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Found 12 results

  1. My AE71/KE70 drift build. Follow along, help me out, learn things, drift things!
  2. Hello, I've been lurking here for some time now and I thought to share my project with you. It's a 1974 Ke20 which I bought about five years ago in a very bad shape. Thinking afterwards I would've saved very much time by getting a better body to start with. So for the next five months I spent all my time in the garage welding that rusty little car. Got a little hurry when summer came and I had to get it back on road so I painted it matt black with spray and drove happily for the summer. At this time it had a 4K motor with some Webers. Didn't go very fast. I'm missing pics from this time, I'll add them here if I find them. Got tired to the lack of power and bought a GZE motor and fitted it along with megasquirt and headers and a bunch of ugly meters. Drove it for a few months with temporary plates and I was quite happy with it. Then the winter came and I had to do something for it and decided to add a turbo to it. I put a Holset HX35 Super to it with CXRacing manifold and Precision wastegate, EV14 850cc injectors and also changed intake manifold to a 4age RWD model. A year ago I got it running and did few test drives without the butterfly valve so the SC12 was just pushing air out to atmosphere. It was quite difficult to drive due to turbo lag. Then I got tired of the poorly assembled megasquirt and bought a Haltech Sprint 500 (and I now regret not buying Sport 1000). And here we are quite at the moment. I'm doing the engine harness at the moment. Trying to make it modular so it's easy to move the whole motor from car to another because this body is not so good and I'm using it just to get the motor working and tuned. Hoping to find a good Ke25, Ke70, Ta12 or something to put the motor on and make the suspension and brakes match the motor. So this Ke20 is just a test platform. I have also a Volvo 1030 axle under construction at the moment, and I'm going to change the gearbox to ZF S5D-320Z from E36 M3. Feel free to ask anything
  3. picked this up a few weeks ago, just put fresh rego on it nd am currently in the process of prepping for an in your face paint job.. picking up rims for it this weekend too.
  4. Hey everyone, though id do a build thread of my ke project, maybe get some advice along the way and get more involved in the community Building it for drift use only, not engineering it for roadworthy purposes Bought it fairly stock, had an s13 front suspension and coilovers and that was it First thing i did was remove the diff centre to weld, got it all welded up but unfortuantly broke on of the spacers between the diff bearing and the housing trying to get it back in Had a real hard time trying to find one to replace it, decided to buy a mates vl commodore that was in a front end crash for $100 for the read end, got the mounts welded onto it and went in pretty well, wheels slightly off centre but easily fixed with a spacer when i measure it up for one. Currently drum brakes on it, will do the VN rear disc conversion soon. also ran into a problem with the rear springs when my dad threw them out thinking they where out of the vl, luckily the front springs off the ke where a good fit to temporarily have it on all 4 wheels to get it into the shed Fitment with out the springs looked sick, unfortunately guards where literally on the tyres Next step i took out the 4k and Got an engine mount from Jordanrolla to fit my 240kw s15 sr20det with s15 6 speed gearbox witch i will be test fitting this week some time, make all the holes and get it all mounted right before i take it all out and begin painting s15 driveline, 240 kw with power fc and garret gt2871r crossmember spacers, 20 mm lower then factory also halfway done getting the interior stripped and all the ac and heater equipment removed as i will not need that to go sideways thinking of a purple and white colour scream, purple bay, white exterior and purple interior Thats it for now, will keep this updated with progress as best as i can and try to get a lot of photos!
  5. Just wandering what tyres people have been using for drift, how long did they last?, how much power were you running?, psi?, did they delam? and were they ran backwards? (directional tyres) and of course the cost per tyre and how they performed! slippery or grippy, predictable at speeds etc. and also what front tyres do you run for a bit of grip! cheers! :dancetall: :dancetall: :dancetall:
  6. I have just bought a ke30 and was looking for some help with upgrading suspension, I understand there is a lot of work which goes into building up a decent car thats this old but I'm up for it and would like it to perform reasonably well. I thought I'd start by asking where to get a good suspension set up for the intention of drifting it later on and if possible what brands etc.?
