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Found 8 results

  1. I’ve turbod my ke70. Just wondering if anyone has done the same. How did you do it. How much did it cost. Any dyno results. Anyone need help with a similar project
  2. MartyJ

    Ke Auto Build

    Hello Finally I have gained some motivation and time to start my build! I will have pictures coming soon. This blog is mainly so I have a record of what my car has been thru with me haha Cheers and welcome to my build.
  3. MartyJ


    Only thing changed since i bought it are the rims.
  4. Welcome! You may have had a look at my other thread at http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/72174-best-engine-swap-for-ke30/, where I was after information on engine swaps. I will be fixing and modding my 4k. I have a forum post on mighty car mods forum which I will edit a link in tonight. Now, my plans for the Rolla are: - Fix the miss in cylinder 1 - Buy extractors and finish building the custom exhaust - Fix the boot (its not bolted on, no inserts in the boot) - New steelies and tyres - New gaskets and piston rings - Paint it (red, orange, blue or white) - Weber carburettor Things I have done since I bought it: - New tachometer - Fixed the speakers - Full service Photos will be up tonight!
  5. Had a few ke's before but never a registered one. So taking some parts from my 82 model to fix this APR 84 ive decided to build. Picked this car up from Toowoomba with 225xxxkm's on the clock. Just a little 4k Auto. The interior is just immaculate! I fell in love with it and for $700 I couldn't complain. Log Books and receipts for the last 11 Years. The grandma took good care! Receipts showed she had only done 7000kms in those years and that the car was originally from South Australia. Plans are to get her on the road. I have the parts to make it a 5 speed but I love getting a laugh out of people when I talk it up as having a 3 speed tri-matic haha. Also could go with Quad headlights as I have those laying around as well but we will see! Got started on the KE on Saturday just been. Took out the struts and LCA's with no dramas. Put the xt130 LCA's in and adjusted the caster arm to match. Problem was I couldn't release the tie rod end... My mechanic helped me out yesterday (Monday) so I got those adjusted. Everything was smooth again doing wheel bearings and cleaning up the rotors until I found out that the strut tops on the 82 model were 5mm different to the 84.. Oh well now I need to compress the spring and change the tops. (Only thing changed since I got the car are the rims and tires as I sold the old jelly beans and bought MA61's with Yokohama Advan A50 Semi slicks!!!)
  6. Hey Everyone, Figured I would start a build thread, considering it has turned into more of a build than just a buy and drive. So I've already started a thread which a few of you have already thankfully helped me with, but I believe starting this thread (WITH PICS!) will be a more suitable place for everything. This is how I bought it, As some of you had seen the ads you will recognize these photos. Seller informed me all it would need was the water pump put on, tail shaft installed, gearbox oil put in, and a radiator and hoses. After it got delivered i promptly got it up on stands and started on the small list to finish her off. And that's when i noticed that the lowness wasn't from proper springs Installed everything, put the battery in to crank her up and it was just slow turning over.... fun begins. Got a sparky mate around to help with electrics because that isn't my forte, redid the negative terminal to ground, and checked the resistance of the wires to the starter and engine ground. All checked out, shorted out the starter to double check that all seemed clear, but decided to pull it off and get it checked out anyway. Wasn't the starter.... After a bit more advice I pulled the motor out, and started to tear it down to see why it was binding up and so hard to turn over. As soon as I pulled the flywheel and put the motor on the stand it loosened up a lot, could even turn it by hand, but would still bind up a tiny amount. Flywheel Couldn't really see any marks on the wheel itself, very small amount of the rear main seal was scored but nothing major. Whilst I've got the motor out and pulled down, i figured I'd get the cam done, decided to get a tighe 154 grind and the lifters refaced Also getting new big end and main bearings, thrust washers etc. Today I pulled the struts out to change the springs over. Old vs New While I had the wheels off, checked the brake pads and got another lovely surprise... Thankfully I happen to have Girlocks on the front, So VN rear disk pads work in these? This is a massive first post, but I was putting off writing it. I've also got twin SU's on the way Have some extractors to get from a mate from the 3k off my old ke30 2door sedan that is still sitting on stands... There is a couple things that I'm missing that I could use some help with if anyone knows where to look. I need a passenger side front seat belt stalk looks like this and also a rear drivers side. Also if anyone knows where to get the coupe weatherstrip and the strip between the windows? And that is pretty much up to date for now, I was hoping to have the motor rebuilt this weekend, but the bearings are all down in NSW and need to be posted up here, so hopefully I can have her on the road in the next two weeks. sorry for the wall of text, future updates should be smaller.
  7. HEY GUYS, Here is my 1991 AE92 Corolla Auto. The car was partly a gift for me , i always wanted a Corolla and was suprised when i was given this one. I am currently doing it up on a budget as i am a student at TAFE. It isn't the best but i am trying to do it up as best i can :) MODS SO FAR; Chrome grille off an AE92 Seca LED parking lights pink speaker cages pink hubcaps black door handles (Still have to spray the back ones) Nightshaded taillights Sub & Amp White Wing Mirrors MODS I WANT TO DO ; New stereo spray paint headlights (the insides) touch up chipped paint colour code bumpers get rid of the trolley strips Spray some of the interior. Custom door inserts Lower it LED Strips for interior The upper model boot garnish FIND A DRIVERS SIDE HEADLIGHT COVER lol, only have 1 - If anyone has one let me know :) Boot spoiler Front bumper lip side skirts New Exhaust - Louder or deeper note. That's it so far. I came here to get advice and helpful Criticism so if you can help with ideas it's greatly appreciated :) THANK YOU :-)
  8. Hi guys and gals, I would like to introduce you to Betsy, a 1975 KE30 4 door with no working engine. I purchased her on the 15.08.13. She looked rather straight and upon inspection I could not find any significant rust spots so I organised for the sellers dad (a tow truck driver) to drop her off at my door and handed over the money. I will be updating this post as often as I can, but unfortunately I have a new house and a lot of other jobs to deal with so just gotta remember "SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE" (but I just want her done NOW). The plans are to strip her down repair any rust found, paint, full interior, and then drop a SR20DET into her with a R31 cut down diff (Borg Warner 4.11 with 28' spline) and a few other bits and pieces as you will see. Aiming for around 200-220kwatw but we will see how we go. Power delivery is my main goal, as to make it as smooth and efficient as possible, so I will most likely put more work into the suspension set up than the engine at the start. Anyway just wanted to introduce Betsy to you and keep posted for updates. Cheers Robski
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