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Found 15 results

  1. A couple of years ago i picked up this KE35 here in the philippines. Pretty much it was just covered in rust and had just two passenger side seats and cheap carpet glued all over the place to cover up the rust. I figured It would be a good project for me to work on my body work and welding skills. turns out i was right, lots and lots of practice.
  2. Got this nice little 1 owner a few weeks ago with full log books, receipts and even a Polaroid of it when it was new, its my first Corolla and so far I love it Main reason I liked it so much was that it was kept stock its whole life so there isn't many parts I need to find and I thought it was quite rare to find one in this condition. The drivers side door had a good whack a few years ago the previous owner mentioned, I had to source a new glass window (got the whole door+mirror which was awesome). Wasn't as hard to find as I had firstly thought, other than that the passenger front guard has a small but decent dent in the front near the headlight and the chrome strip is all busted up :(. Not much rust at all considering its age I thought, rear passenger guard is the worst in the whole car. I believe the car had a touch up long ago as there's signs of repair in back of the roof/down between the windows, looks good from far away so that will do for now lol... Dumped the oil straight away and put some nice full zinc Penrite in and gave the engine bay and motor a good scrub. Thermostat was totally seized so that was replaced. New oil and fuel filter. Water pump has seen better days but I have it a good clean and slapped it back on for now. Sanded back the air cleaner housing as it was in a terrible state but gave up after it was good enough as I didn't have the right tools to do it properly. Gave it a paint in white but it looked weird so I went black, need to find the original color code or something... taped up the best looking original paint and the sticker on the housing so I could get it matched if all else fails (not a high priority at all). Rocker cover was sanded back with 1500 and it come up pretty good I thought. Flushed out all the crappy rusty water from the block and heater hoses - was filthy... Gave the radiator a flush with the hose and painted it and the fan cover. Noticed the distributor vacuum advance wasn't working, I think the diaphragm is seized up.. don't have a timing light handy so when I take it to the mechanics soon ill get him to take a look at the distributor and hopefully its an easy fix (doubt it). Does this need to be working for the secondaries to open up on the carb or is it just for the timing when decelerating ? In this photo the carb doesn't look like one of the throats have been working ? Read up a bit about them but still a little confused. I'm thinking ill just send it away and get it rebuilt when I have some cash to blow. Other than that there isn't too much mechanically wrong with it, going to change the wheel bearings cause that's cheap and probably start looking at the bushes and replacing them slowly over time. Ill take some nice pics when its up on the hoist. Really wanted to get the cassette player working so I pulled it apart and gave it a good clean (had to learn how to do this lol). Replaced the belt and found the motor to be seized, come good with some crc lectra-clean and a few spins. Took a while to get it sorted so when it finally worked I was so happy ... made some tapes on a $40 Yamaha tape deck I got off gumtree yesterday just for recording and they sound pretty good (not really) from the original speakers, when I'm cashed up ill get some 5x7 which Ive read should fit in the standard holes - ill check before I buy any as I def don't want to cut any holes anywhere. Video of the player working with a tape I made up :)) https://streamable.com/wvqww Main drama I still have is when I floor the pedal - even when rolling, it just bogs down until maybe 3000rpm ?? then it seems to liven up. Was pretty sluggish when I first drove it but after the little service I gave it and filled it up with 98 + upper head lube additive it seems to have come back to life somewhat. I'm thinking perhaps the timing is simply off, or worst case the carb needs a good service or tune at least. Still haven't got my hands on a service manual as some of them don't have the KE35 coupe and some do - I think... just going to get a newer one when I can which will def have the CS Coupe. So that's it for now, done about 300km over the past week with her all over Brisbane, up the lookout, over the gateway bridge and its very nice to drive! Next on the agenda are wheel bearings, gearbox oil gasket, sort out the carb. Long term goal is to slowly refurbish the rest of the car, the front guard needs to be beat out or replaced and the drivers side door needs to be swapped over with the one I got with the window. Hoping the a KE55 coupe door line up with the body lines on the KE35... I know the base of the mirrors are bigger on the 55 as I have one for my drivers door, the bottom hangs off the body a bit so I'm wondering if the door is slightly wider or something. Hate autos also, would be nice to swap it over to 4 or 5 speed as id like to drive long distance and the old trimatic is kinda limited to 90 unless I want to rev the hell out of it for an hour straight but I don't want to cut any holes to fit it. Ive read the early K gearboxes should bolt right in, but Ive also heard the autos may not have the mounting holes for the manual - its a low priority so not too worried about it for now - its just a cruiser anyway Anyway hope you enjoy the pics, hopefully down the road it will have a total respray in the original color and at this stage ill fix the rust, door and all the big jobs like that as it wont be very cheap to do it properly.
