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  1. Hello All, this may seem stupid. But i'm not going to pretend i know everything. Here goes. I have a KE 55. 4KC engine. I'm the second owner, so its in great condition. the thing i can not get past is the plastic grill and rubber ends on the chrome bumpers.. Does a ke30 or ke20 bumper bar fit the ke 55? Like i said. It may seem stupid but i don't know. Cheers guys and gals
  2. MartyJ


    Only thing changed since i bought it are the rims.
  3. Hi guys a good friend of mine has his 75 capella/rx2 up for sale. 12a bridgeport engine and 5 speed manual (both mod plated), weber carby and electronic ignition, near new tyres, new kyb shocks all round. Car runs and drives really well, and comes with rego and rwc for the right price. For any genuine enquiries please contact matt on the phone number provided. Car is located at warwick in qld and asking price is $15 000 or nearest offer.
  4. Had a few ke's before but never a registered one. So taking some parts from my 82 model to fix this APR 84 ive decided to build. Picked this car up from Toowoomba with 225xxxkm's on the clock. Just a little 4k Auto. The interior is just immaculate! I fell in love with it and for $700 I couldn't complain. Log Books and receipts for the last 11 Years. The grandma took good care! Receipts showed she had only done 7000kms in those years and that the car was originally from South Australia. Plans are to get her on the road. I have the parts to make it a 5 speed but I love getting a laugh out of people when I talk it up as having a 3 speed tri-matic haha. Also could go with Quad headlights as I have those laying around as well but we will see! Got started on the KE on Saturday just been. Took out the struts and LCA's with no dramas. Put the xt130 LCA's in and adjusted the caster arm to match. Problem was I couldn't release the tie rod end... My mechanic helped me out yesterday (Monday) so I got those adjusted. Everything was smooth again doing wheel bearings and cleaning up the rotors until I found out that the strut tops on the 82 model were 5mm different to the 84.. Oh well now I need to compress the spring and change the tops. (Only thing changed since I got the car are the rims and tires as I sold the old jelly beans and bought MA61's with Yokohama Advan A50 Semi slicks!!!)
  5. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone can help me out with some information. My girlfriends dad is trying to Sell his 1975 KE30 corolla, it is overrated condition has just had a respray and has 70,000klm on the clock. As I am pretty clueless about this stuff would you be able to tell what this would be worth? He is an auto electrician and works in a mechanic workshop so it has always been well looked after and has only had 3 owners I believe. Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers.
  6. yet another find for me out in the sticks :) I saw this car advertised on a local facebook sales page earlier in the year for $500, and after not being able to find the page again assumed it had been sold. long story short the supposed buyer wasn't interested in doing any repairs after inspecting it (has a few patches of rust) so the owner pmd me and offered it to me for $150 because she was moving overseas and needed it gone, so I'm the new proud owner :) its a 1977 ke30 4 door auto, rust in usual places, interior is half shagged, smells of mice and old people, but it runs and drives......but doesn't stop as the brakes need work :/ so far I have stripped the interior, cleaned the seats, carpet and repainted the scuff panels and auto surround. dash pad is next on the long list of things I need to do. its going to take me a while, but so happy to be back in a ke again.
  7. can i get someone to take a picture of the internals of a 4age distributor as i am modifying a super charged distributor to go in a n/a 4age i need to see the relationship of the rotor button to the reluctor tips, for g1pick up, at top dead centre no# 1 that is the top pickup closest to the rotor button the reluctor that was on the super charged dizzy had one tip . i belive an n/a distributor has 4. i would really appreciate it as this is the only thing that is stopping me from starting my new race car.
  8. Hey guys, I've just purchased a Ke30 in the original mustard. I would like to give it a respray in this colour. I'm struggling to find the paint code anywhere. If someone could provide that to me, I'd appreciate it.
  9. Selling my hatchback due to buying a house in the foreseeable future Genuine sale. Car is great mechanically, used as a highway car to drive to work and back. All log books and service history can be provided, no money owing. Detailed regularly, factory upgraded exhaust, Xenon headlights. Cruise etc.. 167,000 on the clock - Highway driving Car has various Car park Dints and scratches but presents well. $13, 800 ono, I will provide roadworthy. Front bar has a dint on the bottom left hand side- Wheel stop in car park had been damaged causing it to stick up waiting for unsuspecting prey (me) to fall victim to its trickery.
