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Found 9 results

  1. G'day all, this is my latest project (car on the waiting list..) After wanting the car for about 4 months but not being able to afford it, the previous owner asked me if i had a commodore v6 engine for a conversion he's doing, ended up swapping a vt v6 wagon for the corona! its a little bit rough, but very good in the rust department, seems to only have a tiny bit on one of the rear wheel arches, has a few dents and some of the interior is a bit torn up, but still in pretty good condition for its age, i never used to like these mk2's much, but done right they can look really good :) and i now love the shape.... anyways here are some pics. stole the wheels off the green corona for pics haha he's dropping off the original door next week, just needs the window changing.. only real rust on the whole car :D Gave it a real quick buff today, looks allot better, its a bit cloudy looking but not too bad, paint was already worn through in a few spots so couldn't go too nuts on it.. also the bonnet and roof looks funky because its wet..
  2. Hey guys, I picked up this beast a few weeks ago, she's a 1973 Corona, 4 speed manual with the 12R motor. When I bought her she was similar to these pictures, the paintwork was pretty neglected and dull but has come up nearly perfect with some love, I have also smashed some Whitewalls on and have just bought a new grill today (not yet fitted). She has 108xxx miles on her and is all original apart from being lowered, perfect interior and a sweet little thing to cruise in. Toying with the idea of keeping her original or doing some kind of weber conversion etc on her - feel free to give me your opinions!! I'm on my iPhone at the moment, but will put up some more pictures when I get to my laptop :) Cheers!
  3. I found this literally out side a barn and it didn't run so we got it started one thing led to another now we are here :) thats my dad lol :P we've been taking bets on how long it'll last!
  4. Hey all! Looking at doing an 18rg engine swap in my corona as my old 18rc is on its last living days. Was just wondering if anybody could give me a list of the parts ill need for the 18rg swap that my 18rc engine can't already donor for, Most parts i guess will be interchangable, radiator, fuel pump, dizzy etc ? The car will just be used as a daily/ weekend car, so I'm not looking at serious mods at the moment. Hopefully want to get it as factory spec as i can. There must be somebody who has done this conversion before and has an indepth view of the best way to go about it. Just want to add up a rough price for the parts ill need and make a plan. cheers!
  5. When I was 17, I bought this as my first car. Paid $600 for it from a mate, spent alot of time and money getting her roadworthy and it was my daily for just over a year until I snapped a valve spring. I replaced the offending spring, but in the process, I discovered that the entire engine is full of crap. No idea how it was still running. It lasted a couple weeks after that until I snapped another spring. Couldn't find a full set of springs at any wreckers so I gave up and parked her in a shed. Engine still starts and it can be driven on and off of a trailer, but I really don't think the engine is worth saving. Running stock 1.5L 2R with 4speed. Drums all round needing new cylinders. (brakes lose pressure sometimes - scary!) Stock as. Completely grandpa spec. Interior is beautiful. Only have these two pics of her from when I first bought it. Paint is chalky and weather damaged, but from memory, there's not a spot of rust anywhere important. (apart from inside the engine!) She was a joy to drive, even if completely gutless. Most comfortable seats of any car I've owned! It has now been over two years since she was on the road, and I'm trying to decide what to do with her. I'm looking at buying a KE35 for a bit of fun, but I really can't justify buying a fifth car at this point, so I am considering selling up or parting out. After reading Glen and Mark's project threads though, I'm having second thoughts and considering keeping her and trying to find a new engine. Hopefully bringing her home tomorrow afternoon to clean her up and do some work. Will post more photos asap. In the meantime, If anyone wants to make an offer for her, I'll consider it. If anyone has a 2R or 12R in SA they want to sell, I'll consider that too :) Looking for advice as to what to do with her, as at the moment, I can't decide! :(
  6. Just wondering if there is any difference between the xt130 sedan and xt130 wagons front struts, hubs and steering knuckles? Cheers
  7. Hello everyone! Now I realise this is 'Rollaclub' but there isn't a big fan base for Coronas- and Corollas are the next best thing! :P I'm a long time reader and after reading many build threads I've decided it's time to make my own. My name is Stephen and I'm currently in my second year at university. This build began way back in when I was in Year 11 at high school- the moment I turned 17 and got my P's. Firstly I'd like to thank my cousin Adrian for he completed all of the work on my car while I merely held the torch eagerly, trying to learn as much as I could. You may ask "Why a Corona?"... So here's the story of how it came about. My family has had a bright yellow 1982 Subaru Leone hardtop coupe since brand new and I was given this to drive. However, those crazy engineers that worked for Subaru back these many years ago decided it was a great idea (somehow) to make the Leone both Front Wheel Drive AND FRONT HANDBRAKE! WTF! How is a P Plater supposed to have any fun? So I asked my cousin who currently owns 6 RT81 Corona's, for a better car that I could buy and have all to myself. It needed to be cheap, as fast as a commonhore, and have 4 doors. Funny enough he told me to buy a Corona! =D After researching these 18R-G engines and how they could be put into RT104 Coronas we set out to find to find one. After seeing a dumped on 16s and very shiny RT104 cruising around the streets with a Dominos pizza light ontop, Adrian and I decided that I would try and buy it off this P plater pizza boy. After waiting at Dominos for him to return, he