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Found 12 results

  1. So this isn’t high on the priority list atm as we’ve got a few dozen other things to sort out on other things first, but I’m just trying to figure this out so I can plan/save for it. I currently have a ke36 that has a very rusty section of chassis under the engine. I’m after any advice/experience any members have with either repairing this themselves or a ballpark figure of how much a panel beater would charge if I was to go that route. As much info as possible would be great. thanks
  2. Hey guys just scored a ke36 for free and it has a sunroof and it appears to be factory but ive never seen one with one before Ive owned one previously but it needed lots of love, any information on these will be verry apreciated Bryce.
  3. o.k. here I am, relatively new to the forum, first post. I was working for a vehicle restoration company early last year when I got offered this KE36 for sale, at the time I was 16 and although I was interested garage space at home was lacking, I joined this forumn however in the hope that one day the car would become mine and I could get some ideas, so here I am, year and a half later, about to get my p plates when I get a phone call asking me if I am still interested or she was going to the wreckers, well I couldn't let that happen could I?? $200 + $70 for a tow home and the car was in my possesion! I will try to post regularly as I move on, however garage space is tiny and I am still at school (year 12... Eeek, so time is an issue. Rear Shot? Interior, Magna/Commodore Seats? Roof Racks
  4. Hey guys this is my 1978 ke36 p/van And I don't know what to do with it I've had plenty of thoughts on this I know it has a lot work to be done but I'm willing to work those hours cause I know it will be worth it in the end What I've heard about this car: This car was stolen once buy a bunch of kids and the owner found it around the corner, the kids blew the engine and so the owner had to get it replaced. It now has a 4k-c engine in it and hasn't been turned over in years. So I'm not sure if it still work, but that's why I've started to strip the engine completely, so I'm gonna do a complete engine rebuild. There is a bit of rust on the passenger rear end of the roof, and when I see 'a bit' I mean a shit tonne I don't know how much damage there is to the main chassis We'll anyways just let me know what you think and please give me some feedback on what I should do
  5. hey all just got myself a ke36 wagon. was going to be a part car for my ke55 coupe but it's too good to part so fixing it instead. anyway to the issue. idles rough without choke pulled the charge light stays on and when I put my foot on the accelerator (heavier than feathering or choke) it'll cut out. I've checked the dizzy had a little bit of shit on the points once cleaned the car starts a lot easier. but the idle is no good. would running rich cause this (smells like it)? here they are.
  6. Hey guys, just fitted a ke55 cluster in my ke36 as it was a lot cleaner, but now my petrol gauge and temp gauge are on full and sometimes go right down then back up full again, what could cause this?
  7. Is it possible to use adjustable camber tops with a stock KE30 strut? I read in a couple of threads that there is no room for adjustment in the strut tower with the wider spring/hat in a KE30, but some people are able to. However, I need to replace my old strut top rubber mounts, since they are cracking and causing vibration. I was thinking, instead of buying $140 for a pair of rubber mounts from Pedders, get adjustable camber tops, something like T3 for $190 + postage. Would there be any fitment issues? Don't really need to adjust the camber at the moment, until I get coilovers.
  8. Hi Guys, Forgive my ignorance, but can anyone tell me if the window regulators are the same between the 2 door and 4 door ke3x models? Cheers
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