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Found 19 results

  1. Do i need to change my fenders, apron, radiator support, hood etc. Anything else i need to convert it to quadlights. Thanks! Car model: 1983 corolla GL variant (philippines)
  2. Hey guys just recently brought my 1987 Ka67 AUTOMATIC Toyota Carina for a steal. Its running a 5k 3 speed automatic box and was curious to see if a k50 manual would bolt up to it? If so, what pedal box can i use to operate the clutch which was never there? I know its not a corolla, but i thought I'd give it a shot, sick of the crummy auto box already! Cheers!
  3. Hi All, Been a while since I've been on here as the 'rolla has been gathering dust as other priorities took over. Wondering if anyone can assist with the below. I have found a Lexus J160 6 speed box and intend to purchase SQ Engineering adaptor for 4age. Condition of box unknown, but I do know the clutch assembly including fork and slave cylinder is missing along with shift selector assembly. I understand the J160 box will place the shift lever farther back in the tunnel and there are solutions available to address that and I am willing to play around with adapting another slave cylinder and clutch fork if they are too expensive new. (Any help here?) My question, Is there another shifter that will fit that is readily available on another vehicle. (I can make light modifications if necessary) I am located NSW Mid North Coast so have very limited access to wreckers or people with knowledge on these things. Any help gratefully received and thanks in advance! Cheers
  4. Hi everyone, the corolla you can see in my pictures, the bluey greeny ke55 is starting to blow alot of smoke and the engine is being a right pain in the arse ever for a 4k with 180,000km on the clock. decided to do an engine conversion on it, but I would like people with more experiences advice. What engine should I put in that would give me the best results and be the easiest to put in my lil rwd beast. Thank you all in advance David
  5. Hi All, I drive a beautiful 1975 KE30 2door, running dedicated LPG on the stock motor with a 5speed K50 transmission. Car is a dream and a keeper, bought from a rolla club member Dale AKA doityourself on rollaclub. I have been driving the rolla for a few years now with no problems, runs beautifully and usually won't give me much starting trouble even on cold winter mornings, really reliable and well taken care of car. The praise should go to Dale (doityourself) for his beautiful work on the LPG conversion, custom exhaust and a lot more tlc. After a while the little engine can be a bit tedious and sometimes you itch for a little more excitement and oomf to match the cars personality, so on that note the time has come for a new heart... or engine, whatever you want to call it. The point of this thread really is to find the perfect Engine Conversion for me and my car. I want to make something beautiful, reliable,fairly economical, powerful, but not ridiculous. For the most part I am hoping to have JapaneseMotorsport (South Australia) handle the conversion and upgrades. I do want to one day do a project car at home by myself but this car isn't that project. This rolla is and will be my one and only daily for a long long time, I can't really see myself driving anything else. I want a professional, quality conversion and I don't trust my knowledge and skills enough to dive into an engine conversion at home. Money wise, for now lets just imagine its not an issue (of course it'll be an issue) I just really want intelligent, unique ideas, don't hold back! SO I want to make a final decision as I've been racking my brain looking and thinking about all the different engine swaps that have and haven't been done on the net. I want the overall best engine conversion for my 2door KE30 Corolla bringing these factors into thought: - Daily driver - Power, but will not be racing or drifting, just a little oomf and grunt - Sound and Looks - A big one, I DEFINITELY want to keep running dedicated LPG on the new engine I put in my rolla (don't have much info on how difficult that will be but any info would be appreciated!) - Decent-ish fuel economy - Preferably not turbo So thats about it, hopefully this sparks a good conversation over which is the overall BEST KE30 engine swap for a daily driver just looking for a better performance out of his favourite little car. Any unique conversions would be awesome, would love to do something that hasn't been done but not going to do something just because its different if its not the best choice overall. After all the reading I've done my mind at the moment sways towards a well built 20v 4age running LPG. Sorry for the long read and any dumb questions. Cheers! Joel
  6. hey guys new member here. not realy used to forums but anyway. heres my new project. bought it from southport for $800. being that i lived in newcastle the distance was crap but it was incredibly cheap and had everything i was going to do to it already started and there so i was pretty lucky. left at about 4am on saturday morning and and arrived at soutport around 2pm to pick it up. then drove home yesterday. woke up fairly early this morning planning to get a whole lot of work done to it but the weather is pretty horrid. so i only realy got the interior stripped out. plans are for now just to get this engine in properly and running the get the tailshaft sorted. take it for a few runs with the open diff and stock suspension out at my grandparents property. then slowly start to transform it. its only gonna be a drift missile so nothing fancy. its only gotta go sideways and shred tires hahaha.
