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  1. It's a very long time since I got a forum post notification... never did a compression test, when captain corolla heard the symptoms he diagnosed cracked piston too. Think that is where my enthusiasm began to die haha. Look forward to progress!
  2. I had those caps made in the machine shop where I worked at the time as a bit of a thank you for matt's help with my cars. We had some ideas of doing a production run back then but now I rather like the fact they are a one off. Not sure I could get a set done again either as I don't work there any more and neither do most of the good blokes!
  3. Its probably not the done thing any more, but I still like to keep a build thread on my rides so I remember what I did to them along the journey! So introducing my latest acquistion, a very clean 1978 MX32 Cressida. I wanted to get something I could put the kids in the back of, that had power steering and aircon, and was generally going to be a comfortable family cruiser. This popped up on ebay for quite a bit of cash, and was all the way over in Albany WA. But it looked immaculate and I fell in love. Spoke with the owners and they had bought it from a car yard, who had bought it from the original owner, an old bloke who had handed in his licence. They were going to let their daughter learn to drive in it, but after a few people told them they had a gem on their hands, they decided to resell it. Apparently the power (!!) was a bit too much for her too. A bit of research (thanks Loz!) told me it was less than a grand to get the car delivered door to door from Albany to Melbourne, so a deal was done and I was the proud new owner of this gorgeous Cressy. She took about three weeks to get over to me, and involved 4 trucks and a train. Not bad value really!! When it arrived it was even cleaner than I hoped. Extremely clean. Drives really well, though man its a boat! I guess I wanted plush, but this is not so much plush as aquatic. Plans? Lower it. Nice wheels. A Nardi. Some kind of arrangement for sounds, though the radio is perfectly adequate. An electronic dizzy conversion, and that will do for the moment. 1UZ dreams one day maybe?! First mod was fitting baby seat bolts in the back parcel shelf. Oh how life has changed :) Will let the photos do the talking for now...
  4. Do it. Been one or two of those at the show before, the bikes are marvels with some of the weirdness!!
  5. Its on again! The Toyota Car Club of Australia (Vic) is proud to present the 5th Annual Classic Japan car and bike show. All the details and registration can be done at http://www.classicjapan.org.au and keep an eye on http://www.facebook.com/classicjapanshow Venue: Como Park North, South Yarra. Melbourne, Australia. Date: Sunday, December 6, 2015 Event Schedule: 7:00am – 8:00am. Vendor set up and trailered vehicle arrival. 8:00am – 9:3oam. Gates open for entrant arrival. 9:30am – 2:00pm. Gates Closed (No vehicles to be moved or started during this time). 2:00pm – 3:00pm. Gates open for entrant exit. 3:00pm. Event closed. Eligibility criteria: Vehicles sold by a Japanese manufacturer with a build date up to (and including) December 31st, 1990. (25 years or older) As per previous years vehicles sold by an Australian subsidiary such as the Holden (Isuzu) Gemini and Chrysler (Mitsubishi) Galant are eligible. If your unsure of your vehicles eligibility please send us a message via the Facebook page or email [email protected]
  6. Its been positively eons since I visited the forums. Old faithful is up for sale, returned to stock form to appeal to a wider market. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/eltham-north/cars-vans-utes/1991-toyota-corolla-wagon/1089335799
  7. New update... still hating the lowered front end in terms of ride... maybe the shocks I bought second hand are stuffed... or I need heavier duty springs.... I found a really good grille at Centre Rd wreckers on the weekend when I was there for other things. Always wanted to try this grille on my 95, so I grabbed it and love it :) There is also a AE93 SX Seca at home that I recently acquired. Bway keeps telling me I should install the smallport 4AGE in the 95.... damn its tempting :)
  8. Ah so its more about having an LSD than necessarily a beefier diff. There isn't really a cheap way out of acquiring something with an LSD. I think in terms of longevity and serviceability getting a R31 diff converted to LSD and installed in the Corolla is probably the way to go, though they are a heavy ass thing. Alternatively keeping an eye on the ae86drivingclub forums and being quick on the draw will see you acquire a relatively cheap t-series rear end complete with LSD when someone needs quick cash and is bailing out of a project. There was another option that used to be talked about on these forums, but I haven't managed to use the correct search words to bring it back up - there was some place in Melbourne who were making a quasi-LSD by fitting springs or something to the stock Corolla diff. Someone else might know what I am on about....
  9. Poor old girl has sat in the shed for a few months with no love. I gave her a run last weekend around the block to show I still loved her. And bought her some new induction parts this week too :) Stripes and door numbers were done by a signwriter mate Jim who lives down Frankston way. If you want his details send me a PM :)
  10. Sweet :) You blokes didn't buy the blue one that was on carsales last week did you?!
  11. Plenty of information in the wiki on lowering an early girl...
  12. What have you done to the car to warrant needing upgrading the diff out of interest?
  13. altezzaclub if you find any KE15's that are in decent nick for $2000, I will buy them all day every day
  14. Well the weather was not perfect, but over 250 cars and 20 bikes is testament to the commitment of the classic jap car community. Thanks to every one who helped, attended and supported another awesome event! Photos photos photos here (same as what was on the CJ facebook page): https://picasaweb.google.com/113432889999220868273/ClassicJapan2014?authuser=0&feat=directlink
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