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  1. Picked up a replacement front guard a while back for her. Will be tackling the RWC items to get it rego'd again and also quick fixing the rust areas for rego. Long term plan is to cut out all rust and replace with fresh metal properly, full "backyard" respray, clean it up and cruise.
  2. Holy S**T its been a while since ive been in here and I totally forgot I creating this thread. A bit has changed since I was here last. The KE70 ran out of rego, rust has set in while it sat for a couple years. It's time she got some TLC and ill keep this thread updated. Here are some photos of the rust thats set in. Its bad but can be saved.
  3. Yeh i wont be taking an engine conversion lightly. If its done, ill do it properly and factor in suspension, brakes, fuel system etc. Ive been a Commodore man all my life but have fallen in love with the Corolla. Yeh, I'm guessing I have a manifold leak of some sort. Just have been lazy to get around checking.
  4. The ticking sound has gone away but still runs a little rough. I'm just keeping an eye on it all and look forward to upgrading the engine and driveline when the timing is right. Thinking 13BT or SR20DET. Might aswell go big if changing engines.
  5. Been cruising the KE70 daily to work and back. Runs good and no trouble. Recently decided to sell my VH Commodore SL/X and use the funds to go towards upgrading the KE. Wont do much until I get to a good budget amount (10-12k) before touching the KE. Looking into engine conversions etc.
  6. G'day everyone, I thought id throw this question out there as ive had a think about it an am unsure. Which engine conversion would you say is the "Easiest" ie Best Value for the KE70? I know this is a very hard question to answer and there are many variables. I am assuming from all the 4AGE series conversion that that is the best value and easiest. If I was to drop my car off at a mechanic and ask for all work to be done, which engine conversion would be best value for money and take the least amount of time (ie Money) to install ? What do you think?
  7. Thanks again for the feedback guys. The car has 128,000km and was regularly serviced when my Auntie drove it. I am unsure if it was “ticking” before she stopped driving it though. In regards to the carby, I have had it fully rebuilt and when I had it installed by the carby guy he did find a inlet manifold leak which he said may cause the ticking also. I am not worrying about it much for now, it has “Lifter FREE” in it now and will run it for a couple of tanks of fuel, then flush the oil again and refill with fresh oil. Once I do anything ill update in here. I work 50 hours a week and usually work on my house on days off haha...
  8. Thanks for the tips guys. So if the tappets are out, can that make the car idle rough? Ill have a listen hopefully tomorrow in between Fathers Day festivities. :D
  9. Thanks for the comprehensive reply Banjo :D I will take your advice on board and see how I go. Being my daily drive and enjoying the car as much as I do I don't want it off the road for weeks while I try and learn as I go. I'll update in here once I do anything to it.
  10. Hi everyone, I have a 1981 KE70 which has not been driven in a few years. Finally got it on the road and registered and its running a little rough and has a ticking noise. Ive been advised it bay be a stuck lifter/s. My question is : When replacing lifters in a 1981 KE70 4K-C engine, do you have to remove the head? The reason for my question is to work out if ill do it myself or not. If the head has to come off, I will most likely have a mechanic help with me it, if it doesnt have to come off, I MAY consider doing it myself. In the meantime, I'm cruising it as my daily drive and loving it. Ive changed the oil 3 times and have used FREE Lube also already. Has got a little better, but still runs rough when idling. With the revs up a little it doesnt seem too bad.
  11. UPDATE: Had the carby rebuilt. Car runs fine besides a massive ticking sound and little rough idle. Might be a stuck lifter. Also go the car registered and is now my daily drive.
  12. G'day everyone, I'm looking for a Straight Silver Front left hand guard for my 198 KE70 Looking for the same colour if possible but open to any colour if the panel is straight. PM me here or SMS/Call me on 0478 940 468 I'm in Werribee Victoria.
  13. Name: Mick Car: 1981 KE70 Sedan Motor & Driveline: 4K-c 1.3ltr, 4 speed Manual Suspension & Brakes: Stock Wheels & Tyres: Stock Interior: Stock Body: Stock Other: Purchased brand new in 1981 by my Auntie, she drove it to work daily and serviced it every 6 months. A couple years ago due to age she gave up driving after she had an accident in it. Besides the left hand panel damage and some drivers seat wear its a very nice car. After starting it it seems to have a stuck lifter or something, its got a loud knock. Will get it rego'd and daily it.
  14. Pin pointed the starting issue to the carby. Removed the carb and sending it to a carby specialist for a rebuild. Fingers crossed this fixes the issue and its running by the weekend.
  15. Already been cranking haha Ill do the fluids once it starts running. Just eager to hear it idle on its own and go for a drive. Ive checked the oil and all fluids and they are fresh and at normal levels. Will drop the oil and do all fluid changes once it runs.
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