  3. Hey all, thought I'd share a few pictures and details of my ke35. I bought the car last year in 2015. I traveled about 3 hours south of Sydney to pick it up! It has a 4sp manual powered by a 3k. I've been toying with the idea of building this car and swapping the engine but I'm still undecided. Torn between the idea of power and keeping things original. This is the not long after I bought it. It was sitting on 15x6.5 inch Lenso wheels at stock height. The car had no center console so I rigged up a ke70 handbrake surround and installed the gear stick surround also. I installed a head unit in the centre console and carpeted the rear parcel tray. I put two 6 1/2 inch speakers in the tray, they still look sleek and don't take away from the car. At this point I decided to begin cleaning up a 5k from a ke30 that I had. The motor was filthy, I took it apart, replaced all seals, welch plugs and cleaned the valves up. Here's a few pics of the progress. After taking everything apart, the internals seemed to be in decent condition after a good clean. At this point I lowered the front and rear to get it sitting a little nicer. I used 2 inch lowering blocks to raise the diff. I then welded up a full 2 inch stainless steel exhaust and bought extractors also. I put a hotdog muffler in the middle and a normal oval shaped resonator/muffler in the rear. It doesn't drone at all and has a nice tone to it. I don't wake the neighbors up late at night either. I then put on some black chaser wheels. They are 15x5.5 inch. The offset is suited for FWD but I have wheel spacers to make up for this. I was happy with the look of the new wheels but I decided to add chrome dress rings and white walls. I also purchased original rear venetians. Within the next month or so I'll be putting the 5k motor in and installing a 5 speed manual (I've already picked this up). I hope you enjoyed reading some of the changes and stay tuned for any updates!
  4. Hey Guys, just wondering if any of you have done any coil-over/suspension upgrades in your KE30/35's that are recommended. Also wondering what amount of work would need doing putting in AE 82/92/86/101/111 coils in a KE35 as I am interested in upgrading handling and lowering the car. Thanks All.
  5. Hi All, I have recently purchased a Ke35 and will be getting my P's (Australian licence for 17 year olds) and am looking to put a 4age in. I have seen people posting about putting a 4age into Ke70's and Ke55's with an AE71 conversion as well. I am just wondering as I am quite new to the world of Corolla's if it is an easy conversion to put a 4age in my 35 and what I will need to do to make it possible. Wanting to make this thing as unique as possible. Thanks all.
  6. Hi everyone I'm new here on rollaclub.com and wanna begin my adventure with classic Corollas. I have some project on my head that I'd like to get advise on. Basically I was wondering if KE55 Liftback and KE55 Coupe have the same bolts patterns so it's possible to swap their front ends: hood, guards, grill, headlights etc from liftback to coupe). Frogeye Coupe was avaulavble only in Japan but I'd like to make my own here in Oz. Tanks in advance for your replies! Cheers Peter
  7. Hey Everyone, Figured I would start a build thread, considering it has turned into more of a build than just a buy and drive. So I've already started a thread which a few of you have already thankfully helped me with, but I believe starting this thread (WITH PICS!) will be a more suitable place for everything. This is how I bought it, As some of you had seen the ads you will recognize these photos. Seller informed me all it would need was the water pump put on, tail shaft installed, gearbox oil put in, and a radiator and hoses. After it got delivered i promptly got it up on stands and started on the small list to finish her off. And that's when i noticed that the lowness wasn't from proper springs Installed everything, put the battery in to crank her up and it was just slow turning over.... fun begins. Got a sparky mate around to help with electrics because that isn't my forte, redid the negative terminal to ground, and checked the resistance of the wires to the starter and engine ground. All checked out, shorted out the starter to double check that all seemed clear, but decided to pull it off and get it checked out anyway. Wasn't the starter.... After a bit more advice I pulled the motor out, and started to tear it down to see why it was binding up and so hard to turn over. As soon as I pulled the flywheel and put the motor on the stand it loosened up a lot, could even turn it by hand, but would still bind up a tiny amount. Flywheel Couldn't really see any marks on the wheel itself, very small amount of the rear main seal was scored but nothing major. Whilst I've got the motor out and pulled down, i figured I'd get the cam done, decided to get a tighe 154 grind and the lifters refaced Also getting new big end and main bearings, thrust washers etc. Today I pulled the struts out to change the springs over. Old vs New While I had the wheels off, checked the brake pads and got another lovely surprise... Thankfully I happen to have Girlocks on the front, So VN rear disk pads work in these? This is a massive first post, but I was putting off writing it. I've also got twin SU's on the way Have some extractors to get from a mate from the 3k off my old ke30 2door sedan that is still sitting on stands... There is a couple things that I'm missing that I could use some help with if anyone knows where to look. I need a passenger side front seat belt stalk looks like this and also a rear drivers side. Also if anyone knows where to get the coupe weatherstrip and the strip between the windows? And that is pretty much up to date for now, I was hoping to have the motor rebuilt this weekend, but the bearings are all down in NSW and need to be posted up here, so hopefully I can have her on the road in the next two weeks. sorry for the wall of text, future updates should be smaller.
