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  1. I haven't. I was thinking the same thing, there is a fair bit of flex in the line, but it will slowly become an issue if i leave it as is. My mate Adam just realised his t50 slave is on his passenger side, on his current 4age ke70 build. He already purchased a braided clutch line for a drivers side slave, so i think i will just buy the braided line of him and install that when i can be bothered. The braided line has plenty of flex, and will look heaps nicer.
  2. Got a little more done over the Christmas break. Steering and brake parts arrived from t3; OEM hubs and bearings, billet caliper brackets, zero ackerman ae86 knuckels, t3 rose joint tie rods Halfway through installing Drivers side. JDM 17mm Slotted rotor. Modded ADM Caliper. Shaved 3mm off each pad to fit Relocated my wiper wash and overflow reservoirs to either side of the radiator to make room for an air-box. Replaced my Thermo Fan with a much nicer fitting unit. Started to mock-up an air-box design. I am still looking for a stock air-box from a te71/2, or RA Celica, but if all fails ill just get this made in aluminum. Had a new clutch line made as i snapped the one that came with the gearbox trying to bend it to shape. Much cleaner to look at now Painted my venetians black to mach the rest of the colour scheme. Android 18 on the rear parcel shelf Got started on my fuel system. Ill be running a VL in-tank lift pump to a surge tank, then a Bosch 707 from the surge to the fuel rail, with a filter in the engine bay. Got the tank out Cut the filter off, and installed the lift pump at the same length Now i just need a few more hoses and in-tank wiring stuff to finish it off. As she sits now I also recently purchased a 3tgte sump with oil returns, and am waiting on a 3tgte crank, 2tgeu lighted flywheel to arrive, for eventual turbo once the things running. If anyone has a 3t turbo manifold hit me up! All of my pedals are now plumbed up, steering is sorted (just need an alignment), front brakes are in, now all thats left is: New door seals finish front bumper mounts install & wire rear number plate lights Tail lights/reverse light wiring Fill gearbox with oil Add Coolant Ignition wiring Finish Fuel Diff upgrade + rear brakes + LSD (down the track) more i can't remember Still a lot to do, but once i get the fuel system sorted ill send it off to get professionally wired up to save the hassle. I just want to drive the thing again. More to come.
  3. I hope so Wayne.. I'm not to worried for now, i just wanna get the thing running. Onces shes hot, ill adjust tappets and go from there.. I may just send the head off for a complete freshen up anyway. Ive sourced a mate to help me change the internals over if the time comes, but if i have to go down that road ill be swapping it out for 3t crank, forged internals and then up the compression. Finally sourced a towbar, turns out a bloke had one around the corner!! Still needs a coat of paint, but it mounts up sweet. Not sure if OEM Customised my stock throttle cable. Ended up cutting to size then just smashing a nut on the end with a hammer to lock it off. Holds up for now, good enough until i source the right one.
  4. Compression Test results :bash: ***PSI*** 1 = 78.32 2 = 118.93 3 = 126.18 4 = 133.43
  5. Small Update. She finally Cranks: Considering the motor hasn't turned in over 6 years I'm stoked! Still got so much more to do, but now i have a little more motivation.
  6. could be the Indicator stalk? have you checked the earth? do you lose any other lights when the indicators stop working? brakes? parkers? reverse?
  7. If its been sitting for 2 years, change the oil, filter and plugs while your at it. Also, drop a tablespoon of deisel down each sparkplug hole and turn the motor over by hand before you start cranking.
  8. Picked up some cheap suspension this week. Ae86 struts with weld on coilover kit from a JDM Levin imported at 120,000 kms for $150. stoked. Started cleaning and repainting Compared to standard KE strut Still need knuckles, tie rods and caliper mounts with backing plates. Already have ADM calipers ready to go. Also picking up an RA60 Sway bar tonight... 24mm stiffness :thumbsup:
  9. Corollasocietyaus teams up with Radrollaz to bring you their next event NEW SCHOOL vs OLD SCHOOL! 6 August 11:00–15:00 3/40 NEWTON ROAD, WETHERILL PARK, SYDNEY NSW More info: https://www.facebook...96481447237972/ Be good to see a meet a few locals, hope to see you all there..
  10. Got a little bit more done yesterday. New exhaust gasket on, and headers mounted. Started on the exhaust.. Started to mock up the front bar. Working out how to make new mounts. Should be on in the next few weeks. Stay tuned..
  11. Small update. Installed my boot and fuel cap release cables, and polished my interior. Wanted to get more done but just ran out of time. I couldn't find any photos of how to install these cables, so i took some on the way. I'm yet to finish the fuel cap, if anyone has photos to clarify please pm me. More to come...
  12. sweet find man, very jealous. Keep the forums alive, facebook groups are killing them.
  13. Got a bit more done today: Installed xt130 LCA's, mounted the gearbox. The car is now back on its wheels... for now. How the Sump sits Rear Shot. DX Taillights. Staying bumper-less Mounted fuel pressure gauge Painted my headers white, then proceeded to get dirty fingerprints all over them... Still a lot more to do.. need to get my fuel situation sorted, then start on wiring... the list doesn't end! More to come...
  14. Small update. Installed Ae71 Clutch Master. I was worried about the fitment, but turned out to be a perfect fit behind the EFI intake. More to come.
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