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  1. We had a pretty successful weekend up at Winton last weekend. Friday practice: 6th, 9th (only 4 laps until I ran out of fuel..) and 11th (broke 3rd gear. Saturday: Qualified 9th only 0.4 away from 6th, Top ten shoot out finished 9th with a crappy lap, My best starting position so far, Race 1 punted off turn one of a 30 lap race, to much damage DNF. Sunday: Warmup 5th only 0.03 away from 3rd, Race 2 started last from 16th, passed 9 cars to finish 7th! We are off to Sydney motorsport park on the 3rd July! Turn 1 at Winton!
  2. G'day, Winton is coming up in a few weeks, we finally got around to putting some stripes on the old girl, looks more like a race car now haha. Hopefully we will go well at Winton :P It will be getting black wheels too... and yes I missed some red on the front hah
  3. G'day, Though I'd update you all from Sandown, Practice one & two on Friday finished 10th in the wet out of 20 cars. Qualifying one on Friday I finished 15th in the dry, made some adjustments to the car for Qual two Saturday and got 12th after 3 laps as I put it into the wall outside turn 3, dented the guard and quarter but nothing else.. With combined Qual times I started 13th, Race one I finished 11th, Made another change to the car for Race two and it felt better I was running 10th on lap 4 and was catching 9th, then the brakes went to the floor into turn 1, I ran off the outside but didn't hit anything, DNF for Race 2 as the brakes were still on the floor at the end of the lap... 20 lap old rear padslp were metal on metal... Race 3 I started 15th and made my way to 12th, but was faster than the two cars in front, Race 3 is on Speedweek on SBS this Sunday the 19th of April at 2:00PM, i'll post some pics & vids soon! Here's something to keep you going for now! Gearbox sucks :(
  4. Here's a pic from phillip island back in September, sideways around the second last turn with the ocean in the background :P
  5. So this time next week we will be home from the first round of the Australian super 6 touring cars at Sandown, we have done a fair amount of work to the car over the last month, Hopefully we will be a bit further up the pack now, mind you the looking at the entry list they are all very competitive cars! i just hope my poor old gearbox will hold up to the new power :P I'll let you's know how we go next week, and when it will be on SBS Speedweek! Cheers :y:
  6. Yeah i remember Gerrad said he was going to get it for himself haha, i need some good seats in my VT so if you think they are good i might look at getting a couple, car looks great!
  7. Spent the day at Rowse Motors​ yesterday! massive thanks to the guys there, new set of heads and a few other little things, making good power now! should be about 40-45rwhp gain!! Check out their website to see what they do http://rowsemotors.com/cms/ They do some impressive work there, if you need any work done contact them. We are doing a few other things to the car too so hopefully we will see some improvements this year! Can't wait to drive the car now! The rest of the motor is holding up well too so i'm happy :) Has about 60rwhp more than last time i drove it :P Also thanks to my family who have helped me out, Really appreciate it! Bring on 2015!
  8. I have been looking at that exact seat from shep autobarn for a while now haha! cars looking good!
  9. Dyno vid, made 204rwhp, so 20 more than it had, getting there but still down haha
  10. G'day, so we took the car to a test & tune at Winton on the 2nd, it went pretty well in the +40deg heat, ran the same as my best time, and tires are probably 170 laps old, it sounds pretty good now, getting it tuned on the 2nd, so we will see what power it makes, it was running lean when i got it going, went up about 20 points on the fuel map so it has definitely made a difference! Here's some highlights, only got 3 clean laps, the rest were stuffed up by slower cars...
  11. Looks like it's starting to come together mate, liking the cage!!
  12. Haven't done much to the old beast for a while, but i did get the rear door, and lowered it, looks good now, just chopped springs for now, pics with Simmons again haha, i need another set of wheels...
  13. Hellooooo, sorry for lack of updates lately, have been pretty flat out... So we've finished making a new exhaust for it, got a set of used pacemakers too, sounds good and even just sitting in the shed it seems to have more power, it revs up a bit quicker that it did before, and even better it only cost around $300 including the extractors!! We will dial the cam in soon and get it tuned, hopefully the power figures will be a bit higher! Then we will take it to a test and tune day at winton, Thanks to Chris for info on the exhaust! They have released the regulations for the VY/BA's next year, we are thinking about starting another build for the next few years, i think it will be a little bit expensive but we shall see, they are running coilovers , t56 6 speeds, haltec ecu, a control 18x8 rim, all the suspension is bolt in so no mods are allowed, just the adjustments on them Anyways here is my exhaust..
  14. Looks pretty tidy mate, would be fun with a gze, i've got a build thread for mine on here, check it out, there a a few other ones too, keen for more pics though haha! :y:
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