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  1. could you run an inline sensor to the gearbox output, or do you require optical?
  2. http://scootersupport.com/motorrewind.htm
  3. You might be able to rewire it, depending on how handy your are. There are various guides on the internet, and it is the same theory behind increasing alternator capacity. I did it to the blower motor in the 36 - and so very glad i did. You can buy the wire from Jaycar for not very much (~$20)
  4. So...now that you've run it in, when are you going to drive it properly? Jokes aside, great build, and congratulations on finishing it! Do you need to change much to get a good base setup?
  5. Could you possibly run it with a one-way valve to hold vacuum, then bypass through the purge solenoid via a couple of tees?
  6. http://www.autostyle.co.za/vehicle-categories-2/toyota/toyota-e8e9-89-to-96.html South African Based, but they have delivered to Australia before
  7. Looks Great Adam! Might try and make it on Sunday now...
  8. I was about to say, ae92 w/ abs? what year? EDIT:...And then I read this...http://www.toymods.org.au/forums/tech-conversions/67214-ae92-abs.html
  9. is he still doing the test? need any more test subjects?
  10. I would love to have the patience and means to do this. It is a testament to your workmanship (as everyone has said already). With every update, my jaw drops further to the floor...Keep up the brilliant work!
  11. Did Cyprus get the townace/liteace? or carina? They'll be your best bets fo sourcing a 5k/7k (7k might require sump alterations to fit)
  12. Not quite four score...but still long enough... :D
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