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  1. Nice! You can still get new pitman and idler arms for these quite easy. :)
  2. Yeah mines 2". Will be flipping the leaves and chopping the bumpstops in half soon. I'm determined hahaha.
  3. Sweet! Cleveland that's the exact height I want mine :)
  4. Hey man, not sure off the top of my head - I'll do some measuring this week and PM you! I'll just leave this here in the meantime...
  5. My dash is still vinyl, no cracks. Started lifting from the base though in the corner. I'll cry when it spreads!
  6. Nice! Did you just sikaflex it onto the front or does it actually clip in under the pad?
  7. Hey dude! Nice, same colour as my RT81, also check out the RT80/81 discussion thread here... And put up a build thread if you haven't already. Love it!
  8. The front headlights are sealed beams, Bursons keep them on the shelf or any other auto store can get them easy as. Door cards on the other hand...
  9. Looks sweet! About time someone's corona got an update even if it is small. I manage an auto store and after I got mine a spent a fair while seeing what is and isn't available... Not much is around haha. If you ever get stuck and want another opinion trying to find part numbers and stuff shoot me a message and I'll do some hunting for ya. Can have you armed with part numbers (provided they exist) for the ones who don't care enough to have a good look.
  10. Good to see her up here Luc :)
  11. Damn iPhones and their sideways photos.
  12. Haha thanks man, it's all well and good until you run out of room! I try and keep it clean in there but can be hard with such a small space!
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