  7. Hey all! Looking at doing an 18rg engine swap in my corona as my old 18rc is on its last living days. Was just wondering if anybody could give me a list of the parts ill need for the 18rg swap that my 18rc engine can't already donor for, Most parts i guess will be interchangable, radiator, fuel pump, dizzy etc ? The car will just be used as a daily/ weekend car, so I'm not looking at serious mods at the moment. Hopefully want to get it as factory spec as i can. There must be somebody who has done this conversion before and has an indepth view of the best way to go about it. Just want to add up a rough price for the parts ill need and make a plan. cheers!
  8. Hey guys, Picking up a new ke10 rolla project in the morning which is same old unfinished project story. Solid body resprayed and no rust so great base. Now it doesnt have a drive train so i was looking for a good 4 or 5 k base to drop in there (my understanding is pretty much no mods required to do this yes?) I was going to pair either of these with a k50 to get it on the rosd and cruising as quick as possible so i don't end up leaving it to sit for too long. If anyone has either engine (hopefully around brissy) please let me know. Also any advice or tips from experience with this install would be awesome. Cheers
  9. Hi guys and gals, I would like to introduce you to Betsy, a 1975 KE30 4 door with no working engine. I purchased her on the 15.08.13. She looked rather straight and upon inspection I could not find any significant rust spots so I organised for the sellers dad (a tow truck driver) to drop her off at my door and handed over the money. I will be updating this post as often as I can, but unfortunately I have a new house and a lot of other jobs to deal with so just gotta remember "SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE" (but I just want her done NOW). The plans are to strip her down repair any rust found, paint, full interior, and then drop a SR20DET into her with a R31 cut down diff (Borg Warner 4.11 with 28' spline) and a few other bits and pieces as you will see. Aiming for around 200-220kwatw but we will see how we go. Power delivery is my main goal, as to make it as smooth and efficient as possible, so I will most likely put more work into the suspension set up than the engine at the start. Anyway just wanted to introduce Betsy to you and keep posted for updates. Cheers Robski
  10. I have a Toyota Kp36 PickUp Truck wich I am really proud about http://imgur.com/a/3rRfs#0 :) The power I get is very low and I want to do an engine conversion but I don't know what engine will fit without any chassis conversion. The other thing is that because I live in a small country (Cyprus) not many option are available regarding the engines availability. So I was thinking about installing a Weber kit I found online but I don't know if I will need any other changes on the 2K engine, http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/330762578476?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 If you can give all the options available I would really appreciate it.
