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  1. Hi there could you send me an email of what you need exactly for corolla ke20/ke25 on [email protected]

  2. Who has my old car? Anyone know if this thing is alive anymore? I miss it so much.
  3. Hey guys, I'm after a few things for my new ke20. - ke25 grille / grille filler - ke25 corner markers - ke20/25 lower guard badges - ke20 upper chrome gutter moulds Probably a few other bits and pieces but these ones mainly. All help appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks mate. That I'm not too sure, I know he browses the boards from time to time but don't think he's signed up.
  5. Cheers bud. Unfortunately I'm getting out of the car game for at least the next 3-5 years. Just dropped all my savings on a house deposit, so going to be a sensible kid for a while.
  6. 4000 ono. Freshly rebuilt, comes with everything you need. ....cmonnnnn.
  7. Thanks for the kind words Rob. That scene was done on a Tuesday night at about 1am, so it was practically dead then. In sad news, car is now sold and on it's long journey interstate. God speed, ShiroBozu, God speed.... End of an era.
  8. Thanks mate, yup - Sony Vegas. Good program, was just difficult to wrap my head around because first time using it.
  9. On my 2nd month now without the terrible things Reed! Feeling much better too!
  10. YAY VIDEO TIME! I've never filmed anything before or tried my hand at editing so I found this rather difficult to do. Didn't have any real fancy equipment to do this: just plenty of love and Red Bull. Hopefully you think it's okay. :) http://vimeo.com/87976548
  11. any way to update the forum's code to enable new vimeo embed links etc? - edit - don't worry, worked out an alternate code.
  12. Mitch, didn't realise you had a build thread on here dude! Car is coming along great dude, been nice transformation since you first picked her up.
  13. Ok, hey guys. I have a s13 I've been building and someone wants my rolling shell, so I'm seeing if anyones interested in my motor package for their 'Rolla or similar. I know, sacrilege Nissan - but it's awesome. Do it. Only 7,500km's on engine since rebuild. Basically just run in. Made 112rwkw when first tuned with an auto behind it on stale 91 fuel. Should make 130ish with ITB's and the manual box // lightened flywheel etc behind it. 150ish maybe on e85. - ENGINE - REBUILT S14 SR20DE BY Donny of Forced Motorworks with: BC Cams 264/264 12.05 lift (stage2) CP forged pistons 10:1 CR 86.5mm Nissan rods prepped and resized Rocker Arm Stoppers ARP rod bolts Nissan gasket overhaul kit 1.2mm Cometic mls headgasket MD spares head bolts New Nissan water pump BC valve springs BC titanium retainers Vision adjustable cam gears New timing chain kit Trust style bigger sump King bearings Block machined Head machined, ported and polished Fully Balanced ATI Harmonic Balancer Isis red billet aluminium pulleys New Alternator Nismo Engine mounts Rocker cover painted in Mazda's Aluminium Metallic Stainless Oil filler cap - MANAGEMENT - Haltech PS1000 Stand-alone ECU - INTAKE & EXHAUST - [Jasma] 4-2-1 stainless extractors: painted flame proof black and black heat wrapped Full stainless steel 2.5inch exhaust with: highflow cat/resonator/muffler finishing in twin 3inch tips [sanded back and re-polished] New nissan o2 sensor New Nismo Exhaust hanger rubbers New Nissan gaskets and mounting hardware - DRIVETRAIN - s14 sr20det 5speed Manual [cleaned and painted silver] Nismo Gearbox mount B&M Short Shifter S13 manual tailshaft [refinished gloss black] Exedy Lightened flywheel Exedy Heavy Duty clutch New Genuine Nissan Clutch Master Cylinder New Genuine Nissan Slave Cylinder New Genuine Nissan Needle Bearing New Genuine Nissan dust boots / seals ARP Flywheel bolts PRICE: $4000 ONO. Bang some ITB's on this bad boy and she'd be a bucket of fun in an old KE. Thanks. Josh 0466 210 560
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