  10. ITEM: 2009 Motovert RX125 with a z175 engine swap. Has QLD registration until 18/11/2015. Will not come with RWC. CONDITION: In reasonable condition, gets regular maintenance and services. The z175 is a bit rattly but that just seems to be how they are, sounds the same as the day I bought it in 2011. The bike has been sitting for a while (see Reason For Selling) and could do with a tune up/general tidy up/brake bleed etc. I usually only ride it to uni - about 3 kms down the road and that's all the riding it sees. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $1900ono No RWC REASON FOR SELLING: I tore my ACL and am in need of a knee reconstruction, so I haven't been able to ride it for the last few months EXTRA INFO: Has had a z175 engine swap. Engine numbers have been swapped on the registration documents so it's all legal and doesn't require a mod plate. OTHER STUFF: Marzocchi 35mm USD forks DNM 1000lb rear shock Protaper bars 1/4 turn throttle New Protaper grips OKO 28 flatslide carburettor New Uni filter Billet engine dressup covers Billet fuel cap Billet rear brake lever "Carbon fiber" ignition cover DID chain All lights swapped to LED, headlights are now 10W Cree LED. Will come with original headlght as well New regulator/rectifier Newish Century/Yuasa battery Axle sliders New chain slider New chain roller New NSK wheel bearings front and rear New NSK Swing arm bearings 120/70 Conti Twist on the rear 110/70 random tyre on the front Hacked up exhaust to fit some random 250 muffler on there. Standard exhaust was too loud and my housemates hated me when I woke them up in the morning - if you're a normal motorbike guy you'd probably want to change this back. One of the mounts on the ride side fairing is broken. SPARES: Spare brand new (still in the box) z175 engine Spare DNM rear shock New fork oil seals New fork dust seals Spare plastics Comes with standard headlight A folder full of parts lists, exploded diagrams, wiring diagrams, receipts etc. Box of random bits: bash plate, brake lever, sprockets, new bearings, muffler, kick start etc. LOCATION: Brisbane CONTACT DETAILS: PM me on here. Or call/message me on 0432296384. Thanks for looking. PICTURES:
  11. hey there fellow rollaclubbers. during a trip to the in laws place a few months back I decided to take a different route than usual. as we were driving down a small street I noticed a little white wagon sitting in a backyard just out of sight. after pulling up and reversing a bit I noticed it was an AE95. it had been sitting for a while from what I could see so I thought there is no harm in asking. turns out it had become one of those jobs that slowly got pushed further and further down the to do list, as it had a blown head gasket. after a chat with the owner and exchanging phone numbers, 2 weeks later I picked it up for $500 and now resides at my mates place getting the engine fixed. it has 220k on the clock, 5 speed manual, tidy interior and straight body. hopefully the engine isn't too far gone as it has had water sitting in the bore for quite some time now. these are the only photos I have of it at the moment but I will take some more soon. plans are simple, get it running, regoed and drive :) will more than likely upgrade the stereo at some stage too, and possibly some nicer alloys, but getting it on the road is my main concern. anyway I thought I might show her off :)
  12. hey guys, have up for sale or swap 2002 vu ss ute ls1 and 6 speed manual hard lid blue in colour 195000km's 18 inch sv6 rims pacemakers with 2 and 1/2 inch twin system lowered needs work, has cosmetic issues key needs t be renewed, canplay up at times currently no rego or rwc with sale located daisyhill, qld interested in swaps for s13/14, r32/33 or a cool ke-corolla with cash my way cheers guys
  13. Ok, so up for sale is a 1993 nissan pulsar. Originally had a 1.6L ga16de engine in it. The head gasket went so i decided to be adventurous and drop a sr20de into it. I found a guy upgrading his sr20de to a turbo motor so took everything i needed, engine, box, cross member, mounts, ecu, exhaust, driveshafts, ecu...also have a pair of gtir brakes for it. I spent all week swapping parts in and out of my car, got to the final stage of trying to line the gearbox up and its beyond me. I have bitten off more than i could chew and now have surrendered and want to just be done with it. come take it all away for cheap. ill put the price at $1000. You can come rip the parts out that you want and leave the rest, or you can tow it, or you can line the gearbox up put the driveshafts in and then drive it away (its still registered) If you have any questions give me a call or text on 0435 220 141 car is located in kuraby (Logan city, 15 mins south of Brisbane) thanks, Calam. pictures to come in a second.
