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  1. Hey Guys, just wondering if any of you have done any coil-over/suspension upgrades in your KE30/35's that are recommended. Also wondering what amount of work would need doing putting in AE 82/92/86/101/111 coils in a KE35 as I am interested in upgrading handling and lowering the car. Thanks All.
  2. thanks guys, this has been very helpful. I think I'll keep my ass how it is; untouched by big men in commodores.
  3. Hi All, I have recently purchased a Ke35 and will be getting my P's (Australian licence for 17 year olds) and am looking to put a 4age in. I have seen people posting about putting a 4age into Ke70's and Ke55's with an AE71 conversion as well. I am just wondering as I am quite new to the world of Corolla's if it is an easy conversion to put a 4age in my 35 and what I will need to do to make it possible. Wanting to make this thing as unique as possible. Thanks all.
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