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  1. thought id update this post with a couple items ive gotten to work on over the past few months. ive been busy enough with this and working a couple days a fortnight to keep myself off centerlink so absolutely stoked on that. got to do some heels up for a new friend and pinup model, hopefully these will be ending up in a few magazines fairly soon.
  2. Also these have edison style bulbs in them but they produce a bit more light. Have standard bulbs in for photos only
  3. Thanks man. I did that at first but it looked odd. I'm working on one to have an Edison bulb kind of floating above the piston.
  4. few bits ive been commissioned or made up to add to the store. floating turbo lamp just finished today for a mate. vomit zombie saw. because why the hell not. first go at flaking a saw, rootbeer with some black and red pinstriping. mad scientist rootbeer flake and airbrushing saw.(still in the works) started to get into vector art so made up some shirts and business cards another vector piece in the works atm. helmet done1.pdf couple more metal flake saws both have airbrushing now and the red may end up with a dracula similar to the mad scientist and frankenstein saws
  5. Thanks guys. Once they are into production will be running discounts for rollaclub members.
  6. after recently loosing my job i decided to start up an online shop to sell some of my art work. there are a select few items up on the store at the moment but have multiple new pieces in the works. here is a link to my facebook page, and also to my shop. https://www.facebook.com/#!/FrankenStripesGarage https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/frankenstripes I am in the process of getting some piston lamps into production. all will be tig welded and look over by my brother who is an electrician before being sold. i also am availiable for commision work from shop signs to tool boxes or some pinstriping.
  7. The photo is showing up brown as when I upload it. Weird. Lools nothing like that
  8. My painthuffer metal flake arrived yesterday. So this morning I started on some colour testing. Just spray can gold and a light dry flake dusting. can't tell to much by the photo but this stuff sparkles like nothing else. Will end up being shot through binder or clear for a more even distribution. Sparkle sparkle
  9. Chopped the front off and started to figure out the angles I'm going to need for the tubes
  10. I already flaked the roof silver but decided against it so engine bay will be silver and the rest root beer.
  11. havnt updated for a while. car is half stripped back to metal for a decent paint, will be paint huffer micro rootbeer flake over a gold base. its over the top and not everyones taste but i love me some flake and flake its going to get. engine is coming back out next week for a custom sump. and yet again different engine mounts. the current ones are just going to eat away at bushing.
  12. Camry/aurion v6 Or can go the old commoshit way like I have
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