  14. Hi guys Just seeing if there is anybody with a clean, presentable and registered ae86 on the Gold Coast or near Logan for a formal run from Cornubia to Gold Coast. If not, I'll hunt a typical american car but would love an 86. The time required would be around 6 pm or so on 20th November (1 week) and something with a overrated as 4age intake noise would be gorgeous. If theres no 86s, any cool rwd e chassis would be great (except e7) Coin involved Thanks heaps Please disregard, something new organised. Thanks for any interest anyway!
  15. Chasing the part number and Toyota number off a 5k gear type starter motor. I would like to use it on my 4k Can anyone help? Cheers Aaron
  16. does anyone have this setup in there ke35 coupe? if so can i please get the flange to flange measurement so i can order my new axle
  17. 10am At the Gap BP. 26th Cruise over the hill PM me or whatever https://www.facebook...ry_type=regular
  18. For sale: 1994 KH Ford Laser 5 speed manual 179,144 km's $1200 neg No rego and No RWC, can organise rego at buyers expence Great little car, awesome on fuel and perfect for running around town, great highway millage too !! 4 Legal tyres Mechanically A1 Perfect first car ! For an inspection or test drive please feel free to call O422 O39 O621 NEED IT GONE ASAP !! VERY NEGOTIABLE Located in Redlandsl
  19. SOLD selling due to personal and financial reasons. 125cc 4spd extended swingarm Takegawa Exhaust Takegawa rear shocks 10" rims Metzler tyres brand new legal height motorcycle handlebars LED running and tail lights build thread here http://www.rollaclub...rdley-davidson/ letting everything go with her. i have another set of these wheels. the mould for the custom rear guard will have a scratch around and see what else i have this is on gumtree for $2k. but i am desperate. mods pls lock thanks
  20. Hey guys and gals a mate of mine is selling his old daily. Its a 1993 subaru liberty turbo wagon which has had a 1995 turbo wrx engine and running gear converted into it. Comes with a set of 16 inch wrx alloys plus the standard 15 inch steel wheels. Has been repainted in 2 pac white in the last few years, also has had new shocks only 12-18 months old and hasnt done a lot of kms since. Comes as is no rego or roady $2000 or comes with a spare engine for $2500 for everything. Car is located in warwick queensland will get some photos this weekend. originally thought it was an rs model but it is actually an lx but it has all of the rs gear on it. also comes with a tin of leftover paint from when it was painted.
  21. 1977 Datsun 120Y 4 Door Sedan 4 speed Manual 1.2L A12 engine Almost finished project, paint and carby left to finish. $2500ono Located on the Gold Coast (Parkwood/Arundel area) Will consider all reasonable offers, but lowballs will be ignored. If I can't get a decent price Ill finish the paint and swap carbies then sell as complete, with and rego. PLEASE READ BEFORE SENDING ANY INQUIRIES- Looking at selling one of my project cars. Its a 1977 Datsun 120Y 4 door sedan. I have had this car for a few years now and it has been a slow on going project but I am now looking at moving and can't take it with me and my Ta22 is due for a freshen up so want to focus in that now rather then the Datto. Heres a run down about the car- Engine- 1.2L A12 engine Transmission- 4 Speed Manual The engine and gear box were swapped from a donor car I bought as I wanted the manual box and the owner of the donor car said the engine had been reconditioned 3-4 year ago but the car was never put back on road so had only been driven in his backyard every now and again. This I can not confirm but the engine runs amazing, doesnt blow smoke only problem is the accelerator pump on the carby had let go so I have to tip some fuel in the carby to her her started but then shes fine. I do however have a 32/36 weber carb and adapter plate to go on her. The interior is in veryyyy good condition for a car this age. Its Black vinyl and presents very very well. I have installed brand new black plush pile carpet bought from Knox Auto-carpets which just finishes the interior off. The body is the only thing really left to complete the car. Over the years I have had it its been blue, purple, vinyl wrapped then I stripped her back, primed her fixed dents ect and started painting her a custom green. Amazingly there was no rust in the old girl that I found. I had 2L of paint mixed up to test the colour in the engine bay to make sure I liked it, which I did so I used the rest of the paint to start the painting process, I then had another 2L mixed to finish the job but some how, even though I had the exact paint formula and used the same place for both lots of paint, the 2nd lot was a good 5-6 shades lighter. So the car is now half painted, I started rubbing the panels which had the 2nd lot of paint on them back but have lost all motivation to re-paint her again. I would also look into new front guards as these ones have been flared, not the best job but I was looking into running bolt ons to fit my wheels but unless the new owner is going that route id get new front guards. I know they can be bought new for $99ish each from a place in NSW, I have placed a WTB ad on a few sites to find some before I sell it. As far as I can remember all lights work perfectly, but the "econometer" rev guage thing doesnt work, un-sure about the speedo, but new speedo cables are like $20 on eBay. I have 2 sets of bumpers, one set is painted black to go with the green (looks better IMO) other set is still chrome. I have loads of spares that can come with the car if the buyer wants them. These range from panels, glass, grille, wipers, lights, lots of engine parts, manifolds, fuel pumps, dizzy, alternators ect ect few boxes total IIRC. THE CAR WILL COME ON STOCK WHEELS. I can help source wheel from Japan for the buyer but the wheels on the car, and in the background are not for sale. Will need to be removed via trailer or flat bed as there is no rego or rwc and some parts are off the car. That's all I can think of right now, but I have loads of progress photos so can send them through if needed. This would have a nice easy project to finish, as I said ive had it for too long and just lost motivation to finish her. Contacting me on here is probs easiest and I can forward my number and address for viewing.