  8. Hey guys, So I've bought my second corolla, a 1974 ke35, and the previous owner has put a 4k in because his wife blew up the 3k. Now when I bought it, it hasnt been completed, I've got what appears to be a fuel return line? Which I thought these cars didn't have. I'm probably mistaken, but if anyone could be so kind as to tell me where this is meant to connect to that would be great.
  9. Hey guys and girls. I'm trying to track down my first car. It's was a 1974 toyota corolla ke35 silvery purple with a metallic purple engine bay. I sold it back in 2008 then it was resold on here back in 2012 and I'm hoping it is still getting around. Any help would be greatly appreciated. These are a couple of pics of what it looked like. please message me on here or email me: [email protected] or sms me on 0432 108 612.
  10. so here i am, the fat beareded non santa that should be but not really... I'm 6'3" and 120kg with a ke35 and all i want is to do dirty mutherʞ©$ɟing burnouts and love this car. ive just had to put the neighhbours dog back in their yard and fucck..... so my story runs.... ke35 off a mate years ago, rust and injury free apart from a Tbone in a drivers door...... other than that and a ʞ©$ɟing mega stack of beers ive started. origninally i built this weapon to run a 5k i bought fro a ke70.. loved it.... minimal issues, got the car running and registered for a dick weed mate who drove it round. he finally got a work car and i took it off the road to put a 3t in it. ʞ©$ɟ!!!!!!! man what am i doing swapping gold out for pewter?>!?!?!?! that motherʞ©$ɟing 3t had more bark than alot of 4cyls and yet still I'm a ʞ©$ɟing retard to hold back...... sold the best engine i had for some garbage rebuild 5k and thats where I'm at.................. Now,........ Anyone whos half cluey with 40mmdcoe twins with my setup i need some love. ive just built a 40thou over 5k bottom end, crank, rods and slugs balanceds, the compression ratio I'm running is with 5k solid slugs which have been cut down to give me 11.6:1 compression ratio I have phill duggan making me a tropppo cam to suit the head flow and compression, but now my issues is what the ʞ©$ɟ do i do with with my 40mmdcoe webers................ Blown4k off clubk says run big venturies..... now my issue is well this is the last step before cam install in my engine.................... but i want to start with the right carb setup. anyone half cluey who can help me out would bew aw0esome because I'm about to set these carbs up to suit this engine. the cars a bucket of shit..... alll go no show but i can't wait to have some little k motor on the streets
  11. Hey does anyone know if a 3k or 4k head will fit on any of the newer 1.6 liter engines and how many mods and how hard it would be to get in a ke35
  12. hi, just wondering if anyone has done an engine conversion with an 18R in a ke35 and how hard the swap was?
  13. Hi all I've got an electrical problem with my ke35 and i am in no way qualified to be able to fix it. Here's a quick run down of the car and a list of things that is happening. The car has worked 4k (Oversized pistons, Chrome Molly rings, Big end, main,and cam bearings replaced, Reground cam and cam followers, New valves and seats, Double valve springs, Not sure of comp ratio, 200psi per cylinder, Twin DCOE40 webers, 4-1 extractors, New timing chain when rebuilt, Distributer recalibrated). Also running a davies craig electric water pump and fan. When the car is on... Hazard stalk up = all indicators solid light Hazard stalk down = nothing Indicators on = nothing Headlights = blows tail fuse straight away All other electrics work fine (wipers, brake lights, heater, interior light etc..) I have just replaced the indicator/wiper cluster with this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Column-Indicator-Wiper-Switch-Toyota-Corolla-KE30-KE55-Turn-Signal-Blinker-Stalk-/400473613862?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5d3e166626&_uhb=1 as the original one started smoking when the headlights were on. Could this be a ground problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Help fixing it would be even better!!!!!! (i'm in north melbourne)
  14. Hey guys, i want to do a coil over setup for the front of my ke35. Right now i have stock struts, brakes etc. (Haven't touched the suspension just got king springs in the front). I'm running a 7K-C with a 40mm Side-draft Weber. Nothing fast, but i feel like the suspension needs to be more stable on the turns, adjustable at times and some bigger brakes. (thinking xt130's) I'm not sure what coilovers packages fit e.g. (g4) (AJPS) etc..... I'm looking to by new struts, coilover package, recondish breaks, adjustable camber tops... What do you guys think about brans or products ????? Also whats my options for the rear ? i have stock leaf springs how do lowering blocks go with suspension performance on these cars ?
  15. Hi Guys, Forgive my ignorance, but can anyone tell me if the window regulators are the same between the 2 door and 4 door ke3x models? Cheers
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