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  1. Finally back in, haven’t been able to make posts. I changed them to 4x114.3 because that’s what the celica rear end is.
  2. Driver side guard nearly ready for paint
  3. I followed through. Flares are tacked on.
  4. .Wow so sorry guys, can't believe it's 5 1/2 months since I posted anything. It got hot and I lost my motivation, I bought a 60 series cruiser and did it up for 4wding and then bought a tractor for the property I just bought and had to work on the tractor. Next thing will be working on the property but hey the good thing is I'll be building a big shed to build more awesome rollas in. My mates are constantly on my back about finishing this car to so I'd better get to it. Yesterday was 4 years since I bought it. So tonight I have made a start on the flares, really happy with the style I chose. Tomorrow night I will hopefully tack then onto the guards then I can fine tune them with filler and bog up the dints and rust, give them a coat of paint and then they're ready to make moulds off
  5. Making a start on the front clip, just working out the profile for the flares
  6. Sorry guys I've been slack, studs took ages and came in 3 deliveries then I got busy so today I finished the hubs and fitted them up, I'm happy now, she's taking shape slowly
  7. So I've been waiting on my wheel studs from Mazda for a few weeks now, turns out they were on a ship, 3 turned up on Thursday so now I'm just waiting on the other 5
  8. Got my quick shift and a pretty little trd knob today
  9. Very handy skills to have, I'm a machinist by trade, just been making them in my lunch break, half hour at a time is a bit of a pain but getting it done
  10. 3 calipers rebuilt and the hubs are underway
  11. Just have to watch the the window clears the motor, I packed out the guide rail inside the door 10mm to push the window away a little. Started the hubs at lunch today, sandblasted the calipers tonight and reco'd one, need to get some silver paint for the bracket, they look a lot nicer and they're fresh inside
  12. Went racing today, after 2.5 hours of traveling rain stopped play so I turned around and came home, so it wasn't planned but I got more done on the car. The other door now has electric windows, thought I'd take some photos of the bracket this time, also drilled the rear rotors and fitted them aswell as chopping the rock hard rear springs that wouldn't compress so I could get the car sitting at the right height, when the car is don't I'll get softer springs that will actually move
  13. Thanks guys, yep I'll smooth up a few little gouges in them and when the cars closer to finished I'll get them and the rear bumper rechromed. Got some vt window winders today and created electric windows, driver side is done, I got it from Ke78rolla's post http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/59933-making-a-power-window-ke30/ I tweaked it a little, but a brace over the top with a hole to brace the center pin, also welded and bolted it rather than pop rivets. The reason I went electric on a racecar is simply no matter where I ran the. Intrusion bar it was going to clash with the winder so I just put it where I wanted it which worked out right on the shaft and ditch the winder by going electric. Plenty of people said go with Perspex riveted in or side sliding Perspex but I like glass even though it's a little heavier it's nicer. Also with the seat so far back it's a fair reach to the winder so with the harness done up unless your elasto man, your not winding the window. I have a video on my Instagram of the window working if anyone wants to see it my profile is ke_addict36
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