  7. hey guys new member here. not realy used to forums but anyway. heres my new project. bought it from southport for $800. being that i lived in newcastle the distance was crap but it was incredibly cheap and had everything i was going to do to it already started and there so i was pretty lucky. left at about 4am on saturday morning and and arrived at soutport around 2pm to pick it up. then drove home yesterday. woke up fairly early this morning planning to get a whole lot of work done to it but the weather is pretty horrid. so i only realy got the interior stripped out. plans are for now just to get this engine in properly and running the get the tailshaft sorted. take it for a few runs with the open diff and stock suspension out at my grandparents property. then slowly start to transform it. its only gonna be a drift missile so nothing fancy. its only gotta go sideways and shred tires hahaha.
  8. Hi, I’ve been a forum lurker for years now and finally thought it was time to put up my build thread :) Expect it to be VERY long, sorry :P First a bit about me. My name is Marcus and I’m 17. I’ve been hooked on cars my entire life, it’s so true my first words were brooom broom, haha. At 12 my Dad bought me a 1981 ke70 from my step cousin. It sat in the backyard for 9 months and we never did any motorkhana’s like was ment so one night me and my mate snuck it out and went for joyride, 5 hours of fun ultimately due to some crappy circumstances and probably karma ended with this…. Needless to say it never drove again. But I'd got the ke70 bug, and even when a few opportunities came up to get another car I turned them down as I was determined to get another ke70. When I turned 15 for a few hundred bucks as that’s how cheap they were then I got a beige 1981 ke70. This is what it looked like when I got it. It’s at my dad’s place ‘Traction Tyres’ in Rowville where I currently work Saturday mornings. Immediately I installed the wheels from my last car, tore out the interior, took off front bumper, gutted rear bar and reattached with cable ties, made a fly off handbrake and painted on the go fast racing stripes :P In the next couple weeks my dad got the diff welded and an exhaust made, 1.75 inch with resonator and muffler. It had to be legal volume to compete in motorkhana’s which were the goal for the car. Before it made a motorkhana we took it to a farm in Nagambie for some bush bashing, gave the car hell; it was rough and wet :P This is what it ended up looking like. Took it up a second time, this time it was dry and when an acquaintance of mine took the wheel the diff blew up! So could the day get worse? As it turns out yes it could. On the way home a ratchet strap snapped and the car half fell off the trailer. Luckily only minor damage, broken grill, slightly dented sills (straightened them back out) and a cut in the sheet metal at the back of the car (where I tied the excess of strap too). So began the hunt for a new diff, a friend of my dads who works at a wreckers came through with what was thought to be a t series, I also got xt130 lca’s. It came with a one piece tailshaft to suit a ca18det, 2 rooted shocks and 2 cut kings falcon springs. On top of that it was minispooled, all for $400! Sent the diff of to be rebuilt due to the unknown condition and what we hear back is that it’s actually a shortened r31 skyline diff; Score! So installed the lca’s and diff making the stock tailshaft fit and some new rear shocks as well, leaving the stock springs in because it is was to be used off road and other than not having a handbrake it was all good :) Didn’t have a shed so it sat out back and one night in a hailstorm the driver window shattered so got another. Nothing much happened until our shed was built. I was now 16 and soon after I got the itch to do something to it so I bought a new steering wheel, pedal covers and gear knob. For Christmas 2012 I got the best present ever! A huge KingChrome tool chest! It’s f**king awesome :D Had a 32/36 weber off my dad’s Holden Gemini race car as he was going to twin 40 DCOE’s so I bought an adapter plate and a family friend helped fit it up including cutting and rewelding the throttle wheel to make it work. I then just had to make up a mount for the throttle cable and one for the return spring. Here’s some pics… It competed in its first motorkhana, even without a handbrake I came first in class and if I remember correctly 5th outright, not bad at all. I’d always planned an engine conversion so I used all my saving to buy lots of bits and pieces for a conversion and an s14 sr20DET from an s13 with manual gearbox, loom and crossmember and that’s when my conversion started, just kidding!!!! I was ripped off on the motor and never saw my $2k again >:< Anyway…… Over the next couple months I saved up a few hundred