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  1. MartyJ

    Ke Auto Build

    What do you mean?
  2. MartyJ


    Was a SA car. Then owned by aomeone who kept all reciepts for about 7 years. Didnt drive it much at all. Then a fellow bought it in a town 40 mins from Toowoomba. Then I bought it from him.
  3. MartyJ


    Is it really? When did you have it?
  4. Looks awesome man! Always wanted to put an 18RG in mine but just havent got the motivation for it atm. and its already running a 4age with 45mm webers carbs. Good to know a motor of about the same size will fit tho. :)
  5. i have some brisbane northside. call me on 0424523479
  6. Bought a 4AGE AE71, really happy with it still building the Auto Grandma car as I like to call it :P

  7. After any Grandma items like windscreen sun visors blinds, venetians, shades ect.. to suit KE70/AE71 Located just north of Brisbane
  8. Yea I have feared a head gasket, already got a couple of quotes on vrs sets. I will look into that cheers. Thanks heaps
  9. Getting a few over heating issues at the current point in time. Replaced the thermostat with no luck. Next I am flushing the system by taking out the thermostat and putting a fire hose down the neck into the block. This is to hopefully pick up the gunk on the bottom of the radiator and flush it through the top. Fingers crossed it works will update over the weekend. 3 weeks till Matsuri :P
  10. Update Been a while but I have sorted out the rear brakes now. Bought myself a welder and plan on fixing the rust sooner rather than later. Car is looking great. Hopefully it will be ready for a trip to matsuri !
  11. Haven't worked on the car lately, have been busy with Christmas. Have planned on buying a welder in the new year and fixing the rust myself to be able to learn another skill and have fun doing even more of the work myself. Should have some content in this thread next year
  12. After the strut brace man. postage to north Brisbane an option?
  13. All good, always great to spread the knowledge. Didn't know that myself actually, but I did use the red rubber grease as I have them all available at my workshop :) Hopefully I'm going to be working on the car tomorrow if all goes well at work.
  14. Took out the piston and gave it a bit of a clean up. Couldn't see any pits in it so greased it a bit and popped it back in. The rubber seal was broken but had a quoted price to get the rebuild kit of $75 for the pair of fronts. Put it all back in working just fine! Started replacing the rear wheel cylinders. Had to rush away so the work stopped for the day.
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