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  1. Hi all I'm after a diff from a ke35 to go into my ke26 wagon. Currently has a 35 diff in it, but if you know of another one that will fit let me know or show me what you have. Looking for one around Sunshine Coast / brisbane area Cheers
  2. So my pinion bolt was talked upto spec But the whole shaft has play in it. What would be the cause?
  3. Wow i didn't think it would be that easy Thank you so much I really appreciate your help
  4. Hey guys hope you can help me out here After I flipped my leaf springs back up the right way I started to get a whirling / wining noise coming from the rear. It's not a howling noise like a bad wheel bearing. It's more of a friction noise. It's hard to word it right sorry It's on deceleration under 60 but constant above 60 and the faster I go the louder it gets Being a wagon it sounds amplified and I can't stand to go on the highway. I got under the car and I could move the tail shaft a fair bit and I could move it back and forward. My uni joints are solid with no play. Hope this vid works View My Video If that didn't work here is a pic of where the movement is coming from I think. I have a ke35 diff if that helps QUESTION 2 My diff has moved over to the passenger side My back pass side wheel sticks out 30mm My drivers side wheel sticks out 18mm Why?
  5. I gave my plenum to a mate who's build was a lot further along then mine. So I'm plenumless atm I don't like the look of the stock ones they sit very high so if there is another one on the market just as good as the stock one I'd prefer it. I'm not running big power, just a cheeky 7-10 psi so I don't think a hell expensive plenum is necessary. But obviously don't want a homemade piece of crap either
  6. Sorry poorly constructed sentence I'm wanting an aftermarket plenum for my build and can't really find much on the market. I found the one I posted and was just after some feed back from people who had used them. What makes it not good ?
  7. Anyone here had any experience or information they can offer this plenum from a guy in Finland who makes these
  8. Thanks mate I bought new rear sport shocks and it holds the back very well now only scrub hard in and out of a corner. I'll go for 50 profile tyres for the tears now
  9. Hey guys Previous owner set the leaf springs to low for the wheels I'm running, they scrub hard I need to raise the back 1cm As far as I can see iv got 3 options 1 - new stiffened shocks as the ones in the car are flogged out (would this work) 2- lower profile tyre 3- new leafs or add another leaf to my existing ones What would you guys do ? Cheapest of corse Cheers for any input
  10. Hey mate would you be able to post up a pic of the strut assembly please. Also how much would freight be to Mooloolaba 4557 QLD ?
  11. Man I love this thing It's making want my engine back from the machine shop so bad. What's the pod breathing on the intake side ?
  12. Hey bud do you still have the 4age head ? where about are you in old and will you post it to me please. is it a big port or small port ?
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