bucks and bought ae86 strut’s with hubs and brakes, Techno toy tuning steering arms and tierods as well and they’re lower control arm kit. Due to be being too difficult for me to get right the kit never went anywhere and still sits in a box on my shelf :P but the struts were installed with a mate one late night in the shed. With no spring compressor it became a big job, uninstalling the lower control arms and castor rod mounts. It’s also probably good to point out that there was still no power in my shed and only 1 workers light running off an extension cable to the back of the house :P I then cut out the rust in the rear arches and installed flares due to the slight increase in track and knowing I was always going to lower it with some bigger wheels. Because for now the car had to have stock suspension I mounted them as low as possible to make it have less monster truck guard clearance. Also The shed now got power and lights, w00t! Chiseled out the last of the sound deadening. Found a set of cheviot 13x5.5 rims for only $100, so I bought them, cleaned them and painted them :) Going to be used for burnouts. I turned 17. Next I bought some SAAS reclinable seats (this was a few months later), a hydraulic handbrake and brake proportioning valve. I sent it off to PowerPlay in Cheltenham who prep race cars to install them, including making new seat mounts lower down so I could sit as low as possible (I’m 6’2). Very happy with their work it’s top notch. Unfortunately the r31 calipers don’t like hydraulic handbrakes and they seized so in went commodore calipers with new flexible lines. After another couple months sitting around it entered its second motorkhana. Came first in class again and 3rd outright, could possibly have won outright if not for the car stalling during a 180 spin into reverse, but very happy none the less :) We then come to January 2013, no more school this year as I left after year 11 and on my daily eBay searches came up a complete sr20de conversion kit out of an ae86. Went all the way out to the country to see and test drive it as it was still in the car, I was happy with it apart from a gearbox that seems on its way out, so I bought it along with the JDM EFI fuel tank and lines as I couldn’t be bothered with my surge tank and bosch 044 (another item purchased for the originally intended DET). The engine mods consisted of rocker stoppers and oil cooler with filter relocation. It was running the factory ecu on a modified loom so I was happy that the engine would be fine for much time to come given the bulletproof nature of them. It also had an rb20 gearbox for an improved shifter position in the corollas. This was sold to me by blingy from nissansilvia.com, Check out his 86 build: http://www.nissansil...pic=516392&st=0 In the time before it arrived I pulled the dash out and am going to use the top dash cover to make a custom dash, I removed the heater and also painted the rest of the interior trims, installed plastic rear windows and gutted the rear doors too. Can't even tell they're plastic The conversion arrived the next week and proceeded to sit for another month. I wanted to use the 4k in one last motorkhana and see if I could blow her up after a killer burnout but due to my dad not having enough time to take me to a motorkhana and my mate coming around one night trying to convince me to get started it never eventuated. So that very night 2 weeks ago we set out to pull the motor out. First off I removed the mud caked exhaust and couldn’t resist giving it a rev….. Damn it’s loud! :P My mate videoed it, doesn’t give it justice. Check it out I plan on doing some vids soon so subscribe if you want to make sure you see them. Started at 9:30 we got the motor out by our 3am goal. Removed the battery tray as the battery is being relocated to passenger rear seat area. Next I installed the modified front crossmember and hammered the trans tunnel for clearance. My mate came over and as we proceeded to install the engine and gearbox the borrowed engine crane gave out, luckily slowly enough that it didn’t break the sump. Modified - Top Standard - Bottom Because we got annoyed we couldn’t do anything we took all the springs out to see how it would sit, sadness + slammed = HAPPY :D My Mate Aaron Thumbs up of approval ;) The next night the new engine crane arrived and I worked into the morning to fit the engine myself. Because of how the engine is mounted and it’s clearances I ended up having to drop the crossmember, position engine down, bolt up the engine to crossmember and then lift the engine with crossmember into place. Over the next couple days I didn’t do much, cut out the new shifter hole and the top radiator support beam and installed the springs back in, this time using the falcon springs. Ordered a new radiator with shroud