mm sidraft webber, k40 box, unknown clutch - performance leads and plugs - electronic ignition - thermo fan - 5 month old BOSCH alternator (set me back $500) this is too keep up with the stereo and engine - Engine is tuned well, has slight flat spot about 1800rpm but easily driven through then max power - 2" exhaust sound really good (more info in the build thread) ALL RECENTLY CHANGES (15000km old) - All Bushers - Inner and Outer TieRod Ends - Balljoints - Wheel bearings - Drum Brakes - Disk Pads - King Springs - Front Shocks - Fuel Filter - Oil Filter - Spark plugs - Leads - Fuel lines Wheels - koya BN TEC 15" STUNNING condition, no scratches or marks or chips 15 x 6.5 +0 ($1000 setback) custom fitted and balanced - Tires are Toyo TEO PLUSH (wet weather) 70% thread all-round Steering wheel (costed around the $450 mark) - 14.3 inch genuine Nardi leather steering wheel with polished inside, condition 70% - NRG short boss kit (brand new) - D1 Spec Quick release (brand new) i have probably forgotten some things so post up for any questions. About 8 month rego left This car is the perfect daily driving corolla, The pillarless coupe makes it a lot different to all the 4-doors out there and this car is always a classic eye opener. Drives very well for a 36 year old car, used everyday, never and a problem, (dem corollas ;) ) I'm firm on $7000, $6000 Located in sydney PM me if interested or post up any questions
  10. hey guys I'm looking for a k40 or k50 box in sydney area, give me a text if you have one would would like to sell, i can pickup 0433389172
  11. Where in Brisbane are you ? Up here and interested in the k50
  12. ok sweet thanks... So mounts sorted, Do i really need to change my diff ? can i get a Tailshaft or conversion kit of some sort from the original diff to the t5O ? And what is the deal with the peddle box ? another thing is does the t5O box go straight onto the engine or do i need something between [i sure i read that somewere]
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