  11. So I'm looking at converting my KE70 sedan auto to a 2jz possibly, (otherwise looking at the holden 304/308), what I'm after is some idea of what i'll need to buy to do the conversion, eg gearbox and engine mounts... It has a welded stock diff and completely stock apart from the rims and flat front conversion. Relatively new to the rolla scene, used to be in the commodore group. I also have a supercharged v6 commo engine sitting around at home, but i'd like to stay mostly toyota. Any help would be appreciated, cheers
  12. Ok first up, straight away, I know you forums have a search function and google works well AND people have done it in their build. I HAVE SEARCHED FOR THE LAST 4 HOURS. All I have come up with is a lot of conflicting and not very helpful info. I'm about to buy a ke30 auto (definately!). Now It has a later 3 speed which seems to be the problematic one. I have both ke55 5 speed and 4 speed but that's irrelevant. Now I know you have to cut the tunnel for the selector. Or you get a ke70 5 speed. What I want to know it what is what is the go with the xmember?? If I use the k40/50 what do I need to do? (Xmember wise) If I use a ke70 5apeed what do I need to do? Every thing is vague and only says weld it ora don't use this one or that one. I wouldn't post here if I could find it else where so any help for a struggling brother would be great! Or at least a link to somewhere that clearly points out what can't go with what and what works. I could wing it but I want to know what I'm in for... Thanks
  13. Hey all, I've got a little KE26 wagon. The engine is currently on it's way out, and i want to set it up as a sleeper. I've been doing some research on which way to go with this, but as you might expect, there isn't heaps of info around on stuffing a hot little engine in there. I want to put in a turbo engine, or at least something powerful to start with. I don't really know what options I have. I'm not looking at redesigning the whole engine bay of the car, so I was wondering was engines would be somewhat 'bolt in' in terms of engine mounts. It's got a 3K in the car at the moment, so i was wondering if keeping with the K series engine is a good path to follow, or whether I might as well go for something later model. Any ideas, suggestions or experience would be great! Thanks a heap, Clancy p.s don't mind the flames, that was from when i was a kid ;)
  14. Hey guys, Just wanted to gather peoples thoughts on putting a 3TC into a KE25. It doesn't seem to be all that common here in Oz at all and that is ideally what I am looking for - something different. They seem to have a lot of success with getting good horsepower figures from them in the US & Puerto Rico. Is there a reason why people don't use them over here? Parts seem to be readily available and cheap in the US. Has anyone on the forum actually built one these engines and had success with them. The conversion itself looks quite simple to fit into the 25. The engines and boxes seem to be quite cheap to pickup from a T18. They seem to respond extremely well to forced induction by way of a blow through setup. Anybody who has luck with a good hp n/a setup I would love to hear from. There is a guy on 3TCgarage.com from QLD who is getting 270rwhp from his and running 12's in a Celica. Does anyone know him? Cheers for any help you can give me!
  15. Hey all, I was wondering if the Te-31 is basically the same thing as a ke30. I'm looking to try and do a Right Hand drive conversion to the car. Just trying to source all my parts. If anyone knows of any lying around or knows someone with some please get me their info i would love to make this happen. Was not sure if i need parts from a ke30 or what. Any help would be awesome. Brian
  16. Hey guys, I have a 4age smallport AE92R with a blown head. I'd love to put a new smallport head on it, however my funds don't stretch far enough to fork out $400 for a new one, and all the U-Pull-it wreckers around here only seem to have bigport TVIS motors available. If I just get a bigport head/intake manifold do I also have to replace the ECU, Wiring loom, etc??? Or does anyone have any smallport heads they'd like to be rid of? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Josh
  17. Hi, i knows this question has been asked before but as I'm new to the roller scene and i really don't know what to do. i have looked at doing conversions from 4age, sr20, rb20 to rotors but I'm not sure were to start and the complexity of the conversion as its my first "do up" car. so I'm not sure if i should stick to the standard motor and turbo it or...? its allready got 32/32 carb and exhaust but not sure what else i can do to the standard motor.
  18. Hey, so i bought myself a 83 Ke70 just recently, and i was wanting to convert it to a 4age. just need help on what i need for it and pricing ranges. and also ive been researching for coilovers, do i need to get lower control arms and ae86 coilovers? cheers
  19. hey everyone, i am doing a 4age conversion and ive run into a problem, i went to bolt the gearbox up to the motor today, and half of the bolts don't seem to line up? its a adm t50 and a bigport 4age, with the dowels that are spose to go in the top of the bell housing, the dowel is on the passenger side top sticking out of the engine, whereas the whole for it in the bellhousing is in the drivers side top, and a couple of the bolts just don't seem to go anywhere? I'm confused, please help
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