and fans as the one that came with the conversion was beat up after a front end hit. It came with wrong shroud so they’re sending me the right one. It puts the shifter in the absolute perfect spot! Also bought solid engine mounts/bushings as I planned on solid mounting everything. On top of that I got sick of working with a tiny ass jack so bought a new one; it’s going to make life so much easier :) Most importantly I ordered my wheels from America! I modded the ae86 tank with the ke70 filler neck to make it work. Just need to replace the fuel feed line with the one from the 86’s lines; I’ll do this on a hoist. I installed the solid engine bushings only to find I am going to need to cut and reweld the mounts as they weren’t accurately done which wasn’t an issue with rubber bushings due to them taking up the slack. A gearbox crossmember will need to be made too; all these structural things with be easiest done on a hoist so in a couple weeks, after Easter it’ll be off to work. My wheels arrived at work in only 4 business days, very impressed. They’re Flat Black XXR 527’s in 15x8.25, 0 offset. I bought six as I wanted to be able to swap the rears quick plus have spares if any got damaged. I mounted up 2 Yokohama AO50’s (The fastest R Spec tyre in the world, no question) and 4 AO48’s. Yes grip tyres, as the first shakedown of this car will be at Winton for circuit testing not drift. I also needed the right size tyre to relocate my flares and sort out clearances; they’re 205/50/15’s. Unfortunately I couldn’t bolt them up as I need tuner style nuts, so I ordered some in both the Nissan thread size and Toyota due to the rear end swap. You can tell they look sweeeeeeeeeeeet anyway! :D Finally going to fill my guards :) Bolted up the tailshaft from the diff I bought over a year ago and it fits, score! Then fitted up exhaust, just going to need to make one mount about mid-way for extra rigidity. Now you’re up to date with where I’m at; a few things have been done that I didn't mention but you can spot them easily if you look. A lot got done in 2 weeks! :) In the coming weeks I be trying to sort out the wiring, battery relocation and other stuff before it goes to work. I am currently flat broke so as a friend of mine would say, I need to “just put on my job hat, my job shoes and find a job” before expensive shit gets done. The build is happening in two stages; Getting the engine conversion sorted and using it for a bit, then a strip down for a complete rebuild. So what are the future plans? -Tubbed Front guards -Seam weld entire car -Fill and smooth engine bay -Paint engine bay and underbody in truck bed coating -Paint interior shell -Roll Cage -Rest of Techno toy tuning kit including 4 link, adjustable lca’s, traction brackets and tension/castor rods -Shockworks coilovers with custom spring rates decided after corner weighting the car -Custom watts-linkage with roll centre adjustment -AJPS roll centre adjusters; height will be decided after measuring the roll centre with all the new parts adjusted and working out where I want my roll centre. -2 tone paint job; gloss red on the bottom and satin black on top The Plans after all this is completed and used for say a few months or a year is a sr20det swap and to make my own widebody kit and possibly look at production of it. Sorry for the absurd length of the start post, wish I’d done it earlier and it would have been a lot shorter. The next ones will be I promise. Now here is the end, Hope you enjoy the thread and updates will be constant :) Mad Marcus EDIT: Sorry the pics didn't turn out all that well :(
  9. just bought a ke70 5sp for a bargain $200, he says it needs a new carby and booster, the breaks still work just very bad, (have to push all the way in with alot of pressure to work at all), would it be the booster or something else? also would a boss kit for an ae86 fit? and would the strut bars from ae86 bolt straight in?
  10. How I got the car Chucked wheels and bumpers on. How it is now Parts List Engine: AE92 small-port 4A-GE Cut 'n' shut intake manifold TRD copy extractors Mandrel bent 2.5'' with sports muffler and high flow CAT Egay catch can Cusco Strut brace Fuel System: 1L Surge tank Bosch BFP070 main pump Goss GE015 lift pump Drivetrain: T50 TLS short shifter Unknown clutch AE71 driveshaft Suspension/Brakes: Front= RA65 Struts RA65 Brakes RA65 Power steering arms KE55 Low control arms HSD Coil-over kit 8kg Springs KYB Excel-G's from SW20 MR2 Rear= Lowered springs KYB 343113 shocks Interior: Personal Neo Grinta OBX Daytona 2'' SAAS oil pressure gauge 2'' SAAS water temp gauge Exterior Egay mirrors Kamei Lip Louvre ​Wheels: Enkei Mesh 14x6 +8 Watanabes 14x7 +10 T18 stocko's ​*WILL UPDATE AS I GO* If anyone wants details or photos of anything just let me know, I'm happy to answer.
