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  1. Hey Jose, thanks mate, this is the windscreen rubber i got, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOYOTA-COROLLA-KE20-FRONT-SEDAN-WAGON-WINDSCREEN-WINDSHIELD-RUBBER/142683394856?hash=item213897d328:g:YlMAAOxyY9VRU5vt:rk:14:pf:0 and lock strip, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-Locking-Strip-Front-Rear-Windscreen-Corolla-Ke20-25-30-35-55s/192378422830?hash=item2ccaa5c62e:g:Kr0AAOSwh1haHLOD:rk:3:pf:0
  2. Still not done, few pictures though. eBay headliner.
  3. Hey guys I'm having a problem with my steering rack its on a ke26, the stops seem to be too high to lock or the rack is too low to lock, either way its not hitting the stops on both sides, nothing seem to be bent or broken. If any one could shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Damn mate your wagon is looking great!
  5. Few more Pics.... Badly need a new diff...as soon as you hit 30kmh towards it just screamed... New break shoes.
  6. Got some Marchal 859-gt amber fog lights in the mail few week ago, decided to fit them in with the grill. Seems to look alright...grill needs a fresh coat of paint though...keeping a spare grill just in case a change my mind later...
  7. can't seem to find a SA corolla group on facebook. :S
  8. Got a new radiator off ebay... hope it will last. Repainted the side garnishes, couldn't manage to match the colour but pretty happy with the colour i used. Will paint the other stuff later i recon. Bought some of these new repo sev.marchal headlights from japan.
  9. Hey all I'm looking to see if anyone is selling or wants to sell me a Te27 centre console. I'm located in SA. Thanks. :)
  10. Got a few things done this time dad was home, its good to have some help with the stuff you don't know a lot about. We tested the engine to see if the webers would fit, which they do only just though (actually forgot to take a pic that too :S) & also made up a plate for the old fuel pump. The wire between the alternator & the starter motor was totally rooted, melted right out of its sheath so fixed that. & fitted the rubber for the tailgate.
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