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  1. Also, it can take ages to start up in the mornings, especially if it is cold.
  2. Hi, I own a 1980 Toyota Corona xt130 wagon (xt131?). It has 108000 kms on the clock and is running of a crappy 1.9L Holden Starfire engine. It was my first car and I didn't know what a nightmare the engine would be. Anyway, recently I have been having some issues with it. While driving the car will sometimes randomly start jolting pretty violently and to stop it I apply the clutch. In extreme cases it will continue as i slow and change down gears until it eventually stalls. After letting it sit for a while it usually works fine. The first times this happened it was going up hill at medium speeds (60 & 80 km/h) but now it has happened on straights after a while of driving. I replaced the fuel filter, but this didn't really help. I was thinking it could be something wrong with the carb or fuel pump as it seems to be a starvation issue but I am no mechanic so I don't know! Also it has no fan shroud if that would make much of a difference (vapour lock?) Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Still love it's looks though, old toyotas are the greatest. Cheers, Jordan.
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