  22. so here i am, the fat beareded non santa that should be but not really... I'm 6'3" and 120kg with a ke35 and all i want is to do dirty mutherʞ©$ɟing burnouts and love this car. ive just had to put the neighhbours dog back in their yard and fucck..... so my story runs.... ke35 off a mate years ago, rust and injury free apart from a Tbone in a drivers door...... other than that and a ʞ©$ɟing mega stack of beers ive started. origninally i built this weapon to run a 5k i bought fro a ke70.. loved it.... minimal issues, got the car running and registered for a dick weed mate who drove it round. he finally got a work car and i took it off the road to put a 3t in it. ʞ©$ɟ!!!!!!! man what am i doing swapping gold out for pewter?>!?!?!?! that motherʞ©$ɟing 3t had more bark than alot of 4cyls and yet still I'm a ʞ©$ɟing retard to hold back...... sold the best engine i had for some garbage rebuild 5k and thats where I'm at.................. Now,........ Anyone whos half cluey with 40mmdcoe twins with my setup i need some love. ive just built a 40thou over 5k bottom end, crank, rods and slugs balanceds, the compression ratio I'm running is with 5k solid slugs which have been cut down to give me 11.6:1 compression ratio I have phill duggan making me a tropppo cam to suit the head flow and compression, but now my issues is what the ʞ©$ɟ do i do with with my 40mmdcoe webers................ Blown4k off clubk says run big venturies..... now my issue is well this is the last step before cam install in my engine.................... but i want to start with the right carb setup. anyone half cluey who can help me out would bew aw0esome because I'm about to set these carbs up to suit this engine. the cars a bucket of shit..... alll go no show but i can't wait to have some little k motor on the streets
  23. So come take advantage of my latest impulse buy. getting a harley Z50.! so this has to go or the wife will divorce me http://www.gumtree.c...like/1034172828 build thread here: http://www.rollaclub...the-monkeyzzzz/ has new headlight, bar end mirrors and 4 indicators fitted. still have the original tank if you prefer that look Takegawa rear shocks Takegawa speedo Yoshimura exhaust custom drag type forward leaning handle bars only passed a RWC 1 month ago asking $2k with the rego. neg thanks for your time
  24. Hi Guys, Can anyone confirm if this would work. MR2 3sge Engine J160 6 speed the following kit from the UK to suit Beams engine -Brand new lightened and balanced flywheel -Brand new and genuine Exedy clutch pressure plate -Brand new and genuine Exedy clutch driven plate -Brand new and genuine Exedy clutch release bearing Beams Starter Motor Does any one know if the Beams flywheel has the same 8 bolt stud pattern as the MR2 or if any non beams motor does. Can any one see any other problems? Thanks for your ideas. Cheers
  25. Hi guys I bought a 7k-e electronic dissy ages ago and I've come to the time in the build to install it. The problem I'm having is there is a small 2 pin plug on the side of it, I'm assuming they are positive and negative I have not looked inside it yet. If someone has used a 7ke dissy on their 4k or 5k can you point me in the right direction. I've also looked at installing the electronic type point conversion you can do for the standard point type dissy. But I cannot find a type to suit my single bolt point type has anyone done that type of conversion to help me in that direction. Thanks Mathew
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