explains that he loves his Rona and will never part with it (a feeling that now I share too), but he knew where a white, manual RT104 had been sitting for years and gave us the contact number, so our search continued. We figured that we would need to buy this one and use it a manual conversion donor after we found a overrated auto one to steal off a grandma somewhere haha. We went and looked at it the next day (I think?) and after my first look at it I immediately decided it was too rough and that my cousin was dreaming lol. My cousin however had a different idea... After having a really good look over it he found all the glass in perfect condition and only a very small amount of rust. At this stage he was definitely more eager than I was and he assured me that if I bought it that it would prove to be an awesome car after he fixed it up. After haggling the seller (who was very rough himself lol) we agreed on $300 and that I would get heaps of spares including lights and a spare overrated grill from which was located at his family's farm. Unfortunately this was my first lesson in the hard world of being ripped off in the car industry- he changed his number and moved house. To this day I've never seen those parts... So with Adrian's enthusiasm and my life-long savings this project began and continues to this day :). He's currently in the middle of his own 4A-GE KE70 build which I'm sure will a have a build thread of it's own soon enough. I have many photos and build details to post so I'll reserve the next few posts in this thread and when I have some free time I will add more. Below is a before and after shot. The before shot is the moment we got it off the car trailer and into our front yard. The after shot is at Eastern Creek Raceway as Grumpy lines up for scrutineering with all the other cars to attend the Drift Mob Wet Skid Pan event on 21/01/2012. If anyone here was at that drift day, the reason the car handled so poorly was 4 blown original shocks. The Bilsteins really made a difference. :) Enjoy! XD 1975 Toyota Corona RT104 (York Motors Import) Current Specifications! Engine: 18R-G engine (210 head) with: 9.7:1 compression, fully rebuilt head- oversized valves, heavy valve springs, reground cams to 877C spec by Tighe Cams, 44 mm Solex sidedrafts, dyno tuned to 102RWHP/76RWKW. Custom choke set-up installed by Adrian - definitely needed where I live as the temperature often drops below freezing point. Suspension: New Bilstein B6 shock absorbers front suited to the HK Monaro 327. New 22mm front sway bar (3mm oversized) by Mako Swaybars. All suspension bushes replaced with new polyurathane bushes- Nolathane at the front and SuperPro at the back. 1977-85 Ford Courier (also double wishbone) front springs originally having the rate of 830 lb/in or 14.8kg/mm, now even stiffer with three coils 'removed'. Reset rear leaf springs with two extra leaves added, 2 inch lowering blocks and new u-bolts to suit F series diff conversion. Drivetrain: Reconditioned F series YR22 Tarago diff with new TRD 2-way LSD (to suit Altezza) imported over from TRD NZ. Custom Tailshaft W-50 gearbox with shift rebuild kit put through it, tight shifts with but syncro gone between 1st and 2nd as usual. Wheels/Tyres: 14 x 9 - 19 (front) and 14 x 8.5 -13 (rear) Type R Watanabe racing wheels all round, restored and powdercoated in matte black. 195/60 Yokohama ADVAN A048 semi-slicks up the front. 185/55 Federal 595s on the back. Bodywork/Exterior: Front guards have had 2 inches of guard professionally cut out, extensively pumped, re-rolled lips to maintain stockish shape and flares added. Rear guards professionally pumped as far out of as possible and lips rolled also with fibre glass flares added. 15% window tint all round. Fibreglass lip, zip-tied as necessary :P. Old school restored JDM fender mirrors. Interior: 1st gen Celica tacho customised and rebuilt to fit in the factory clock position within original dash (hours of work by Adrian and instrument shop). Retrimmed Recaro racing seats in the front modified to fit on RT104 seat rails by engineering shop, covered with slip-over seat covers that have the old Toyota emblem. Kenwood Head Unit with MB Quart (40WRMS) front 2-way 6" speakers and Kicker 6x9" speakers (100w RMS) in the back. Genuine Momo 'Cavallino' steering wheel (taken out of my dad's old RX3 300HP PP 13B rally car). Other: Custom handbrake cables and accelerator cable. New clutch master and slave cylinders. New brake master cylinder, new pads upfront, new shoes and cylinders for the massive rear Tarago drums. Tow-bar removed. Handbrake inconspicuously (hidden by stock cover) modified; drilled to take a pin in order to keep button pushed in. Good condition replacement parts found and installed: Fender turn indicators. Corona grill badge. Rear bumper. Rear tail lights. Boot chrome strips.
  8. Hey guys! As the title suggests I'm looking to convert my 1985 st141 Corona wagon to manual trans. Any one have any ideas of what kind of pricing I'm looking at and how hard the work is? Let me know! Cheers guys, Leighton
  9. Hi, I own a 1980 Toyota Corona xt130 wagon (xt131?). It has 108000 kms on the clock and is running of a crappy 1.9L Holden Starfire engine. It was my first car and I didn't know what a nightmare the engine would be. Anyway, recently I have been having some issues with it. While driving the car will sometimes randomly start jolting pretty violently and to stop it I apply the clutch. In extreme cases it will continue as i slow and change down gears until it eventually stalls. After letting it sit for a while it usually works fine. The first times this happened it was going up hill at medium speeds (60 & 80 km/h) but now it has happened on straights after a while of driving. I replaced the fuel filter, but this didn't really help. I was thinking it could be something wrong with the carb or fuel pump as it seems to be a starvation issue but I am no mechanic so I don't know! Also it has no fan shroud if that would make much of a difference (vapour lock?) Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Still love it's looks though, old toyotas are the greatest. Cheers, Jordan.
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