  11. Ok everyone...listen up! Ive just aquired a KE10 corolla that ive bought while away! I havnt even seen this car! Ive just seen a picture of it and bought it unseen! I thought id like to turn it into a stock looking weapon!!!!! It has to retain its original appearance,inc hubcaps,original trim etc...but i want to monster garage it! It has to be reliable...so I'm thinking new driveline,brake upgrade,paint etc! LS1,4cyl,6 cyl????? I have the tools and know-how to build it! I want this thing to intimidate hsvs and fpvs! Now for best bit!!! You guys are going to help me decide what mods it gets! Rollaclub members in wa will be a passenger when finished! I will build it! Must have HUGE horsepower yet be safe......Powercruise powerskids???????? Also its to be built to a budget...5-10k?? What are your thoughts? Thanks
  12. Well, this little T18... I bought her from this guy and his daughter who had gotten a bit of a run around from their rebuilder/painter, who did the most orange-peely job I have ever seen... Twice apparently! She was sitting on King Springs and matched short stroke shocks, and running a rebuilt, albiet stock 3T-C. Very tidy car, other than the terrible paint. She became affectionately known as Allie. Used as a daily driver for quite a while, with nothing more than couple of rims changes... Then, things went a little crazy... I sourced a 3TGTE from KYP, backed by a W55, some custom coilovers and RA65 brakes for the front, and lower than low kings for the rear. Bolted it all together, got bored and sold her... With it's new owner, I helped set it up a bit more, and she was taken down the Motorplex in 14.3 with a need for better tires. She got rained out the last day of the season, so the semi slicks we'd sourced never got to put her into the 13's, but with her MPH, we were sure she could have. The new owner decided drift was the way to go, and other commitments broke our contact... I went away for a while, and often wondered what happened to that lovely red T18. A young guy on the forums contacted me, asking what I knew about T18s, having read a few of the earlier posts, and seeing I'd owned a few in my time... Turns out the guy I sold the car to abandoned it in South Perth, and the council decided to send it to Pickles Auctions... Where it was bought by this young guy... A deal was made for my assistance in swapping the running gear into another T18 he had (which, as fate would have it, was another one I owned previously) and in return for my services, Allie would be mine again. Now Allie is sitting back in the shed, engine removed, interior worse for wear, and needing some loving. But... She's not going to get it... Allie is going to be used, abused, butchered and chopped up and then thrown around like a rag doll... And she's going to love every minute of it! the sadistic bitch. Plans... 1MZ-FE RWD Converted, and slotted between the struts. W55 bolted to the back 282mm custom front vented brakes 260mm custom disk brake rear HSD Coilovers Rack and Pinion conversion Working Aircon Custom interior JGTC style Aero 4.3 LSD And all Street legal So far... 1MZ test fitted and engine mounts cut out. Requiring welding. W55 fit using modified 2S bellhousing Front brakes fit using custom adaptors and machined hubs Rear brakes sourced, still need work on adaptors HSD suspension waiting installation Oil pickup relocation kit designed, waiting fabrication Suitable tailshaft sorted, waiting final installation. Soon to come... 1MZ final fitment. Custom intake manifold, and modified exhaust manifolds Manual conversion of engine using custom flywheel and clutch Wiring loom set up to patch into T18 loom Rear brake fitment, ready for testing. Rack and Pinion conversion. Serious hacking of rear body for rear diffuser Sectional under tray designed and cut for semi flat bottom. Interior swapped over from donor car. In the future: The aim is to create a car that is easy to drive, while being powerful, precise and a pleasure to drive, even at speed. I'd like to develop the engine further in the future, and include a couple of turbos hanging off the sides, making for a sub 4:1 weight to power ratio, and move back to a 3.9 diff, giving her a preference for high speeds, and up the ante for the aero to make that work. I'm aiming for the car to feel comfortable on the street, capable on the track and competitive against some of the lower end exotica... Ferrari 456, BMW M3 E46 model, Lamborghini Diablo etc (Until it runs out of aero at high speed of course... It is shaped like a house brick after all.) Aiming for 200rwhp in N/A tune, and 350rwhp in turbo tune Low 12 second standing quarter mile in N/A tune Mid 10 second in turbo tune Sub 1:10 around Barbagallo Raceway in grip setup Damn sexy drift in drift setup. :P Pics will come when I get back home.
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