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  1. Hello Tally, do you still have rear lamps for ke25?

  2. Tally

    Project Ke25

    i own this car now :D
  3. Any updates? seems to have gone quiet
  4. looking tops man! Join the SA Early KE Corolla Discussion group on facebook and post some pics!
  5. Tally

    Upi Spotted

    mate spotted a white ke20 up at elizabeth a month back, prob gone now... was stripped anyway also was an rn10 hilux which i never made the trip to get the diff out of it, wonder if still there :(
  6. id say they are both NOS, but one being early production and the other being late production, or they could of been meant for different grades ie. Deluxe, SL, SR Trueno, Levin...
  7. Scene has pretty much died last few years, who's still around, whos rollin in KE1#s and KE2#s? Lets organise a meet up or something. Facebook has pretty much taken over a lot but seeing if I can reach out to those still lurking the forums.
  8. Pulled out my KE20 taillights, $150 for an early set with reflectors $135 for a late set with reflectors
  9. lots of parts still available
  10. You can get Taiwanese reproduction guards but they don't fit properly. You will not be able to get new panels from Toyota. Best bet is rust repair with a good section.
  11. many parts still available
  12. For Sale: Various Early Corolla parts mainly KE20 Condition: Most are used Prices: Prices listed below, all prices are in AUD $. All prices exclude postage. Location: ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA Contact: PM or 0421 758 655 1. KE20 SL Badge - $30 2. KE2# LCAs with knuckles and tie rod ends - $120 3. KE20 corner garnish (original) - $25 each 4. KE2# front indicators - $30 each 5. Early KE20 boot badge - $30 6. KE20 AMI badge - $15 7. KE20 Drivers Mirror - $40 8. KE2# guard indicators - $15 each 9. KE20 SE Badge - $15 12. KE2# indicator lenses (genuine) - $30 a pair or $20 each 13. K series timing chain - $10 14. KE3# pitman arm (BRAND NEW) - $35 15. KE20 Auto centre consoles (average condition) - $50 each 16. KE2# bonnet vents - $25 a pair
  13. you can buy a koyorad TE27 one if ur after something flashy. I had a KE20 with an aftermarket radiator in that looked physically different to the standard one, had more squarish end tanks but was same dimensions. Not sure of brand. Currently I have two KE20s running KE30 radiators, no clearance issues, just had to drill alternative holes in the radiator mounts. Fit is factory looking. May be an option?
  14. Wrecking: Multiple KE20 Corollas 2X 1973 models and 1X 1971 model - All parts available - 3K and 4K engines - All panels - Bumpers - Lights and Taillights - Glass - Grills and trims - 12" stockies - Hubcaps - Door Mirrors - Badges - Suspension - Auto Gearbox's - Interior seats, doortrims, roof lining and dash - extractors - 13" 4x110 hotwires - 15" alloy wheels multistud 4x110/4x100 - assorted bits and pieces KE25 parts also available upon request Price: POA - Price on application Delivery and Delivery Conditions: Pick Up and Post available Contact: PM or 0421 758 655 Pictures:
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